Antonio Pessoa

Communication,mixed media on watercolor paper,Antonio Pessoa 2007,could be seen as just another artwork by the artist,however the title leaves enough suggestions, loose ends,arrow keys to navigate related to the frequently asked questions,a dimension of legitimate curiosity where the public,local or worldwide,wishes to know more and more about an artist project,syatematically updated,collecting a punctual interesting selection of information,the classic guide for art lovers,art collectors,art gallery managers,art curators and public in general,providing them with substantial lines to be and being kept informed about what's happening with Pessoa's life,career,work and events. Since 2003,Antonio Pessoa already living in Barcelona,Spain,the internet oviously came up and turned out to be another magical and powerful communication tool,providing the artist's closest collaborators with a rather interesting and direct way to tell the world about Pessoa's on- going events and all sort of valuable information concerning his artitic and even personal life. Antonio Pessoa at the beginning clearly not particularly interested,to say the least,in the internet scene,step by step became convinced of the wonderful communication stream of the cyberspace nowadays. If Antonio Pessoa wasn't after all destined to paint live,as it was his primary purpose at the very beginning of his career,at least now he could be in contact with a great amount of public,mainly in Google,as we all know the most consulted and popular search engine in the internet world so far. Therefore,from then on,Google,Yahoo and Msn indeed helped tominimize the time required to find information about Antonio Pessoa out and abouts. When this internet exploring firat experiences took place,Pessoa was going through a rather complicated and complex emotional period due to his personal life,to such an extent that at a certain given point he could hardly manage and handle his studio work on his traditional daily basis,actually slowing down his art production almost to a dangerous situation of total paralysis. For the first time in ten years,Antonio Pessoa was clearly showing signs of obvious lack of interest in art making,proportionally to the great action time golden years of his remarkable Romantic Period fine art performance. Nevertheless,the show had to go on,and despite the emotional whirlwind,Antonio Pessoa had to make a supreme effort and get rid of a great deal of inner contradictory forces in order to get back up on the road again and start from the scratch,one way or another,anything but surrendering to the evil powers of negative thinking up to cripple his fierce creative spirit. In order to star dealing effectively with the stressful rhythm of the big city and the contemporary art scene life,Antonio Pessoa definitely needed a nice warm bath of courage and at the same time an urgent immersion in the stimulating positive bubbles of daily art working time. Antonio Pessoa got back down to work,back down to earth,with the will power of someone determined to create a new version of his unique lifestyle. While the internet communication and information operation began his close encounters with the contemporary art scene world,Pessoa kept on overcoming his painful emotional blackout the best way he knew how,defeating his inner ghosts with the sword of a remarkable straightforwardness,at last dealing with the infirmity quite successfully. Only two years later the artist finally broke up with the old masters persistent influences giving birth to a brand-new stamp in his oeuvre.The New Era ! By this time the online communication flow had already gone a long way with the talented collaboration of several web designers,young emerging art critics and a new vision of interesting possibilities in the art information field. Antonio Pessoa was coming out of the dark shadows of his studio to the limelight of the cyberspace and therefore exhibiting his life and artwork to a much wider and eclectic educated crowd of art lovers and public. That's the least we can do for all simply adore contemporary art,provide them with all information available,building up a system of online communication,a labor of global sharing just to be rewarded by witnessing with great satisfaction how art lovers get deep enjoyment from knowing more and more about an open book sort of artist,Antonio Pessoa , a man who truly understands that art expression nowadays and more than ever must go beyond the framed canvas and galleries walls,straight into the worldwide public awareness,judgement and criticism,a flying satellite equipped with update art life information reliable reports. Internet allowing fine art and even the artist's personal life as a whole connecting with the world,seems to be unquestionably a healthy and supreme attitude towards the thousands and millions of all of them art lovers,after all the ones who actually make possible and a fact the increasing fluxus of the contemporary art scene.