Antonio Pessoa
       Art Metaphors

Art Metaphors,collage and mixed media on canvas,Antonio Pessoa 2007,apart from its delicious visual impact,is a result of a systematic research across the art scene worldwide universe,with a great help from his two collaborators,Luis Santiago and Pierre Fontanals,two updated art experts and two excellent art critics as well. Since 2003,Pessoa by then already living in Barcelona,becomes more and more interested and consequently familiarized not only with the current on-going art events but also with the so called modern masters and very particularly with the contemporary top artists plus the most dynamic art galleries mainly in Europe and United States. From then on the artist gradually deletes the old influences,namely the overloaded figurative items of the past waya from his canvases and watercolors landing in the 2005 New Era field with a totally contemporary abstract new line. Despite the well know fact pure abstract fine art has always been punctually present throughout the nineties,onlu in the twenty first century comes the time when he at last broke up with the explicit human representations for good,becoming a symbol of advanced contemporary art status and identity by creating a new visual arts body of new idewas,an interesting and well expressed studio cooking where logical conjunctio has been skillfully overtaken by a strongly communicative art projection style. Antonio Pessoa's successful puzzling recent artworks leave no doubt of the exciting art language switch opening new windows overlooking bright colorful fields of spacious a light new possibilities of contemporary fine art. Wassily Kandinsky's abstract sensorial magnificence and invention richness has always been Antonio Pessoa's strongest reference and influence concerning linear abstract art lyricism ever. Paintings such as Improvisation 31 ( Sea Battle) from 1913,Black Spot,Yellow-Red-Blue,oil on canvas from 1925,shown at the Musée National D'Art Moderne,Centre Pompidou,Paris;Painting with White Border now belonging to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Founding Collection,among many others masterpieces by the russian painter,had a great impact on Pessoa's early abstract first experiences helping him realize that supreme art expression doesn't necessarily need to be represented by figurative human or specific object sources in order to establish a profound perspective on communication and meaning in the pursuit of the ability to reach the viewer's deep understanding of the artist's linguistic. Therefore it seems only natural that it doesn't take too long before Antonio Pessoa fully accepts and consequently adopts Wassily Kandinsky as the undeniable abstractionism pioneer of modern art and his most reliable model of non- objective compositions of the twentieth century's global art scene. Pessoa in his determined desire to convey emotional or expressive feelings and ideas without reliance upon or reference to reconizable objective forms already existing in reality,goes on throughout the years maintaining this unbreakable faithful connection with other abstract modern masters such as Richard Anuszkiewicz-one of the founders and foremost exponents of Op Art-Joan Miró's optical changes,motion configurations and high-intensive colors,the portuguese Paris-based Vieira da Silva,Peters Graham and at last but not the least,of course,Jackson Pollock. Although theoretically Antonio Pessoa's Romantic Period was over and out for good in the year 2002,during the next two years,2003- 2004,already settled in Barcelona,according to accurate facts the artist keeps on reporting the same aesthetic content both in his artworks on canvas and watercolors. Basically only in the year 2005 he definitely breaks up with the old traditional fine art standardized patterns,something now regarded as a perceptual last conclusion of his past studio performance and the stand by period of reflection,a calm lengthy intent consideration time where propagating beams and rays of a new wave of art vision began to surpass and out do the old art expression concepts,thereby making way for an amazing new line of progressive contemporary fine art excelling in colors,motion,visual impact and communication. Therefore,throughout this aesthetics concept switch process,Antonio Pessoa's favorites proceeds in a circle of pure abstract artists,both the great modern masters pioneers and the latest contemporary avant-garde. The meaningful whole according to Pessoa's new perspective of what art vision today must be leads him to a determinant continuous judgment and evaluation concerning a widescreen of the on-going variety of creative talents,living entity parallels within his now prototyping selection suggesting the future of contemporary fine art. Antonio Pessoa and his closest collaborators and assistants approach art galleries with growing curiosity learning on a daily basis with genuine transparency the outs and abouts of current abstract art patterns totally disconnecting from the old figurative symbols and entirely integrated within the colorful screen which embody the latest parameters of contemporary visual arts. One of these graphic significant examples is Galerie Beeldkracht represented artist Koos Smit colorful wilderness fine art excursions,a perfect inspiration for Pessoa's general perception of his artworks new line.Koos Smit comes up as an excellent source providing multiple ideas and possibilities,a well placed bookmark in his favorites directory. Also represented by Galerie Beeldkracht,Vania Pentcheva's dynamics and shapes in our environment oriented artworks,grabbed Antonio Pessoa's attention at first sight,raising his excitement level to the point of considering immediately Vania Pentcheva's artworks as a contemporary fine art first rate nominee and a good magic fuel for him and for all the nowadays worldwide art scene young talents. Pierre Fontanals gives me a ring before Christmas on behalf of Antonio Pessoa asking me to take a look at the Alphan Gallery home page and check these artists out. Chris Burnside and Jennifer Burbank. From his words I immediately knew Pessoa had discovered another artist of his fancies. Next day I entered Alphan Gallery's website and there he was,Chris Burnside amazing juxtapositions taking little flights in a unique pleasant dreamy way. I understood right away why Antonio Pessoa was so enthusiastic about this one. The short but quality collections of Alphan Gallery also presenting Jennifer Burbank,were widely obvious to indeed had become part of Pessoa's preferences and I should be safe in saying particularly Chris Burnside had that kind of magic in his artistic speech Antonio Pessoa simply adores,for his current art concept had long become for me as clear as a cloudless sky. Pessoa after dipping his toe in the colorful pool of contemporary abstract fine art actually adopted a pleasing way of making solid sure there is no way back. Antonio Pessoa's paradigmatic view of a new reality,much more than a purely theoretical level of a New Era of contemporary art expression,forces us to admit a prevailing new ideology of artistic and emotional answers,a meaningful consensual dialog between science and creativity.This means that he has developed a live vision of a new world of effortless communication through fine art,now beyond the limitations of figurative art by entering a totally empirical interpretation of reality through abstract constructivism splitting his fantasy between an impressive collection of references,preferences and multiple influences. ART METAPHORS shows us a perfect interior world where the importance of art as a powerful communication tool,provides infinite possibilities by establishing an intimate relationship between the artist and the worldwide public. Moreover,Antonio Pessoa's art of traveling across many of the emerging contemporary artists concepts illustrates an image of a remarkable interaction,a genuine interest in what's goin on,a sharing good natured open-minded commitment to other artists talent and work!