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Two years after The New Era Antonio Pessoa ( ) the artist now comes up with a brand-new art collection Antonio Pessoa Contemporary Fine Art ( ). Two awesome artistic periods have changed his style completely for good since the two Chicago exhibitions four years ago,The Romantic Period influences one way or another still pulling him aside from the great cutting edge contemporary art adventure. Fact is,there's no doubt by now those days are gone for ever,no more walking in the middle road,now it's The New Era,New Age,New Line,Contemporary Fine Art Times.Yes. Getting fully commited and emotionally involved in this colorful fascinating Art Sphere,the artist enters the contemporary Universe,leaving no loose ends of the past influences,however still wonderfully wrapped up,so to speak,in the traditional wall art Fine Art concept,as the Modern and Great Masters,at least for the time being. These two extremes now live together in perfect harmony,applying amazing innovating formulas while focusing in a heartfelt worldwide public communication,and in so doing conjuring up a brilliant full swing art expression new wave in the process. The first thing to consider is the fact that the artist at a certain point of his life actually took the best option by coming up with the best possible scenario to express the cutting edge possibilities of Contemporary Fine Art,like a logical law,like a spontaneous vision of what a cross between traditional "École des Beaux-Arts" and the latest contemporary tendencies should be all about. A New Line that explores new concepts,as well as the logical continuation according to the Modern Masters technical means . This amazing combination turned out to become a successful shortcut to a rather interesting and innovative artistic formula,beautifully equipped with the universal Fine Art criterion coexisting with futuristic models devoted to the development of the contemporary body-potential. On the threshold of futuristic contemporary art,the classical touch remains untouchable in the realm of the artist's new line of work,where he delivers a rather magical visual hypnosis openly as the ultimate result of his ability to rise above the Great Masters Fine Art reputable techniques and art studio performance attitude,moving forward into the future,finding his way and updating his style and visual expression through the process of full commited invention,creativity ,systematic research and discovery! At last,this boosting systematic artistic research behavior,made possible for the artist to have mastered the ability to consistently display surprising visual expression achievements on a regular basis,namely during the past few years up to now,accelerating his Oeuvre towards exciting possibilities,thereby coming aboard the invention spaceship traveling at the speed of light across the cutting edge contemporary art universe.