Antonio Pessoa
        Burning Flame

Feeding his concept of Masterpiece,the magnificent life guide,the inner creative aqueduct running as a video game,allowing the proper context of effective thought turn into a luminous landscape of rewarding reality,where the weaponry of imagination,plays a rather important role,basically it's all there is to have in order to accomplish the wildest dreams,Antonio Pessoa's burning flame is more than ever the action set for his passionate,vibrant and purposeful positive energy aiming at that pure unbridled ecstasy of personal success and at achieving goals,whatever they might be,like a magical inspiring huge fire wave around his heart and soul. Most important of all,Pessoa effortlessly keeps his flame burning in every possible way as always,lighting up living fire and consequently he does have a lot of fun attracting the universe natural pulse while life easy does it,providing him with the hottest colors of desire,action and fullfilment. It's becoming more and more general well known fact that indeed Pessoa has obviously sunk to depths of self biographical fine art rituals nobody could ever imagined. His long-standing relationship with art studio intensive performance step by step,year after year,as time goes by,made him to become more focused and dedicated to catch up with his inner self,thereby coming up with a growing prominent attitude,genuine interest and commited on-going research concerning a light speed development philosophy of life oriented process meking him take on more truthful art expression moves and skills than ever before. BURNING FLAME, acrylic on canvas,Antonio Pessoa 2007, is definitely a paradigmatic witness of this continuous and growing emotional life observing giving him impressive motivational lectures of the mind's science,thereby empowering his current oeuvre to promote an outstanding wide profile of human nature,including himself. Burning Flame,apart from its inner emotional content along with its direct association with the source of Pessoa's intensive self- discovery,establishes once again the latest visual language through which the artist puts special emphasis on a metaphorically oriented feeling of immense art expression freedom,in the whole essence,idea,concept and visual impact. Antonio Pessoa's vivid and emotional understanding of reality externalises its inner world onto the world of pure abstract nature,where the principles of aesthetics,apart from their intrinsic interest,introduce a new depth of feelings guided through clearly instructed methods of conceptual art making,sequences where the multiple abstract images in contrast to a unique mixture of colors creates a lyric-dynamic plastic architecture,underscoring a clear-cut inherent richness and an exuberant variety of meanings,eroticized sensuality,almost living visual patterns,providing the viewer with the possibility of an interpretation triplicity and an open access to all this emotional embodiment of art. Its design,layout and content makes Burning Flame unique and irresistible for the eye,for it is obvious that apart from its expressive value,the drawing plays an important communicative role,transparently symbolic,yet so abstractly described. Nevertheless,it's not only the painting's title or even the visual pleasant results pointing out that the artist's message merely suggests the Burning Flame meaning and idea. As a matter of fact Burning Flame might as well be interpreted as Antonio Pessoa's nature most reliable signature. The criterion used to give a specific title to each of his latest artworks is based on a very conceptual catalogue of attitudes,priorities and most importantly,beliefs. The truth is,Pessoa's genetic mechanism has provided the art creator not only with an impressive mental vital energy but also with an impressive outstanding imagination,delivering him exceptional results throughout his life up to now,such a remarkable innovative reasoning ability,creative communication skills and a first rate perception of cause and effect. The growing awareness of this golden God's gift,which has been his lifetime heart and soul of his punctual breath-taking accomplishments,explains the deep essence of this canvas titled Burning Flame,rather a token of humble gratitude than a temporary relation of superiority. Even the many harsh setbacks,critic situations and crushing times along the way didn't manage to generate enough negative power to break his solid as a rock determination and pro-life positive thinking,on the contrary,life's unexpected winds of changes and painful blackouts actually succeeded effectually in strengthening the potential of his emotional and mind armament,serving to mould the artist's character increasing its power at the expense of the inevitable downs and outs.