Antonio Pessoa
         Fine Arts

Fine Arts,mixed media-collage on canvas,Antonio Pessoa,2007,projects a clear new art expression and communication attitude and of course a personal option in which the artist obviously signs up a definite commitment to the latest contemporary fine art tendencies,plus a steady purpose to be entirely involved in optimizing new versions of the progressive art language of nowadays. This new time and talent updated art action will now be expected to demonstrate Pessoa's increasing quality as a communicator through his classic and traditional fast-paced art action capacity and technical skills. However,the title Fine Arts suggests clearly Antonio Pessoa's personal artistic plans,revealing both his identification with the traditional fine art school and his unquestionable contemporary advanced vision,which may be seen and entirely digested as the artist's specific project right now and also in the long term future,so it seems.Fact! Fine Arts,this assemblage of interesting different forms creating a new whole yet maintaining not only the appearance but also a deep concept of the old masters oil paintings. Agreat admirer of contemporary installations,sculpture,photography and even video and architecture,Antonio Pessoa isn't however quite yet focused on starting transposing his artistic productions into experiencing and experimenting these other fields of contemporary visual arts. Nevertheless as an art expert and full-time art scene observer,Pessoa is inevitably by now highly influenced by all sorts of new avant-garde manifestations as an important redefinition of our times,thereby systematically following and absorbing the whole context of today's artistic innovations thematic features,with the expertise eye on this fascinating contemporary art science and wonderful miscellaneous aesthetic forms of expression. Consequently,Antonio Pessoa's new artworks generally grow significantly aware and motivated by this impressive variety of techniques and media,inspiring him to use this valuable information and natural influences in his latest and upcoming oeuvre. Most importantly,Pessoa strongly believes that any artist should remain faithful to his own convictions,after all the most honorable challenge for any well settled down creative process. Therefore,Antonio Pessoa by building his self- instruction around his own solid convictions,keeps on stumbling upon outstanding lucky artistic discoveries and visual results throughout his passionate art action life and times.Wisely managing his own development and thought,Pessoa persists in the only possible situation.Absolute artistic faithfulness! In a world overloaded with sports and politics,Antonio Pessoa has always been wide aware that art must be definitely emphasised with the public's cumplicity support,as a huge partner in the complex procedure focused on the systematic purpose and effort to give contemporary art a powerful voice worldwide. Pessoa,the artist and always the standing communication fan,leads his lifestyle and manages his energy,expecting something like a brad art boom among the world's population,as just another and yet fantastic tool to provide people with the visual poetry and sense making philosophical items,that interactive dimension which one way or another we all so desperately need in order to keep on going across this mysterious correlation of existence,meaning,freedom and happiness. By thatmeans,Fine Arts - Antonio Pessoa,much more than a painting,a title or even a tandard definition,it's a deep meaningful attitude towards a global project,a new usage,pronunciation,vision and concept of the important role contemporary art should and actually is able to play,as a powerful universal language,an international idiom full of positive.thinking icomic phrases,a whirlwind of true metaphysical substance and genuine humanitarian content and potential. I'm positive it is by now worldwide understood that Antonio Pessoa's project has long ago made its way through the studio walls out into the global concept of a fascinating visionary and humanitarian-minded job. Pessoa's entrepreneurial spirit through the creation of contemporary art operating as a global union and shared motivation mediator,it is after all the real and very true soul of the artist's daily persistent action and efforts. Much more can be siad and it will,a whole lot more can be done and it sure will.Meantime,Antonio Pessoa's Fine Arts project keeps on going as one of the strongest contemporary voices today. It's a given fact and thereby a logical conclusion that the artist's lifestyle is more than ever focused on setting up a stage in which,artists,gallery managers,art collectors and public in general can meet and celebrate one of the most wonderful visions of a new age of art expression supremacy and most importantly fine arts at the service of the dream for a better world,hopefully coming soon. Cheers,Mr.Pessoa!