Antonio Pessoa
        Fine Art

From now on,anything is possible concerning Antonio Pessoa's professional career,personal life,art production and lifestyle.If all depended on luck then we could sit back,still and quite and wait for the Lucky Stars to do the job.Let's be realistic,things don't actually happen that waymost of the times. So what's the catch? Definitely not a fishing trip.More likely an investment of energy,talent,intuition and public relations common sense. With all the differenceof opinions from the so called "experts" on how to be a top artist in twenty four hours,the on-going process sure requires a extreme high level of human potential,let alone an experienced background in the art studio,art making,talent,art expression,technique and skills.This is something which doesn't seem to worry an art wizard such as Pessoa. In today's worldwide art scene,clearly on the verge of erupting into hundreds of thousands of artists,the art planet on the other hand is quickly loosing the genuine talented species such as Botero,Andy Warhol,Picasso,Georg Baselitz,Pollock,Man Ray,Frank Stella,Thomas Baumgärtel,Antoni Tàpies,Dale Chihuly,Will Ryman,Michael Anderson and at last but not the least Antonio Pessoa,one of the most promising talents of the contemporary new generation. Antonio Pessoa's outstanding artistic achievements,art studio and public performances so far have been showing and providing us with some of the most prolific series of amazing diversity contemporary avant-garde results. For the past ten years Pessoa has been responsible for one of the largest fine art encyclopedias on canvas,shining in his brilliance as an inventor,sketcher,mixing and matching manipulator,new age fine art dancer,an art expression boundaries breaker,daring projects generator,his wonderful spontaneous inventiveness daily updated,successfully acomplishing a high quality innovative artflow identified and recognized as a top contemporary artistic phenomenon.Fact. Reasons enough so it seems,for the world start betting on a sudden explosion of a mythical contemporary art new wave worldwide label titled Antonio Pessoa. Et Voilà!That's the good news.The bad news,perhaps,is Pessoa's comfortable procrastinating attitude,as if life should be an endless leisure contemplative time,despite the artist's natural capacity to sustain a fierce lasting motivation when it comes to sudio artworking,however mitigated by a long term home seet home hypnosis which in a way has been feeding deep relationship with his inner self,on the other hand also the source of the unfair delay of his international reputation. Antonio Pessoa's communication skills,the great artist specialized in visual problem solving and artistic storytelling,exchanges what it could be his pwn version of a top artist for a environmental easy solutions,at home or at the country club,happily following his spiritual stabilization network,as an excuse and also a bad example for the struggling artists from all over the world. I would say,without being much far from the truth,that Antonio Pessoa since the very beginning of his art odissey became fully aware of how much public projection would always determine the voice power and communication strengh ans flow of art expression. However his luck strike in the early 90'sturning him into the most wealthy and productive emerging artists of western Europe,didn't actually change his perceptions of how little art does matter for the public in general without a projection backup to make it enough interesting and charismatic for the art lovers and art collectors. Antonio Pessoa kept on playing his cards,although plenty aware that like beauty,luck and social position,artistic charisma could indeed open many doors in the art scene world. Pessoa's intuitive circuits entirely adapted to the modern times,prevented him from taking himself too seriously and become an artist all the way without experiencing the down-side of the trade,always somehoe protected by his solid rational viewing of art scene community and public. Throughout the years Pessoa's emotional rescue came mainly from his own inner self intuition and wisdom,allowing him to set a stage of favorable situations in which it was possible for him to accomplish a remarkable fine art collection of artworks generating an unquestionable intensive fine art research program,an endless list of art pieces all of them reflecting a live a life you love sort of inspiration status,dream and attitude. All this studio fine art performance took the artist to such a technical degree in which Pessoa at a certain point had indeed constructed a well developed method of easy going power of invention and real time art action on canvas. Recently,Antonio Pessoa,always faithful to his deepprinciples and beliefs,breaks up with the old tendencies and model references,embracing entirely the contemporary speech,despite his collaborators and friends pressure to make him go on with the same old figurative stamp. The recent series of contemporary art reports,show us clearly a great innovative change of his traditional art communication concept,aiming and achieving a brand-new philosophical range,world and lifesyle general perspective and outlook and of course his personal life dimension as well. Antonio Pessoa looks at the international art scene as a wonderful fascinating huge monster,a great amount of art galleries concentrated in the world's largest cities downtown,precisely the sort of noisy,tremblong,erupting,rushing,racing cement jungle,the artist tries to avoid sometimes at any cost,even aware his artistic career depends a whole lot on those top galleries stuck in the middle of the breathtaking metropolitan atmosphere. More and more comfortable in sunny small cosmopolitan spots such as Ibiza,Mallorca,southern France and southern Portugal,Pessoa goes on helplessly postponing his big break and at the same time building up the sort of lifestyle which suits his deep and real nature and conceptual perception of time and life. This contradictory system and situation seems to have gained a great deal of control upon Pessoa's decisions and definitely upon the way he leads his life and lets his artistic career follow behind as if some higher and much more powerful voice keeps on calling alomg the day after day essence of truth to an idyllic perfect combination of pleasures of pure philosophical excellent and delightful easy going glamour. Nevertheless Antonio Pessoa's fine art goes on inevitably despite his obvious production slowdown. Unpredictable as the weather report,Pessoa's personal and professional artistic life one more time remains in God's classified information department.This seems to be so far all the planning tips I can actually come up with and provide the readers,despite the proven reliable Antonio Pessoa's painting machine reputation,his specific and unique energy,cultural heritage and contemporary fine art skills . Private,personal and inner issues always have seemed to be playing the vindicatory role,have always sustained a far more expanding range of influence,than simple matters os position,social status or regular income in Antonio Pessoa's life,for all that matters,and it sure does matter at least what concerns and might affect one way or another one of the most controversial,stimulating artisys of today's art scene. I wish I had a hunch that one line would be enough to state a reliable prognostic,a more consensus panel to clarify,report,solve,reveal,the hidden secrets of the remarkable contemporary art acrobat named Antonio Pessoa.