Antonio  Pessoa 

                       A R T  

         B O U L E V A R
















       Antonio Pessoa

Something like the "Pinball Wizard" song,performed by the english band The Who,however not quite so,fine art wizard Antonio Pessoa comes up with Intuition,acrylic on canvas,2007,expressing a perspective of what talent in real life is all about. When a lukewarm action leading role isn't definitely an option in the world we live in,whatsoever,particularly if one is facing overwhelming challenges plus a continuous and peculiar on-going urgent demands from art dealers and art collecters,moreover with no immediate alternative to,shall we say,reduce daily-weekly professional priorities...Intuition at its highest top level comes up as an absolutely required science.Fact. Always literally punctual and wisely convenient about his latest artworks as a systematic direct reaction method in which is extremely skillfully and witty published under art expression articles,a positive attitude and a very well situated response towards smiling happy or earthquake-prone circumstances plus unexpected heart trembling feedbacks,Pessoa's special sharp interpretation of the global time frame allows him to use contemporary art as a reliable reflector of his well focused observing opinion,emotional waves and general perception.That's what art nowadays is all about...or must I least it should be. So,once again,everything seems to make perfect sense concerning the artist's truthful grown-up posture which is a breath of fresh air in today's overstocked propaganda-oriented racing emerging academic artists miscellaneous ways to cash off any local art scene,the best way they know how. Antonio Pessoa's personal success reports a substantial cool as cool can be sort of wholesome contemplative profile connected to the world by playing juggling balls with faqs and answers,playing by the rules but most importantly playing by Intuition. Personal News travel fast,therefore Pessoa is the first one to become aware that the most reliable source to come up with an accurate statistical measurement of his own Intuition amperage,is actually himself. So no wonder we are now able to have the visual and emotional privilege of here and now stand before a charming painting titled Intuition. Antonio Pessoa's 2007 artworks definitely show us a man,an artist going through an exciting and prodigious period of self-discovery,Mind research and emotional improvement. This instinctive knowing without the use of special resoning processes,still a rare gift possessed by only a few,is well explicit in this artwork on canvas,apart from its abstract quality the concept's fingerprints are all over the art space,a mirror reflecting and reporting this fascinating inner guidance tool,Pessoa and his higher self sharing with all of us his field of new found information beyond the bounds of space and time and consequently getting back to the heart of the public as he moves out of static coherence in order to increase the unfoldment of Intuition. Anyway,Intuition,the painting and all its meaningful symbolic abstract neo-surrealistic content is after all a part of Antonio Pessoa's current concept named FREE. This reference identified and directly related to the artist's contemporary art expression evolution,which is by itself the communicating mirror of great inner personal achievements,a unique experience profile conducting his qualities and skills towards such a magnificent supreme level of steadfast self- improvement,right now still too premature to predict the extent of this challenging mission and the outcome general effects of this daring remarkable emotional attitude plus odyssey. As for right now,that's the big thrill and the spicy mystery,for not even Pessoa is able to actually realize beforehand just how long it's going to take for him to accomplish a reasonable high degree of this fascinating dream,nor is he still able to foresee the depth level at stake let alone the probable wonderful possibilities,fulfilling and rewarding consequences of all this self-psychotherapy chemistry. The general perspective is obviously excellent and on the whole and most importantly,sure thing Antonio Pessoa's Intuition is bound to lead him safe and sound to the sunny place he profoundly feels and deeply believes he belongs to.Freedom! However...hold your horses,Ladies and Gentlemen,not quite so fast.Great goals take time to accomplish and overcoming life's adversities one by one takes a great deal of energy accompanied with a whole lot of patience and resistance. As the artist practises self-control he approximates more and more to this magical inward kingdom,and is less and less swayed by passion and grief,pleasure and pain, and lives a steadfast and virtuous life,manifesting manly strength and fortitude,in art performance,personal life,professional commitments and public communication. Freedom bound,Pessoa's determination keeps looking forward to the coming up soon Free at last happy ending. In the meantime,positive artistic suggestions such as Intuition,in art expression and real life timing,are always mostly welcome,both for the public's eyes delight and the artist's Conquest of his personal Glory. Just a short simple word.FREE! However what's at stake is a lengthwise dimension wonderful something,mysterious but bright,unpredictable but rock-steady. Just like Antonio Pessoa's fine art performances,art scene disappearances and Symphonic Orquestra soundtracked public comebacks.




         Antonio Pessoa
          Night Gospel

NIGHT GOSPEL,acrylic on canvas,Antonio Pessoa,2007,might be or turn out to be on a short- term or who knows maybe even on a long-term,a very,very important masterpiece of the artist's whole oeuvre. The fantastic very true special meaning of this painting evokes a nightly calling down the spirits of knowledge and wisdom from the subconscious mind,,from that intelligent,emotional,intuitive power station of plenty awareness,we all have within the hidden depth of our minds,although we just don't make much use of it most of the times or even never,indeed an unforgivable distraction or mistake,for the high price we therefore have to pay for the basical disrespect concerning this endless source of practical and philosophical accurate answers can and actually does make the difference between mediocre living and Life Supreme! Digesting NIGHT GOSPEL and what it actually involves,might turn out to be a great deal more complex and mysterious process than one would primarily assume,taking from the only natural idea that this particular painting is just another output among the large Antonio Pessoa's oeuvre. Not quite so,for all the given evidence and symptoms carefully and clearly point out enough areas where coincidence is not an option anymore,whatsoever,yet the strong probability that the artist is definitely getting seriously committed to a new phase of positive self- control,self-improvement, Mind-Body- lifestyle,attitude-outlook-perception synchronization,seems to be a much more valid,reliable and accurate overall conclusion. As in so many episodes of History,when the ultimate sense of urgency rings the bell and gathers enough will power substances to break through titanic solid cement barriers and immensely powerful faith to move mountains and cross ferocious ocean swells... Antonio Pessoa's NIGHT GOSPEL is bound to deliver a unmatched emotional intelligence,creative intuition optimization and acceleration,not only improving his artistic and living well-being quality but maybe most importantly turning out to become after all the most exclusive luxury personal investment anyone could eventually be desperately looking and hoping for. On the very,very overwhelming whole,NIGHT GOSPEL stands out as a unique masterpiece excelling in resistant symbolism,a basically abstract-oriented art expression representation of the subconscious Mind power phenomenon a pure science-based pursuit of the inner wisdom master secrets. NIGHT GOSPEL comes up as an historic self- hypnosis,psycho dynamic,mighty power of Mind Plus chronicle,generating a striking and exciting fluxus of revelations during sleep.A complete guide to effective thinking,high quality emotional intelligence performance and a successful lifestyle,fulfillment and happiness. After another day in life,another rewarding experience in the hyperconscious sparking reality zone,it's about time to call it a night,time to absorb the cosmic timelessness and enter the kingdom of stress-relieving nothingness. Beautiful in his emptiness the artist experiences the blessed nakedness,the perfect harmony of the vacuum,and after a few short minutes the dominant vocals of the NIGHT GOSPEL start whispering words of wisdom,multilingual,free and confidential,gently blowing the answers to his questions,a true life- transforming vital virtual ritual. Pessoa creates NIGHT GOSPEL in order to, after the great slowly fading out obliviousness,be able to be born again from the multicolored ashes,and in so doing the boomerang effect plays its role again,as the NIGHT GOSPEL celebration indigenous Masters of Universal Awareness come together for their own Creator's emotional rescue. So now,come,come,come together after midnight,all of you NIGHT GOSPEL Gurus,tonight come together and bring the Light,from the basic essentials steps up the spiral winding stairs to the highest level of total inner-peace and absolute awareness. Here is the place and the time is Now!Let the artist break on through to the other side and wake up in the day light ready to show the world how wonderful life is when Supreme Discernment has finally settled down in the resting faith of our hearts. Tonight NIGHT GOSPEL is celebrating new high- voltage vital energy transmission.Celebrate,pray and generate the Third Vision transplant,for tomorrow the top of the hill must be reached,the Summit where the landscapes of life must be the fidel reflection of the artist's gifts. Antonio Pessoa's Guardian Angel is after all himself,throughout this fascinating odyssey in which the first close encounters are slowly but clearly taking place,as the time sure seems to be rip for great Mind and emotional changes. Riveting inner new experiences coming up almost unexpectedly for the artist,now deliciously finding himself in a new ambitious mission,once again totally determined to solve a whole great deal of dilemmas once and for all. The priority desired effects is to delete all adverse reactions for good,therefore creating a wide receptive open field where fresh and surprising new conclusions shall dance freely in a wonderful gathering of enlightened Awareness! No fear,no anxiety,no doubts and no pain.No regrets,fake dreams,no cry,no thunder and rain.The Night Gospel's spirits,dressed up in fantasy or in fancy dinner party tuxedos are all up for the night shift conference gathering consulting and exchanging valuable enlightened information,coming up with amazing solid answers,positive thinking emotional transmittance,delivered hot as the bright morning good news instant messenger. Artist Antonio Pessoa sleeps tight,warm and protected throughout the night's seconds,minutes and hours,while the NIGHT GOSPEL logical,emotional,pragmatic experts move about up and down the stairs,exchanging valuable extra classified information,busy fast paced walking throughout the science fiction like corridors simultaneously to discover how many and how high quality wisdom treasures can be reached in the many specialized departments of the huge subconscious labyrinth. Men and women working in the E.I.S.,Emotional Intelligence Department,men and women working in the S.C.H.,Social Communication Hall,men and women working in the A.S.S.L.,Art Scene Solutions Laboratory,all of them doctors of the subconscious Twilight Zone providing the artist with well designed suggestions,solutions,tips,tricks and tweaks and sunny glittering bright conclusions. The NIGHT GOSPEL,the super Belief Generator analytical testing gigantic one thousand-storey Towerblock Cosmic Lab,manufacturing mentor written tutorials,explicit inner enlightenment coaching videos and recorded teleseminars through scientific research,experiments,well performed operations and well-calculated pecision-oriented procedures,in order to finally come up with the Morning Daily Discoveries Express,Antonio Pessoa's royal breakfast for a better present,a brighter future and fine art performance Supreme Divine! The power of a tiger hand in hand with the serene energy of an Angel turns out to be the perfect combination as the world shows its two faces,becoming more and more a cross between a racing jungle and a Planet where a new age of human understanding and peace-oriented communication is absolutely required. The NIGHT GOSPEL quality is focused on improving an infinite sense of self-control and furthermore a supreme psychological and intesively emotional control over life's circumstances.The nightly research should and shall bring every single day a higher degree of inner strength and significant increasing communication skills in order to solve every complex situation and every challenging obstacle with striking easy-to-do communication flow,infinite wisdom and solid knowledge. Improving productivity,social and artistic efficiency is a definite urgent issue,in which is absolutely required daily priority updates. So let the NIGHT GOSPEL Machine Orquestra play the ten hours symphony and let the award-winning artist get up everyday filled with a marvelous emotional intelligence composition,a stronger intuition,updated inspiration and the fine living Art Supreme! Calling the Master of the subconscious Universe power station,calling the expert spirits of Wisdom and absolute Knowledge. Calling the new revelations night magicians,bring the Power Supreme of absolute awareness,right timing know-how,the best of the miscellaneous eclectic hidden ultra positive resources. Bring the Sun in every morning and a new supply of magical effective togetherness! The World is here and we want it now,for the Show must go on,only this time under the spotlight of Divine Enlightenment in which we have been initiated by the hidden tradition of our inspired masters. Into the Light and into the Wonderland of secrets of emotional fire,the front page of Presence,the higher stage of creativity,the heavenly gift of cosmic intelligence and the flying wings of total awareness. NIGHT GOSPEL sings Getting Better all the Time,not just once in a while.NIGHT GOSPEL sings Here Comes the Sun,not the answer my friend is blowing in the wind.NIGHT GOSPEL sings We are the Champions of the World,We Won't get fooled Again and never "I Still Haven't Found what I'm Looking For". NIGHT GOSPEL sings and brings tons of New Bright Light every single sunny day! The body must be totally relaxed,preferably melted in a warm state of pleasurable nothingness,so Mind can enter the very same soft temperature absolute tensionless domain,consequently the high level of Universal Acceptance is finally accomplished now ready to allow the golden storehouse of the subconscious Mind open its doors and windows letting the concentrated source of unlimited awareness start reprogramming the Body-Mind system through a Cul de Sac molecular cable filling the whole living- perception with valuable key answers,keynotes,wisdom and sharp intuition meta tags,high knowledge solid references and in so doing providing an oceanic wave flow of powerful positive energy coming in,slowly but efficiently creating and enhancing a fulfilling ecosystem from which a new perspective of life takes off in the jet-plane of absolute control upon the real world,creativity, global discernment and cosmic cognition. Antonio Pessoa during the making of NIGHT GOSPEL was fully aware of all this wonderful fulfilling process,actually an easy-to-do prophecy and more than predicting,absolutely convinced that this awesome method had indeed the whole potential to make it possible for him to achieve an incredible high level of emotional intelligence combustion.







                Antonio Pessoa
                   That's Life

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship,between the artist and the worldwide art lovers community. I know this has the makings of a good punch line,but it's a good starting point,for whatever is coming up along the communication express on- going stimulating process,concerning the life and Oeuvre of one of the most controversial and unique artists of today's contemporary art times. This is no B movie whatsoever,rather a real- life play,where anything can happen,even the unexpected,unpredictable,unthinkable,unanswered and why not,even the unacceptably unspeakable. So let the dice roll and the show must go on,mysterious,delicious,contemporary, abstract,mystic and Neo-Surrealistic. Day time art studio living or lively night shift wandering,it's just wonderful to know art is being made based upon true facts,meanwhile real-life facts are being put down in words based upon the overview across the realms of artistic imagery. Free expression speech communication provides us once again with the priviledge of being in touch,sharing and exchange criterions of all sorts,tendencies and styles. Most importantly,we are here and now setting the measures of exciting multiple ideas,ideals,concepts and references. Writing and speaking on behalf of a contemporary fine art project,larger than life,and describe what art lovers should know about The Life and Oeuvre of an artist indeed making way for one of the most charming,eclectic and visually awesome art collections in today's artscene ,turns out to be a truly fulfilling and rewarding experience,an exciting daily ritual I certainly wouldn't give up,not even for all the gold in the world. Life is a mysterious adventure for all of us,a wonderful odyssey for many of us who have the pleasurable privilege to be able to enjoy all forms of expression,all forms of art,music,literature,poetry,motion pictures,architecture...and in this particular dimension,visual arts,yet more specifically,contemporary art. And precisely it is in this awesome universe that we are indeed bound to be in touch,able to share and communicate and most importantly looking forward to grow in knowledge,perception,sensitiveness,information,edu cation,culture and artistic erudition. At the contemporary headquarters,Antonio Pessoa's Studio 1,is indeed where everything really happens.Did I say everything? Yes.Everything and anything.Particularly and most important of all within the artist's mind,right where the visualization borns,grows up,gains context and concept and usually takes off like a supersonic idea speeding up across the cybernetic timeless space! Being an artist in today's competitive world requires a whole lot more than self- control,patience,determination,artistic quality,public relations know-how and supreme imagination. As a matter of fact,indeed,one actually has got to be an ultimate genius,particularly when it comes to human resources management,aiming at implementing motivation and the perfect dynamic mindset in everyone,one way or another,among the Project collaborators team. Stimulating and difficult task,at the same time. These days,Antonio Pessoa finds himself in the middle of a truly brainstorming multiple-projects breathtaking challenges full-swing agenda. From San Francisco to Paris,from London to Madrid,his endless list of coworkers contacts and systematic phone ringing interferences,indeed turns out to be a racing unavoidable on-going play on his daily life,providing him with a substantial extra-burden from which inevitably derive scant idyllic moments let alone eventually some headaches to go with. However,in spite of this tension-filled daily- weekly flurry bursts,(what do you know)somehow the artist successfully manages to maintain a pleasurable harmonious atmosphere in his art studio,social life and professional commitments cinematic flux. Definitely,Antonio Pessoa's life could be a quality movie script,always challenging,fascinating,adventurous and new.In the mean time it's rather entertaining and even amusing just to witness the way people continuously respond to his magnet-like positive energy,and particularly witness how he always seems to be living on the edge throughout his eight days a week dynamic working rhythm,managing sooner rather than later to strengthen those whose hearts are fully commited to his multiple projects. That's life,that's the life,that's the larger than life lifestyle! Lately,one of Pessoa's best friends,Boris Dainville,asked him "How much courage does it take to be an artist?".The painter,standing in front of the huge easel,slowly turned around and told him with this childlike enigmatic expression of startled innocence on his face "The question,Boris,is how much courage would it take me not to be one." Remarkable.Fact! Since 1997,when I first met Antonio Pessoa,I've been having the almost preverted privilege to record (and therefore evaluate and consequently report...)amazing episodes,unexpected changes,absolute dillematic crossroads,sometimes turning into a truly nail- biting decision taking struggling urgency,and ending up in yet just another full-swing display of everything-or-nothing spectacular,even unspeakable,love,sweat and tears sort of adventures. Nevertheless,he always did manage to go back to his studio(wherever it might have been at any specific point of his recent past colorful life...) and get down to work once again,totally focused,coming up with new artistic surprises,and most importantly remaining miraculously untraumatized as if nothing had happened.Nothing at all! Boris Dainville,tired of London's full-swing day in day out and social nightlife british gossip,comes once again to spend the weekend with the artist,and in the mean time gets off his chest all that physical and psychological pressure and stress of his current lifestyle circunstances. The both keep each others company,enjoying good conversation as always and in so doing once again establishing their similar outlooks of metropolitan life's pros and cons,existencialism- based black humor fluent literacy,and obviously,modern art,contemporary art,poetry,music,motion pictures,gossip,philosophical frequently asked questions,History,religion and more gossip. Boris loves Antonio Pessoa's latest contemporary fine art series,and sits for hours and hours in a row talking and watching the artist at work,while they go on and on exchanging the most interesting subjects available,still with more gossip updates to go with it. At last,FM Music playing on the cosy restaurant's old 60's radio,it's 8 p.m.,saturday evening,as we have dinner in front of the sea,our visual charming beach bar and grill with a full menu of great mediterranean sea food,after which we enjoy our sunset cocktails,first chatting randomly then inevitably leading to more intimate conversation and at last planning our trip to West Hollywood. However,the artist doesn't seem to share our systematic interest in one of my favorite cities,Los Angeles,let alone leave the comfort of his Home Studio for a ( maybe boring for him... ) cultural calendar in southern California. Antonio Pessoa's Home Studio,always the idyllic fine art cathedral where his intimate friends always seem to be leaving reality behind and enter the world of tomorrow's art fantasy.Fact. That's Life! Antonio Pessoa these days is working on more than twenty canvases simultaneously,let alone the watercolors super-production taking place at his Studio 7. No big deal for the artist,if you ask me.As a matter of fact it seems quite an easy-to-do multi-tasking process for the vital energy generating dynamic studio veteran. Boris Dainville and myself,sunny Sunday afternoon,we take a sit at the artist's Studio 1 as he finishes "That's Life",acrylic on canvas. Another charming symphony of colors,or shall we say,another visual delight symphonic contemporary fine art victory. "That's Life" is obviously reflecting Pessoa's latest full-swing daily-weekly striking motion picture,from his art studio breathtaking performance to his professional commitments overloaded agenda,from his personal life's outs and abouts to the challenging multiple projects he and his brainstorming collaborators from all over Europe,United States and even Latin America,are unquestionably fully commited to and by all means absolutely excited and enthusiastic about. That's Life!That's Antonio Pessoa's colorful and increasingly exciting life at his worldwide performance very best. Eventually breaking traditional patterns,this time it was Boris Dainville who actually came up with the accurate title "That's Life",for this polychromatic polimotion spectacular and even ambiguously entertaining contemporary abstract neo-surrealistic mainstream cutting-edge fine art canvas. Furthermore,I must claim,one of my favorites among the artist's most recent series.My opinion ( as an art critic and art collector ) leading to suggest a special public attention to Pessoa's on- going artistic quality achievements,where the striking visual impact makes a relevant difference between the current average and by all means Antonio Pessoa's unquestionable innovative contemporary new line. That's quality art! That's Life !!!!






              Antonio Pessoa

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,but by the moments that take our breath away. The artist's systematic visualization of a new- innovative contemporary communication outflow,is unquestionably the Heartbeat's heart and soul. Previously designing this worldwide-oriented concept,inspiring an entirely revolutionary and powerfully positive attitude towards the on-going art scene,Antonio Pessoa,once again,shows up as the perfect reflexion of his reputation,by suggesting with contagious determination and enthusiasm,a brand-New Age of art-public intercommunication,aiming at empowering the mutual relationship precisely between art,artists,gallery owners,art scene in general and the gigantic community of art lovers,art collectors,media,worldwide public. What else could actually be more exciting and new than this pro-life,pro-art,pro-future and pro- global communication striking futuristic concept,a truly innovative approach for even greater dynamic flexibility directly concerning this art-public interactive universal togetherness? Here we go again,so let's propose a toast to the Heartbeat's larger-than-life divine inspiration,heroic epic Project visualising a New Era of intimate closeness between art and public! Limitless possibilities,now that everything seems to come so easily,the artist's secret to living successfully,feeling and acting by the passionate rhythm of his heartbeat. The mindset two by two dance "get-to-it- iveness" and "stick-to-it-iveness",creates the larger than life action super positive mood,all he actually needs to move him towards entrepreneurial artistic freedom,and in so doing his blazing desire for daily creativity keeps on accumulating new concepts and inspiration flow for future awesome oeuvre. A New Year is upon him,and once again the almost industrial stimulating studio art production is in full swing,pestering the artist to slim down,starting a brand-New Era,a better phenomenon and inspiring star. Antonio Pessoa didn't just get lucky but instead was proactive within his life as opposed to simply reacting to things as they occur. How does that work? Positive Hearbeat leads to positive feelings,these feelings lead to fantastic emotions,this striking super emotional flux promote amazing inspiration,finally this magical inspiration creates supreme lifestyle and artistic outcomes! Antonio Pessoa's amazing capacity to make art public show up to express flat-out unbarred flipped out excitement,throughout the past recent years got him in a very happy spotlight,identifying him as an important symbol among contemporary top artists. His Heartbeat seems to be the key component of intentionally causing his wild happy attitude to naturally bring smashing results into everyone's life. I cannot stress this point enough! Almost telepathically communicated to the worldwide art lovers community,expressing through art awe and wonder,he is increasingly bound to systematically experience this enthusiastic public effect on his overall worldwide reputation level. Heartbeat's overwhelming force,more than the artist's intelligence,skills,talents,money,relationships,hi s fabulous collaborators team,reputation,you name it...has been and it definitely is,his internal powerful tool just to get the whole job done and most importantly what actually takes to make his Oeuvre absolutely achieve the now on-going contemporary smashing new line and its global recognition. Creative visualization has been Pessoa's main faith and persistence provider,for all I know.The art studio veteran surely knows by now that following through without a plan and thoughtful action,means nothing but helplessness. Thereby,no wonder Antonio Pessoa,among the thousands of artists I know,he stands out prominently because he has made a success of getting what he wants out of life. He is successful in art studio performance,in his career,in his personal life and in leading a stimulating adventurous life and exciting projects. This is the secret and many people know it.He knows that the power to direct himself wherever he wants to go in art and life,is provided by his striking Heartbeat influence,energy and unbreakable flux,systematically empowering motivation,solid beliefs and cultivating burning imagination. The Heartbeat's law of attraction is not a new idea in the artist's daily rituals.It has always been there throughout his feverish art action the continuous process of managing his professional and personal life commitments with the sudden decision taking skills and the miraculous ways he always indeed did manifest attaining his dreams,one by one,step by new brilliant ideas and concepts kept on popping up in his mind and in his intuition. Years of intensive training has shown Antonio Pessoa that brainwaves not only provided insight into his mind and body,but they could manage to stimulate him to such an extent to actually enhance artistic performance,bringing about a large variety of mental states and emotional reactions for the incredible benefit of great creativeness. When Pessoa comes up with an artwork such as Heartbeat,it's once again quite obvious he is unquestionably climbing up the hill of the super exploring multiple magical possibilities of mind power and very specifically emotional intelligence. And why is he so much involved into this interesting sort of experiences? Actually,the answers to this question are quite simple once we fully come to understand the artist's current challenges in agenda. The whole scene concerning his life has become indeed a complex and rather exciting chess composition in which checkmate is definitely not an option whatsoever and the "Knight" is not supposed to resign even when the situation apparently looks hopeless and the going gets somewhat tough. Heartbeat and exact timing! What most of us aren't quite yet aware of is that Pessoa's public image has little or nothing to do with the real picture of the artist's private life ,which is actually a fascinating constant stream through the Universe's all possibilities accelerated learning and sharing wonderfully mysterious "Wondertopedia"! It seems Pessoa these days only shows his latest Oeuvre to very few people.Not anyone is actually allowed to visit his holy Studio 7,let alone his Studio 1,where most of the interesting things really happen. Therefore,Heartbeat,acrylic on watercolor paper,Antonio Pessoa 2008,might as well be a nice unexpected surprise or even an entirely unique revelation for most of his closest friends and the extra regular curious cats,such as Ian Dadley,always in his well-disguised effort in order to show not too much interest,his traditional attitude to helplessly keep the artist underpriced. Basically enjoying his highly productive semi- solitude,the art studio worm keeps on painting life itself,with the neo contemporary vision approach which is unquestionably changing on a weekly basis,if you ask me...definitely always for better,signing his artworks with the typical detachment of someone who doesn't feel the urgency to herald his own supreme greatness,and giving his paintings the titles always faithfully based upon his deepest beliefs.Remarkable accuracy! In the meantime,as time goes by,the after midnight express is always available downtown,where nothing really important seems to be happening,however - in particular when after a pleasurable Heartbeating creative working day,when he can't help feeling a bit stale and in need to liven up his soul and inspiration a bit and for a while- it turns out to be the perfect place at the right time with the wandering break with the delicious routine and get that creative something back on the track and right on time. Antonio Pessoa's Heartbeat is essentially a universe of endless interesting amazing possibilities,where art and life coexist all together,as a family of dynamic concepts,intuitively aiming at approaching world public for an apotheosis celebration of art expression and universal communication. Heartbeat represents the soul of Studio 1,The New Era,the artist's updated outlook of the basic essentials of what the worldwide role of contemporary art expression must be,particularly in times of general doubt and emotional - conceptual fragmentation,in a world where the urgency to achieve a global strong focus on a truly solid catalog of new values,perception,ideals and most important of all,cultural togetherness at last check turns out to be a Must top of the list number one priority ,among the worldwide art lovers vibrating community.







             Antonio Pessoa

Nothing is ever too much,nothing is ever too universal,nothing is ever too wonderful when it comes the time for any art lover to enter Antonio Pessoa's world of Perception,Art,Poetry and Awareness. As in the final countdown,his life has developed the wildest ride of a thrilling cyclone roller coaster,pleasure mixed with Blues,quickly become a firm creative power,one of those that turns you upside-down.If you don't know what it is like to really live on the edge,then take my good advice and start reading all you can about Antonio Pessoa,the most brilliant and thrilling adventure of today's contemporary art scene.Fact! All reviews and information about the artist are essentially a breathtaking unique biography,mixing chills with fun,mixing art with life itself. Danger,passion,intense emotions,blues and Opera,Comedy and Drama,are the face of one of the world's most spectacular cutting edge artists. PERCEPTION? Find the answer to this question and millions more,in this enjoyably dark,yet still very sensual and romantic lifestyle. Straight right up to the tension filled final of every of his artistic and real-life performances,when he will have you on the edge of your emotional box. Perception,acrylic on canvas,Antonio Pessoa 2007,is unquestionably a result of many years of studio art action experience,research and reflection,a brilliant colorful abstract painting where the viewer is face to face with images propagating amazing waves of colors,light and sound being pleasantly thrown to the eye and our senses right from the canvas surface. One of the most charming artworks of Pessoa's 2007 art collection,Perception has that special buzz of excitment,rapid vibration,motion and strong visual impact,yet it's soothing something projects almost a healing energy for mind,body and the eye,inspiring poetic sensations of pure organic fountains,plus that chromatic quality in the whole of its exuberant,abstract,sensuously radiant affinities of colors and symbols. Expressing a new vision and a totally new artistic vocabulary,Perception has that abstract expressionism unique lyrical style,nevertheless also clearly influenced by surrealism,conceptual art,yet never missing the futurism artistic design Pessoa is so fond of,thereby creating that linear decorative dynamic impact,plus a reaction leading to subjective and entirely free interpretation. Regardless of his increasing artistic skills and striking creativeness,Antonio Pessoa becomes more and more popular mainly for his unique lifestyle and his inner-self personal achievements,acquiring world-renown prestige and wide credibility,through the stimulating and rewarding process of how to unlock his full potential for striking artistic performance,personal success and a high quality professional level,becoming his international autograph,the significance of how his impressive fast self-improvement in all areas and attitudes has indeed accelerated his echoing reputation as a fully commited spiritual guide,expert,let alone his highly-respected artistic vision,inner and universal Perception. Paying tribute to him and in faithful recognition of his multiple achievements,close friends,collaborators,art critics,clients,art collectors and soul mates of the fine art trade,now frequently honor him with a natural awestruck approach and genuine admiration. Entering his studio,very often demanding his wise advice,show us clearly how so many people enjoy being in the realms of his glowing positive energy,happy,free,safe and at ease before his charismatic and charming manner in which Pessoa's ambiguous relation with life,people and the Universe,translates a highly advanced Perception,making obvious that living feeling alive is not a special gift or a way of going through life,but actually the only one. Perception,the dream of life creativeness as outcome of Antonio Pessoa's number one priority,it starts in the character of a solid experienced artist,reinforced through daily research in all areas with inspiring enthusiasm,attracting affection,love and respect among all his friends,collaborators and public in general. If indeed Pessoa is helplessly becoming a inevitable life coach,that's not what's at stake right now,for most importantly is the fact he is becoming one of the most inspiring art wizards of today's art scene. Antonio Pessoa's Perception creates clarity and eliminates doubt,invents a higher level of positive motivation,his confidence in himself and in his abilities grow,the artist actually sees what he can be! Often,the hardest thing about visioning is actually having the Perception of what we want to bring into existence can actually be accomplished. To really make it happen,and he sure does,Pessoa supersedes his own doubts and has a sense of certainty that what he wants can be accomplished. The artist on his vision has a faith in Perception that is greater than his fears and it's willing to open his mind to see beyond the confines of what he is facing today.Remarkable,indeed!







              Antonio Pessoa

Throughout his Contemporary Fine Art odyssey,and very particularly when it comes to what absolutely involves the "Free" heart and soul,Pessoa describes commitment as everything that goes with it,Imagination,playing for keeps,making Art,communicating through Art and going the distance. After Imagination,the two keys to living life full,Passion and Commitment.Heartfelt Passion for his dreams and artistic projects and Commitment to systematic research,aiming at new solutions,new action plans,new artistic,social and public performance. Using the power of his Art in the direction of truth,love and togetherness,Pessoa is well aware that his world is substantially the power to create.His world is the gift that comes directly from Imagination. Imagination changes our views and changes our mind.Changes Art and it can change the World! In Art,perspective first appeared in the Renaissance,as a system for making paintings look more like the real world,incorporating distance as well as size. Gradually the term broadened to refer our mental outlook over time,as well as our visual.Of course,our mental and our visual outlooks are connected through the act of perceptive Imagination. Art is also a metaphor for reality,and just like reality it isn't static,it moves and changes and none of us are able to see the whole thing at any one time. Antonio Pessoa uses his Imagination to connect Art with the outside world through sight,color,texture and meaning. But far from delivering us a universally consistent view of the same old concepts,his rich Contemporary Fine Art highly communicative expression is shaped by his Imagination. Imagination,personal and artistic sustainability,daring to transform ideas into artworks. The contemporary young master dances often with his lover and partner called Imagination.They wouldn't dream of performing their best without recounting the lessons they learn together. One has only to look upon his latest great works of art,beautiful performances in color,concept,aesthetics and visual literature. Imagination is a fascinating system of rules of conduct or methods of practice,synonymous with invention,artistic intuition and intention. Imagination jumps out and its presence challenges the artist to be true to his standards. Imagination lurks in the Studio shadows surrounding every crowning moment,Antonio Pessoa takes it by the hand and spin it around the Art Studio dance floor a couple of times then they become a dance team. Art Action time! Using Imagination consciously is Pessoa's secret to creating the Art of his dreams,the visual literature for his public.Communication. It has little to do with technique and everything to do with creative awareness. This cause and effect relationship is after all the heart and soul of the artist's Contemporary Fine Art new series general concept. The key factor for Antonio Pessoa's latest artistic significant changes,discoveries and progress was his ultimate decision to put himself in the right environment that could not distract him from the creative process he intended.Studio 1 ! Most of the time during the making of these charming artworks he sets aside a reasonable amount of hours in a row totally concentrated in this fascinating artistic challenge. Theoretically what he was seeking was a framework of the new ideals,visions and concepts that were important to him in order to come up with a New Line of aesthetic references and new solutions,his innermost aspirations focused on transcend the ongoing average art and provide the public with innovative formulas,ways and exciting possibilities of communication and dialog through contemporary visual expression. Antonio Pessoa - Contemporary Fine Art cooperative reality is a very real alternative in today's art scene for obvious reasons we all seem to be aware of by now.An artistic experience highlighted by the pure essence of Beaux-Arts coexisting in perfet and total harmony with the latest tendencies and beyond,a successful combination which visual effects dont't need much further complex evaluation nor tiresome theoretical for the birds nonsense. When the artist painted Imagination ( mixed media on watercolor paper ) he was already sure a new emotional scene was already at play every day and every night of his life,pushing ahead his most fascinating period in all areas,so far.Unquestionably eclectic. After all the most exciting was and is actually the process of creating this innovative art-communicating conceptual masterpiece and expressive powerful magnet,Pessoa's larger than life investment of all his multiple "Époques" art making years,ever. Much like a Domino effect,the general idea that has been set in motion by the boosting imagination of the artist,is by now reaching the mass majority of public,namely art collectors,art lovers and even emerging and reputable artists,who seem to fully understand and enjoy the concept's content of the broadcasting new generation of cutting edge suggestions and exciting projects,aiming at creating a totally innovative outlook of Contemporary Art and promoting its powerful communicative potential. Antonio Pessoa's essential secret is based upon his rock solid determination of not letting his Life and most importantly his Art,be the product of cultural conditioning. Thereby,the artist has admited he uses his Imagination to systematically find new ways to express amd share a new formula of communication,which will guide the public to greater levels of perception and understanding the powerful philosophical content of Art,and in so doing he is successfully creating the ultimate right chemistry between Contemporary Art and worldwide public. This wonderfully entertaining way to provide art lovers with a new and exciting outlook of Art,illustrates perfectly the artist's Contemporary Fine Art concept related issue,through which he uses his Imagination full potential to stay systematically on the hook for greater possibilities concerning Art and Public relationship and beyond. New Visual Arts egalitarian equivalence! It's perfectly accurate to state and admit once and for all the unquestionable fact that today's Art Public is expecting and most importantly deserving The Big Break,meaning a different vision possibility regarding this specific issue of how to interpret the hidden underlines of contemporary art expression and very particularly how to realize and solve the mysteries of the apparently complex context,content,intention and meaning of abstract Visual Arts when it comes to approach the latest cutting edge tendencies,whether through Video,Photography,Installation,Live Performance,or in Antonio Pessoa's unique and amazing universe,through a mostly successful fusion and skillful combination of sources,an exciting cross between the Great Masters techniques and reputable models and this only apparently simple project known as Contemporary Fine Art. The open minded public is obviously willing to embrace this interactive innovative attitude the artist came up with and is definitely looking forward to take it to even more stimulating and higher levels of communication,sharing,mutual participation and togetherness.When the student is ready,the teacher appears! That's when and where Antonio Pessoa's Imagination comes in,suggesting us new exciting challenges,excellent Art and most important of all with a heartfelt project aiming at turning Contemporary Art into a worldwide mass phenomenon. Antonio Pessoa - Contemporary Fine Art hit a nerve with the art lovers network. Obviously it's because public in general desperately want more direct relation with Art and I would say even the need goes much deeper.Maybe it was just about time to provide Contemporary Art with that exciting something,that missing stimulating formula now available to such an extent that the viewers more than just contemplate will feel they have to reach that ultimate point of intimacy to spontaneously feel the pleasurable urgency to want Art into their homes and hang it at eye level on the wall.More than a question of metaphysics,rather a spontaneous desire to have it,touch it and feel it. The artist's Imagination takes off from a systematic self-actualization,straight up to the highest levels new Contemporary Art can actually reach,which includes the multiple ways and daily steps to accomplish the ultimate challenge. Fulfill the Public's emotional demand through an effective exciting communicative process,where a new Vision of Arts potential is absolutely what's at stake. Simple as that,beautiful and new. After all the artist is well aware that Imagination is a Good Creative Source,a Must Quality.Imagination is like his generator within his creative engine,it stirs him like no other natural gift.Imagination drives him systematically to make movement and to add the creative fire necessary to activate amazing artistic,personal and communicative results in his and in the Public's favor.Art Action and Communication require a deep burning desire for change,it requires energy that is ablaze with Imagination. Cultivating and unshakable,Pessoa's Imagination does create a new attitude,a new character,an abundant supercharged communication sculpture,with the magical chisel in the hand of an artist guiding all his energy and his collaborators team motivation toward the new concept of Art and Public,art loving and definitely art collecting,a conscious decision for this specific and exciting outcome,a current successful successful process,the result of hundreds and thousands of options and accurate choices in order to make Contemporary Art come alive like never before. The artist's life is built mainly by how he wonderfully responds to what happens in his Imagination. Burning desire,enthusiasm,attraction,love and new concepts,cutting edge visions in all areas,public awareness,sharing,belief,abundance,masterpieces,gr eat Art and Life Supreme!





     Antonio Pessoa
      New Solutions

New Solutions,acrylic on canvas,Antonio Pessoa 2007,apparently a chromaticity celebration,a brave new world for the eye view,brilliant,joyous like a birthday cake,apparently a warm display of colors wavelengths,a broad range carnival of intuitive related shapes,circles and emotional motion spectrums,ski jumping on top of the canvas space,apparently a glaring vivid and graphic sensationalism spitting lurid contortionist details,ejecting substances like a Hollywood motion pictures earthquake,releasing seismic waves of shocking colors with no particular focus or hypocenter. Apparently a friendly web of happy combinations flowing and interconnecting like beaded bra straps,a dizzying visual whirling revolution,sprinting backwards,onwards and upwards,through the ruins of a wonderland of desconstruction,like a networking impact of exuberant misconceptions,bioplastics and beyond,icecream notions,obfuscation,cool recycling,windpower,climate changes,fuel cells,just plain crazy moods,plastic crosswords puzzle,miscellaneous conversions,polychromic radiations,awesome undefined features,apparently a mixed media Circus of pop stylings,suspension performances and Divine Madness! Entering Antonio Pessoa's Home Studio,one immediately feels the urgency to recover from the outside world and pass through into another dimension of timeless time,universal perception,glam lifestyle and even outstanding decoration. A large collection of canvases hanging on the labyrinthic corridors web walls.The silent bystanders remain quiet and silent as part of the musical whispering sound of silence softly playing in the almost romantic medieval interior design. It seems as if though I am the only genuine curious spectator as I take a seat in front of the recent masterpiece titled New Solutions. Not many explanations required as far as I'm concerned,me,an humble expert on Pessoa's oeuvre to get the instant message and feel of the whole artwork. The almost non participant artist moves about gently providing me with some,well,classified information concerning his private life and sensorial latest discoveries and achievements.Valuable tips to helpme to make out the deep meaning of the painting and therefore to be able to actually come up with a quite reasonable objective understanding. Did I say Objective? Well,yes,in a manner of speaking... NEW SOLUTIONS involves as much mystery and philosophical depth aspiring to a neo surrealistic level of argumentative sophistication,as a novel,reflecting and offering a riveting plot,flowing plastic prose and visual poetry,intense although serene conflicts and cinematic surprise happy ending.Just a considerable whole amount of conceptual braincrunching the viewer has to go through in order to read and consequently interpret. The artistic power with which Pessoa reveals his emotional temperament,conclusions,plus all methaphysics manifesting introductory impressive questions,and raising thrilling doubts in terms of groundbreaking and provocative cinematography,has forced the artist to urgently solve the puzzle and thereby come up once again with his scoring self-interview capacity and gift waking up all of a sudden with the infinite awareness,great clarity grace...and New Solutions. NEW SOLUTIONS is after all Antonio Pessoa starting from the scratch after a summertime season of relaxed meditation and systematic reflexion,now borning again from the ashes like Phoenix,an astronaut returning to the Moon and then taking aim at Mars,which might as well be Berlin,Basel,New York City,Madrid,Chicago,Paris or even maybe,just maybe,when nothing seems to matter much anymore concerning his art career,but to be safe and sound in the cool winter of Marbella or in his favorite studio in San Antonio,Ibiza. After a calm lengthy intent consideration,a likeness in which left and right are reversed,a careful consideration over so many beams and rays,it's only natural that the wonderful phenomenon of a propagating wave of light and discernment has once again been thrown back from the inner subconsciousness to the sharp awareness of a wide open window overlooking a New Solutions field. No wonder Antonio Pessoa's contemporary fine art has become more and more a very accurate mirror of the world surrounding us,where new solutions are after all the holistic approach breaking down the barriers between strategic thinking,creative thinking and the desire for a better and far brighter future. Antonio Pessoa writes the A B C of quality living,with the heartfelt honesty of a gentle giant of fine art,,who knows,maybe as a New Century preface,at the request of his own humanitarian beliefs. The modern master after seeking new solutions has indeed found new steps towards the highest level of creative insight plus the expertise of meaningful living,completing his eclectic capabilities also by delivering a New Planet of contemporary fine art New Solutions. Coming out of the closet for a brave new world of artistic innovations not necessarily as a new solution but as Antonio Pessoa's worldwide known tradition.





              Antonio Pessoa
                Free Speech

It's common knowledge that action expresses priorities.Antonio Pessoa has developed it to such a high level Fine Art degree that he really should get an honorary doctorate,believe me.Now you may be thinking that it would be terrific to have all the art lovers community calling him Genius.However the artist is far more concerned about living in the real world,achieve his personal dreams and most importantly have a fulfilling enjoyable life. What you focus on,expands.Fact. The artist recently found a wonderful definition of abundance,in Art and Life.Flow! Flow gives him such a magnificent movement to the feeling of creative abundance.Pessoa describes it like the flow of a river,there is so much abundance in the nature of Imagination,that at a certain point of his studio performance he begins to see himself as a part of that creative abundance.Creative flow! Studio time!There is an ease and a loss of time ( Timeless Time !) to what he is doing.Art!He then seems to loose track of time and he is so present that he actually experiences a breathtaking joy. Totally connected with Art,he is now surfing in the flow,again,like the river,he steps into it and allows the current to carry him as he creates,works and plays. The art action flow feels good and is fun! I speak about artistic abundance in this review all the time.Why?Because Antonio Pessoa's work is about showing others a pure reflection of himself through Contemporary Art expression,it's true larger than life communicative potential. On the whole,the rock-solid concepts that surround these beliefs,lifestyle,attitude and expression of the artist becomes inevitably his identity and consequently his reputation. The story teller,in great detail or in abstract art fashion,fuels his public identity of being significantly the paradigmatic contemporary communicator and automatically he keeps on finding new people,artists,art collectors,web designers,art critics and art lovers with whom to play it out. Like attracting like,set in motion in the ultimate positive and creative process,format and manners. The author of his own life and the master of the Art,magically motivated to serve the public,which is after all the soul of the artist's natural commitment to use the visual expression tools to share,express,educate,re- design,suggest and communicate a New Era of literate perception and herald the great possibility of a new fascinating world of mutual positive manifestation and interaction,Antonio Pessoa's Contemporary Fine Art Universe proves systematically to be a new potential of quality references in total relation to everything around us,and everything which directly concerns us,affect us and at last can actually change our thoughts and life,attracting the real possibility for a better World. Before and during the making of "Free",the artist already knew too well what was supposed to come up soon.That the future of his life,his Art and most importantly the future of his Art's power to spread,communicate and share,would be a short term product of the Thought which substantially inspired and gave birth to the charming contemporary Masterpiece titled "Free" This had to be a painting totally capable to attract positive energy in every possible direction,namely in his own perception and emotional wisdom and definitely in the public's understanding that a new and innovative inspiring concept and magnet was available and providing new answers,new solutions and a whole lot of surprises. This painting,a truly positive emotional state generator,more than living up to its title,is the artist's ultimate vision of happiness,sharing,fulfillmente and Freedom! Antonio Pessoa's main message,he successfully expresses through his latest contemporary series,much more than just Hope,is the assurance which allows us to actually believe we all can go beyond our boundaries and reach our wildest expectations and dreams through emotional abundance and the magical forces of imagination and creativity. The whole message seems to be clear enough by now,how it is possible to achieve the ultimate condition to actually be able to live fully the "Free" concept,experience abundance in all areas and to grow into Life Supreme,becoming an artist of life and be able to relate and respond to whatever shows up so we all be ready to enjoy the creativity in it and live our existence by expressing ourselves from our authentic beings. The artist's message magic simplified,meaning we all can do anything we like,we all can live the life we desire. A cutting edge new Vision,Pessoa systematically expresses and shares through Arts! After reading this article,we all should have a more thorough understanding as why Antonio Pessoa's Contemporary Fine Art series and all which they involve,have received positive reviews for the past three years.Blissfully reputable. However,strange as it seems,the fact is,the artist on the whole has no idea what professional success is,nor does he cares.It has no importance in his life and the fact that he doesn't give any particular attention or specific worry about fame levels , means that his Art remains pure,healthy,untouchable and most importantly,alive! Thereby the incredible power of "Free" manifesting a Free Speech of significant spiritual models,innovative emotional concepts,new Art and positive intentions,creates a continuous interesting paradox across the universe where creativity,productivity and communication perpetuate the cycle of his endless methods to transform perceptive synchronicities and intuitive opportunities into one of the most charming and stimulating combinations of today's contemporary art. At this point of his fantastic journey,it seems only natural that,if there is something the artist systematically makes his priority number one,is the implied desire to turn Contemporary Art expression into an easy digest worldwide exciting reality.This is after all his reputable process of direct communication through Visual Arts,while he goes on identifying people's general perspective as a prerequisite for providing them with the right attractive formula in order to make them experience the emotional power of visual literature as a most enjoyable,playful,effortless and exciting Must ritual. In short,Art doesn't have to be a boring issue,that's the general idea,on the contrary,Pessoa volunteers his way and style to make Visual Arts seem like fun and magic. This exciting vision of what Contemporary Art should,must and can actually be,after all,once again and once and for all makes the ultimate difference between the ongoing average and his unique communication notion,potential and motion. Antonio Pessoa's "Free" contemporary Masterpiece,actually gave birth to this and made way to this interesting related display of new artworks,an Art Collection "Free" oriented and inspired by the artist's Best Life,Know How To,Anything You Like Project.Easy,said and done. Free Speech was just another spontaneous artistic investment,part of this conceptual abundance and exciting commitment. So far,the huge painting titled "Free",is the paradigmatic canvas,which illustrates and leads into every possible direction,these magical forces inevitably programming his ways to Life Supreme,actually the greatest shortcut to Quality Living,the artist came up with so far. Changing his views,changing his Mind,changing his Art and inevitably changing his Life,is right now Pessoa's cutting edge experience,the ultimate challenge and definitely his most relevant Masterpiece ever!






    Antonio Pessoa
         Fine Arts

Fine Arts,mixed media-collage on canvas,Antonio Pessoa,2007,projects a clear new art expression and communication attitude and of course a personal option in which the artist obviously signs up a definite commitment to the latest contemporary fine art tendencies,plus a steady purpose to be entirely involved in optimizing new versions of the progressive art language of nowadays. This new time and talent updated art action will now be expected to demonstrate Pessoa's increasing quality as a communicator through his classic and traditional fast-paced art action capacity and technical skills. However,the title Fine Arts suggests clearly Antonio Pessoa's personal artistic plans,revealing both his identification with the traditional fine art school and his unquestionable contemporary advanced vision,which may be seen and entirely digested as the artist's specific project right now and also in the long term future,so it seems.Fact! Fine Arts,this assemblage of interesting different forms creating a new whole yet maintaining not only the appearance but also a deep concept of the old masters oil paintings. Agreat admirer of contemporary installations,sculpture,photography and even video and architecture,Antonio Pessoa isn't however quite yet focused on starting transposing his artistic productions into experiencing and experimenting these other fields of contemporary visual arts. Nevertheless as an art expert and full-time art scene observer,Pessoa is inevitably by now highly influenced by all sorts of new avant-garde manifestations as an important redefinition of our times,thereby systematically following and absorbing the whole context of today's artistic innovations thematic features,with the expertise eye on this fascinating contemporary art science and wonderful miscellaneous aesthetic forms of expression. Consequently,Antonio Pessoa's new artworks generally grow significantly aware and motivated by this impressive variety of techniques and media,inspiring him to use this valuable information and natural influences in his latest and upcoming oeuvre. Most importantly,Pessoa strongly believes that any artist should remain faithful to his own convictions,after all the most honorable challenge for any well settled down creative process. Therefore,Antonio Pessoa by building his self- instruction around his own solid convictions,keeps on stumbling upon outstanding lucky artistic discoveries and visual results throughout his passionate art action life and times.Wisely managing his own development and thought,Pessoa persists in the only possible situation.Absolute artistic faithfulness! In a world overloaded with sports and politics,Antonio Pessoa has always been wide aware that art must be definitely emphasised with the public's cumplicity support,as a huge partner in the complex procedure focused on the systematic purpose and effort to give contemporary art a powerful voice worldwide. Pessoa,the artist and always the standing communication fan,leads his lifestyle and manages his energy,expecting something like a brad art boom among the world's population,as just another and yet fantastic tool to provide people with the visual poetry and sense making philosophical items,that interactive dimension which one way or another we all so desperately need in order to keep on going across this mysterious correlation of existence,meaning,freedom and happiness. By thatmeans,Fine Arts - Antonio Pessoa,much more than a painting,a title or even a tandard definition,it's a deep meaningful attitude towards a global project,a new usage,pronunciation,vision and concept of the important role contemporary art should and actually is able to play,as a powerful universal language,an international idiom full of positive.thinking icomic phrases,a whirlwind of true metaphysical substance and genuine humanitarian content and potential. I'm positive it is by now worldwide understood that Antonio Pessoa's project has long ago made its way through the studio walls out into the global concept of a fascinating visionary and humanitarian-minded job. Pessoa's entrepreneurial spirit through the creation of contemporary art operating as a global union and shared motivation mediator,it is after all the real and very true soul of the artist's daily persistent action and efforts. Much more can be siad and it will,a whole lot more can be done and it sure will.Meantime,Antonio Pessoa's Fine Arts project keeps on going as one of the strongest contemporary voices today. It's a given fact and thereby a logical conclusion that the artist's lifestyle is more than ever focused on setting up a stage in which,artists,gallery managers,art collectors and public in general can meet and celebrate one of the most wonderful visions of a new age of art expression supremacy and most importantly fine arts at the service of the dream for a better world,hopefully coming soon. Cheers,Mr.Pessoa!











































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