Antonio Pessoa
                   Art Maker

A self-made man,a self-made artist,sometimes disguised as simply a life lover undercover,an original gracious wonderful human being since his early teens simply enjoying to let feelings and emotions out in the open through fine art expression. So much has been said at random of the mystery behind the artist profile and very particularly about his adventurous life roleplaying,indeed a breathtaking episodes roller coaster live show... However,in spite of all this systematic amusing speculation,Antonio Pessoa's true and basic motivation therein lies the first key leading to the ultimate conclusion,that his personal success is after all his pure relation with art expression,not necessarily a religious ritual,but actually very simply the natural spontaneous happiness he always feels mixing colors and concepts,and in so doing coming up with specific visual results,invariably the meaningful reflexion of the heart and soul of a boy who once discovered during his early teens the great emotional symphony he could indeed experience throughout his all day long private art making sessions. Throughout the years up to now,Antonio Pessoa has been showing us basically all possibilities concerning the worldwide visual arts universe,from Modern Art to contemporary cutting edge. However,most important of all,he has been showing us the ultimate paradigmatic attitude of a truthful artist,systematically and inconditionally honest and completely faithful to his deepest beliefs,and in so doing very often,strange and crazy as it seems,putting his professional art carrer on Standby,regardless of consequences,by making solid sure that attending to the present mindfulness personal life self- commitments would always be his priority number one! "I Did It My Way" could eventually become one day the title of a book or even a motion picture about Life and Work of the artist,easily. Jazz musicien,adventurer or art maker,Pessoa has been leading a life inner-voice oriented,being unbreakable self-confidence and dynamic determination the main strong and powerful characteristics of his unique and creative personality.Fact! From a public global perspective,one could freely assume that his life could have been better or could have been worse.Speculative time- wasting,if you ask me. The art maker's life has been and it is what his heart told him and tells him to do,how to do it and at last but not the least,who to do it with! Antonio Pessoa,the Art Maker,specifically since the early nineties gets down to absolute art action,with such a striking energy to such an extent that by the end of 2002 he had actually accomplished an impressive encyclopedic art collection of over seven thousand artworks,namely oils on canvas,mixed medias,collages,acrylics on paper,watercolors and drawings. He soon excelled at the craft,through this intensive eight days a week art production twelve years in a row hallucinating odyssey,exploring all there was to explore and in so doing,reaching at light-speed a truly remarkable technical high quality level,expertise and mastery,let alone his well developed now easy-to-do talented composition and invention capacity,all this and all that,turning him into one of the most striking artists of our times. These words of mine,based upon true facts aim at capturing the global awareness to identify,gaining clear understanding and consciousness of Antonio Pessoa indeed as a living artistic phenomenon in today's worldwide art scene. One actually has to see it to believe it! Fact. Entering the artist's studio,take a sit and watching him painting,is by all means a truly unforgettable experience. It's always indeed very exciting to attend the Art Maker's studio and witness his live performance rhythm and style . Like an expert ballet dancer moving about the titanic easel,filling in the blank canvas space through successive moves of brush strokes striking precision,only to be interrupted by sudden short moments for totally focused perspective measurement and deep thoughtfully reflective mental-emotional full-swing evaluation before the composition,the show definitely goes on and by the way extremely entertaining indeed. The artist's spectacular performing style through the act of creating and arranging several aesthetics advanced essentials,managing with astounding mastery a mixture of ingredients step by step but rather quicky resulting to form the unified whole of a finished contemporary fine art masterpiece,is astonishingly cinematic,something to actually witness in order to believe it.Believe me! Absolutely,that's the way to do it. Among the hundreds of contemporary artists that I came to get to know personally,unquestionably the Art Maker,live studio performer,is by all means a unique super fine art wizard beyond compare. Anytime,anywhere,anyhow...and,well,anyway...with more or less worldwide projection Antonio Pessoa is a top reference for all art lovers from all over the planet,the best investment for the major art galleries,a solid choice for the most passionate and distinguished art collectors and at last but not the least,a great contemporary positive influence for all emerging artists on their winding way to be under their personal achievements glaring spotlight.