Antonio Pessoa
    The Belief Generator

THE BELIEF GENERATOR,oil and acrylic on canvas,Antonio Pessoa,2007,is paradigmatic enough of how the artist is stubbornly committed to his wonderful plan of self-assurance and certainty by continuously administrating his primary beliefs regarding the wisdom he is already being rewarded with and inevitably by translating it into contemporary fine art expression,more and more able to reflect the spreading of supreme awareness elements,persistently fertile,clear signals of a new age of higher artistic values propositions surprisingly concise despite the colorful illustration of the running symbols plus the elite drawing description,obviously a still remaining aesthetics conceptual principle and traditional consensus of his huge oeuvre's different periods. Ready,Steady...GO! This could be an intro for a cool running marathon,a racing start being broadcasted all over the Planet. However,this new breeze marathon has no special schedules nor a beginning and end. In short,to make it properly stated,it's more about an enjoyable Mystery Tour,where artist Antonio Pessoa takes the leading role,not because he obssessively wishes to,but just because one way or another the Show must goon,and the artist,like it or not,has got to take the leading role of this motion picture making,Antonio Pessoa contemporary Fine Art! Cool as cool can be,the modern master enjoys life over career struggle,self-satisfied in his comfostable lifestyle,making the most of every single moment and social meeting,an attitude which only a high level of wisdom can afford right there,in the kitchen's heat,in the middle of today's art scene traffic jam. No need fo more reference guides,exhausting analysis or nail-biting volcanic information,even thrilling adrenaline last minute think things through rally time emergency episodes,some kind of "help me God this is driving me crazy" sort of B Movie like,bad TV soap drama sinking one's soul fast into an abyss of awfulness.No Sir,I say,definitely,no way. As I put down in words what's happening in Antonio Pessoa's life,I love to admit what I suppose I already knew.The artist paints and does it with the amazing and amusing serene emotions of a true art studio veteran. His command of the contemporary fine art language has unquestionably reached its highest level up to now. Regardless the multiple projects he is involved with,plus his systematic and deserved spare times of adorable procrastination,he manages to develop his oeuvre program with the easy-to-do quick and cool flow of the experienced Modern Master,an almost exotic performance,resizing an endless selection of ideas onto the canvas,downloading already invented framed pictures and sketches wandering for the past few days across his mind,with the high technical precision of his striking painting brush caresses. Great achievements occur when an artist has something original to say,art at home and abroad,here he goes once again,the contemporary dancer for some moments let us suppose that instead of painting he is in an Edgar Degas Ballet rehearsal,exhibiting a harmonious serene emotional flow,voilà,a gentle and sentimental gentleman excelling by doing pure contemporary marvel! Too much for one day sometimes in Antonio Pessoa's life.The phone doesn't stop ringing,the artist has already been talking to a whole lot of collaborators,art dealers,friends,family,art critics,web designers,to a point of feeling overwhelmed by the interferences rush,good news,bad news,problems,urgent decision taking situations,you name it. Nevertheless the modern master gets back down to work,in his devoted art action intimacy,writing his own diary on canvas with the steady punctual recording reliability of a life reporter. The Fine Art synopsis gains more and more expression as the artist solves the composition puzzle,through his own interpretation of his thoughts,feelings,emotions,beliefs and conclusions. Tomorrow will be another day,another adventure,very probably another artwork,ready for the viewers eyes and public opinion. His art well expressed diary shall be always the mirror of his most intimate perceptions,as the world keeps going round and round and life proves to be a magical box of unexpected surprises,a complex fascinating interconnecting forum in which a great communicator such as Pessoa definitely will have a word to say,something to share,a message to herald and an interesting role to perform. Mr.Vicente Fernandez Lago,Antonio Pessoa's closest friend,partner,public relations in Spain,Miami,southern California and Latin America,and the artist's most reliable and steady collaborator for the past ten years up to now,is the unmovable solid as a rock structure which proves to be the most effective support mainly in south western Europe,entirely involved,excited,enthusiastically motivated and focused in the modern master's worldwide Project.Fact. In today's growing selfishness-oriented racing world,a strong partnership such as this seems to be a rather royal priviledge both for the artist and Mr.Lago. Anyway,in the meantime,Antonio Pessoa lives up to his lifestyle concept,the sort of life he actually wishes to lead and also the glamorous social,dynamic and creative daily routine which better fits his unique,contemplative,even controversial personality,perception of space and time,art performance,living aesthetics,roots and traditions,deep beliefs and general interests. Right now,owning four art studios he calls home,Pessoa paints as he prays,actually by using a very sophisticated method of Mind Power improvement and enhancement,thereby systematically downloading inner philosophical and pragmatic links,providing him with a true substancial existential amount of references possibilities and daily sunny new solutions in order to face art action,public communication,social meetings,art scene unexpected puzzles and real life challenges...with the easy going decisions taking and making expertise and in so doing obviously getting the work done,so to speak. On the whole the art scene and art market practical matters demand a well defined matter-of- fact positive thinking,plus a master approach to each and every complex issue,crossroads,task accomplishment oriented processes and a healthy straightforwardness to manage and deal with urgent action-based rough sledding situations. Antonio Pessoa more himself than ever before,seems to have dismissed most of the old specif and too obvious influences and in so doing,his today's art expression definitely gained a wonderful and charming miscellaneous New Look,with a new original togetherness about it. Nevertheless it's good to be able to observe that his favorite old and modern Great Masters still have a very special place in his heart,in his art and most importantly still have the power of the wise advice providing,plus the honour of being consulted now and then,once in a while,most of the the time or even maybe on a daily basis. Let alone the so many very interesting contemporary emerging artists from all over the world Pessoa admires,unquestionably an excellent source of new ideas,concepts,aesthetics and tendencies definitely not to be ignored...the Twentieth Century Modern Masters live on forever in Pessoa's Temple of the Great Masters,where the flame of genius keep on burning and sparking,sheltering and fuelling Antonio Pessoa's inspiration with their eternal teaching,foresight and veteran experience. THE BELIEF GENERATOR is a good example of why,how and where the Great Masters come back alive and live together again celebrating and surely congratulating the talent,skills and mastery of one of the most relevant contemporary artists in today's art scene.