Antonio Pessoa
           Delicious  Silence

Delicious Silence,is one of those paintings that suggests a variety (apparently simple),of ways to affirm the artist's daily religious rituals,moments of pleasurable relaxed meditation,through which he becomes stronger in confidence and in so doing listening in his mind to the diminishing volume of loud and racing city life noise. Also one of those spiritual-visualization canvases that in spite of their simplicity,actually take weeks and even months before the artist finally decides That's It and signs them. Also one of those alternative non-stereotyped day after day mirrors,in which the artist basically performs patiently his most enjoyable and inspiring momentes of inner-self contact silence and high level of perception and insight. Unquestionably to a certain extent the driving force which keeps him essentially magnificent,absolutely positive thinking and thereby immune to the daily challenging picture of professional commitments and quite often feverish burning social life flame. Sunset!Delicious silence! As we walk up the hill the sky was already turning from blue to orange.The anticipation was building with every step.As we got closer to the top of the hill the bright orange sun came into view.It was glorious! Antonio Pessoa was so excited he couldn't stop running to get to the top.As we got to the top of the hill and sat on a bench,the sun was slowly sinking behind a distant mountain range."Goodbye sun!",the artist said as it sank beyond the horizon "I'll see you tomorrow!" It was a most relaxing time. The artist sitting next to me on the bench,said" Delicious Silence! I love it...and I will paint it!" Effective therapy.Said and done.More than you can imagine the artist's level of well-being and happiness is much higher in his Home Studio creative peaceful atmosphere than in the downtown at times emotionally disturbed racing madness. His philosophy and and rock solid concept of emotional brilliance comes out of his systematic research upon the keys to the art of living a fulfilling,rewarding and happy life. Delicious Silence is another of the multiple artistic results of this expanded awareness,optional lifestyle and faithful daily rituals. These patterns of existential preferences and self-therapy,such as peace of mind,serenity and continuous pursuit of higher levels of happiness,creates his art,his life and at last makes his ultimate personal dreams come true. Slowly and rhythmically,artist Antonio Pessoa gets down to work,finding a delicious quiet and peace overcome him little by little.When he has finally reached this stage,then he begins to focus his full attention on the canvas before him.Lovely! That's in this delicious silence where he meets once again this delicious presence of supreme awareness,and that's when and where imagination flows and art expression perception grows. Settled down in his Studio 1,where mainly his important art performance takes place and his most relevant artworks come alive,Pessoa here and then takes again some downtime to quiet his being,and thereby allows his mind to become sharply aware of his silent environment from the input of all his senses.Delicious Silence...Art Action Time! Now that he has reached that high level of awareness inwardly and outwardly,he sinks even deeper into the magical universe of supreme creativeness art making,now with a far greater confidence,stability and attentiveness to the artwork at hand. Worthwhile waves gravitate to the artist.In,around,underneath and beside him. Ascension to a new state of consciousness! Antonio Pessoa rides the serenity energy waves while painting,while I sometimes watch him painting,asking him questions,listening to his vibrational answers as I put them down in brief words on my notepad. Studio 1,in its pleasurable contemplating silence,is a higher dimension on earth,so I feel and I know,a place of reflection,art and creative positive frequencies. Leaving the old,outdated methods to discover new,beautiful ways of contemporary art expression,new color combinations,fascinating mood swings,multidimensional interconnected forms,shifts and levels,gradual chromatic transitions,the quiet Studio 1 space effects making sure every bit of his dancing body is loose,mind without tension,connecting with the art planet,feeling the sources of inspiration within the silence,deliciously bright,as the striking brush strokes take it away onto the canvas until it's glowing with brilliant visual metaphysics. The veil is lifting as the show goes on in Studio 1's heartbeat.The soulful side of life,the art side of life is beginning to take center stage within the artist's creative spirit. Pessoa is now in the cycle of evolution where imagination and art expression is demanding to be acknowledge and allowed to be at the helm of Heavenly life. Antonio Pessoa's spiritual side requires the essential nature of Delicious Silence,where life's interpretation knows no lack,only abundance of all there is.This is the part of supreme inspiration that is desiring to shine and the artist at work is only the mediator and the conduit. So it's in this third-dimensional reality that Delicious Silence has grown week after week,month after month,gradually reflecting more and more the artist's relation with pure abstract poetry,with that level of relaxing awareness,where everything starts to make perfect sense,and the call to art action becomes a religious ritual,totally focused on the Here and Now,where pure art performance takes place aiming at create the alternate perception of reality. As Antonio Pessoa becomes more and more seriously involved in the pursuit of self knowledge through silence,this spirit of Universal Awareness is thereby leading him to a delicious feeling of a special sort,his Secret for all the highly creative sessions in the particular field of his latest abstract neo- surrealistic contemporary fine art series. Visual literature and poetry through the soft colors combinations,reaching the magical very best of its quality characteristics,subtleties and innovative aesthetic atoms. In Delicious Silence,the artist makes therefore evident that there is a purposeful mystery contained in its melting body,in its serene passion and mood that is changing with every moment the viewer contemplates this relaxing work of art. Continuously moving and changing,it can hardly gives us a consistent identity,and the more we surf away across tha canvas space,its planetary motions inspiring infinite interpretative changes,suddenly give us a delicious cosmos understanding,feelings dancing in a continuous state of flux,whispers of truth silently walking on the doorsteps of our hearts. This Spirit-source-Art-Universe that is emmited from the quiet strength of this canvas,supports this inner-self discovery influence the artist displays in his latest work and life. Accessing the Wisdom within this charming artwork,we inevitably embrace its latent sense of spirituality and in so doing we inevitably penetrate much deeper into the nature and the world of Perception,again,Antonio Pessoa conducting us to understand what lies beyond the visual field of our objective imagination. The artist's method to develop this latent,additional senses through silent meditation is skillfully well summarized in the soothing atmosphere of Delicious Silence,softly whispering us the fascinating phrase,Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder!