Antonio Napoli was born in Salerno, Italy, in 1974.

He received a Master degree in electronics engineering from Politecnico di Torino in 2002 and a Ph.D. degree with a thesis on "Electronic equalization for advanced modulation formats" in 2006 from the same university. During his university studies he was visiting student with an ERASMUS scholarship at the Technical University Wien (with Prof. Walter Leeb, Dr. Martin Strasser, and Dr. Peter Winzer), and a visiting researcher at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Barcelona, with Prof. Josep Prat) and at University College London, UK (with Prof. Polina Bayvel, Dr. Robert Killey, and Dr. Seb Savory).

Since 2006 he joined the R&D of Siemens COM, where he was initially working on EDFA transient suppression for long and ultra-long-haul optical networks. In 2007, he became a member of the established joint venture between Nokia and Siemens, named Nokia Siemens Networks, where he was working on cutting-edge projects on robust and tolerant design of optical communications systems at 100 Gb/s and 400 Gb/s. In particular, he was involved in the design and development of future DSP-based coherent receivers for next-generation optical communication systems.

Since 2013 he is with Coriant, where he has been involved in EU project working on data plane activities, such as for example in the EU FP-7 IDEALIST project.

Dr. Napoli is author or co-author of 137 peer-to-peer reviewed papers in leading conferences and magazines, distributed as follows: 42 journals and 95 conferences articles.

He holds 7 patents in the fields of DSP algorithms for optical communication and numerous invention reports. He regularly supervises Ph.D. and master students.

Dr. Napoli

  • is TPC member at OFC (S5), from 2018.
  • has been named Top Reviewer for the IEEE / OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology in 2016
  • serves as a regular reviewer for IEEE/OSA J. of Lightwave technology, OSA J. of Optical Communications and Networking, OSA Optics Express, IEEE Photonic J., IEEE Photonic Technology Letters, and Optics Letters.
  • is also TPC member of Photonics in Switching and ONDM.
  • has been guest editor for the OSA Magazine Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, special call for papers on "Elastic Optical Networks"

Till 2012 he developed an aside activity as a lecturer in several universities around the world, giving a course entitled "Advanced digital signal processing for modern optical receivers".

Apart from his working related activities, he is also organizing, managing and financing projects to build libraries for orphans in destitute areas. In case you interested, please contact me on this topic.


Digital signal processing, advanced modulation formats, nonlinear equalization, and system design from metro to ultra-long optical transmission.

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