Antonio Pessoa
                Free Speech

It's common knowledge that action expresses priorities.Antonio Pessoa has developed it to such a high level Fine Art degree that he really should get an honorary doctorate,believe me.Now you may be thinking that it would be terrific to have all the art lovers community calling him Genius.However the artist is far more concerned about living in the real world,achieve his personal dreams and most importantly have a fulfilling enjoyable life. What you focus on,expands.Fact. The artist recently found a wonderful definition of abundance,in Art and Life.Flow! Flow gives him such a magnificent movement to the feeling of creative abundance.Pessoa describes it like the flow of a river,there is so much abundance in the nature of Imagination,that at a certain point of his studio performance he begins to see himself as a part of that creative abundance.Creative flow! Studio time!There is an ease and a loss of time ( Timeless Time !) to what he is doing.Art!He then seems to loose track of time and he is so present that he actually experiences a breathtaking joy. Totally connected with Art,he is now surfing in the flow,again,like the river,he steps into it and allows the current to carry him as he creates,works and plays. The art action flow feels good and is fun! I speak about artistic abundance in this review all the time.Why?Because Antonio Pessoa's work is about showing others a pure reflection of himself through Contemporary Art expression,it's true larger than life communicative potential. On the whole,the rock-solid concepts that surround these beliefs,lifestyle,attitude and expression of the artist becomes inevitably his identity and consequently his reputation. The story teller,in great detail or in abstract art fashion,fuels his public identity of being significantly the paradigmatic contemporary communicator and automatically he keeps on finding new people,artists,art collectors,web designers,art critics and art lovers with whom to play it out. Like attracting like,set in motion in the ultimate positive and creative process,format and manners. The author of his own life and the master of the Art,magically motivated to serve the public,which is after all the soul of the artist's natural commitment to use the visual expression tools to share,express,educate,re- design,suggest and communicate a New Era of literate perception and herald the great possibility of a new fascinating world of mutual positive manifestation and interaction,Antonio Pessoa's Contemporary Fine Art Universe proves systematically to be a new potential of quality references in total relation to everything around us,and everything which directly concerns us,affect us and at last can actually change our thoughts and life,attracting the real possibility for a better World. Before and during the making of "Free",the artist already knew too well what was supposed to come up soon.That the future of his life,his Art and most importantly the future of his Art's power to spread,communicate and share,would be a short term product of the Thought which substantially inspired and gave birth to the charming contemporary Masterpiece titled "Free" This had to be a painting totally capable to attract positive energy in every possible direction,namely in his own perception and emotional wisdom and definitely in the public's understanding that a new and innovative inspiring concept and magnet was available and providing new answers,new solutions and a whole lot of surprises. This painting,a truly positive emotional state generator,more than living up to its title,is the artist's ultimate vision of happiness,sharing,fulfillmente and Freedom! Antonio Pessoa's main message,he successfully expresses through his latest contemporary series,much more than just Hope,is the assurance which allows us to actually believe we all can go beyond our boundaries and reach our wildest expectations and dreams through emotional abundance and the magical forces of imagination and creativity. The whole message seems to be clear enough by now,how it is possible to achieve the ultimate condition to actually be able to live fully the "Free" concept,experience abundance in all areas and to grow into Life Supreme,becoming an artist of life and be able to relate and respond to whatever shows up so we all be ready to enjoy the creativity in it and live our existence by expressing ourselves from our authentic beings. The artist's message magic simplified,meaning we all can do anything we like,we all can live the life we desire. A cutting edge new Vision,Pessoa systematically expresses and shares through Arts! After reading this article,we all should have a more thorough understanding as why Antonio Pessoa's Contemporary Fine Art series and all which they involve,have received positive reviews for the past three years.Blissfully reputable. However,strange as it seems,the fact is,the artist on the whole has no idea what professional success is,nor does he cares.It has no importance in his life and the fact that he doesn't give any particular attention or specific worry about fame levels , means that his Art remains pure,healthy,untouchable and most importantly,alive! Thereby the incredible power of "Free" manifesting a Free Speech of significant spiritual models,innovative emotional concepts,new Art and positive intentions,creates a continuous interesting paradox across the universe where creativity,productivity and communication perpetuate the cycle of his endless methods to transform perceptive synchronicities and intuitive opportunities into one of the most charming and stimulating combinations of today's contemporary art. At this point of his fantastic journey,it seems only natural that,if there is something the artist systematically makes his priority number one,is the implied desire to turn Contemporary Art expression into an easy digest worldwide exciting reality.This is after all his reputable process of direct communication through Visual Arts,while he goes on identifying people's general perspective as a prerequisite for providing them with the right attractive formula in order to make them experience the emotional power of visual literature as a most enjoyable,playful,effortless and exciting Must ritual. In short,Art doesn't have to be a boring issue,that's the general idea,on the contrary,Pessoa volunteers his way and style to make Visual Arts seem like fun and magic. This exciting vision of what Contemporary Art should,must and can actually be,after all,once again and once and for all makes the ultimate difference between the ongoing average and his unique communication notion,potential and motion. Antonio Pessoa's "Free" contemporary Masterpiece,actually gave birth to this and made way to this interesting related display of new artworks,an Art Collection "Free" oriented and inspired by the artist's Best Life,Know How To,Anything You Like Project.Easy,said and done. Free Speech was just another spontaneous artistic investment,part of this conceptual abundance and exciting commitment. So far,the huge painting titled "Free",is the paradigmatic canvas,which illustrates and leads into every possible direction,these magical forces inevitably programming his ways to Life Supreme,actually the greatest shortcut to Quality Living,the artist came up with so far. Changing his views,changing his Mind,changing his Art and inevitably changing his Life,is right now Pessoa's cutting edge experience,the ultimate challenge and definitely his most relevant Masterpiece ever!