Antonio Pessoa
         Colors Updates

Pessoa stains on watercolor paper,both generously or feverishly adding water to the tissue,following the spontaneous instructions of his experienced intuition. His untouchable imaginative endeavour,makes his fine art activity an effortless almost unconscious undertaking,apparently with no doubts about the whole art action enterprise,whatsoever. His quality work is thereby delivered and accomplished by miracle,showing us once again clear evidences of his privileged gift he gracefully received and gratefully developed and improved through this well-known systematic exceptional working method and highly professional attitude. Enchanting the world with his inmitable visual flavours,colorful motions by projecting his peculiar dynamic kaleidoscope of pure contemporary poetry,Pessoa provides us with this pleasant artistic metaphysics,visual literature where elemental beauty of adventurous power of invention leave art lovers deliciously dazzled by the mastery through which he artistically speaks his mind as his work becomes more and more notorious like something truly magical in today's contemporary art scene. From a modern critical standpoint,Antonio Pessoa has indeed this unique capacity to make us see things that aren't actually there,that completely high level when the viewer awakens suddenly and contemplates the awesome abstract nature of inspired combinated creative cutting edge. It's work and play,flowing from one idea to another as he walks us through the multiple artistic possibilities,not only the quality evidence of a life's work but a rather original style,powerfully magnetic,intensive and new. Ups and downs,ins and outs,don't seem to be able to stop the artist,let alone take his burning fire away.No stormy Monday,foggy Twesday or rainy day seem to be capable to put his fire off,neither thunderstorming,freezing or snowing events or even setbacks,seem to succeed to list him among the lost stars. If it's true that vulgarity begins when imagination succumbs to the explicit,then Antonio Pessoa's burning flame fading out is definitely out of question. Back in business after a good night sleep,no matter what's at stake,no matter what it takes,the Show must go on for today's visual arts most adventurous and dynamic entertainer. Even feeling quite often a bit burned out by pressure and life in general,Pessoa's trained pro- life attitude grants him what seems to be indeed a life time heavenly Guardian Angel assistance,a whole great amount of vital positive energy,showing him the way and lead his project in full swing with the hot fusion of mind power daily updates. Therefore,COLORS UPDATE,watercolor and acrylic on watercolor paper,Antonio Pessoa 2007,now it sure seems like it was an accurate predicability of the on-going art action and visual results of the making of an impressive collection of cutting edge mixed media artworks on watercolor tissue and most importantly using a true revolutionary method in the art of painting,which essential characteristics is the magical experience of the color stains taking spontaneous and absolute control plus cellular autonomy of the art action,just as in one of those amazing Walt Disney best of productions animation fiction wonders.Can you believe it? The art studio wizard is back in business,a paradigmatic inspired fine artist performing a striking number of art magic ...or should I say ...contemporary witchcraft? What do you know!Optical illusions appear on the watercolor wet tissues,exhibiting a breathtaking fairy magic fantasy festival . Art reviews heralding "welcome back to the art studio,Antonio Pessoa,sure thing,the place where you definitely do belong." Breaking news never seemed to be so easy,breaking news never seemed to be so fulfilling,breaking news never seemed to be so exciting,sensational,rewarding,delicious and magical. The art studio wizard at work shows us inevitably once again a truly special profecy of contemporary art current-upcoming cutting edge,as time goes by and the show must go on,and it does,it's definitely a Must,Must,Must flash point art performance,a Must elated blissed-out phenomenon! Freeze,read my lips and mark my words,one has actually got to see it to believe it. Pessoa opens his studio doors for his faithful,best and closest friends,the only ones allowed to enter the cathedral of contemporary fine art and thereby witness live and ablaze,a landscape of chaotically displayed dozens and dozens of watercolor tissues all over the floor,miraculous visions on top of other textured multicolored victorious artistic wonders. Theoretically and apparently one could come up with the possibility of an artist working chaotically,which isn't definitely what is happening. Colors in the air,that's more like it,up they go and next thing you know they are fast landing in artland,it's best to get down quickly,for red,yellow,orange,brown,black and blue color pigments are flying all over the place like party decorations gone mad,precisely when time awareness seems to have been suspended,sense of reality expired and the artistic madness now hitting us hard,nevertheless too late to warn us how deliciously crazy we can go standing before Antonio Pessoa's art action glowing exuberance and original style extending well beyond the inherited tradition of reasonable self-contained art making.Too much of too much,believe me. Much more than simply a Colors Update,the artist's effortless studio live shows,leave us no doubts of how far into artistic mastery he has already gone,and a clear clue of how his strikingly spectacular upcoming special effects aesthetic achievements are unquestionably going to hit the highest possible standards of quality contemporary art,surely bound to inspire not only the new generation of talented emerging artists but also today's art collectors special recognition of his creative skills and top of the line awesome artistic accomplishments.