Antonio Blanca

I joined the CSE Department at Penn State as an Assistant Professor.  New website

I have a general interest in the computational problems that arise in the study of probabilistic models, and specifically in the role of phase transitions in computation. I am also interested in Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods, learning and in the design and analysis of randomized algorithms.

I completed my PhD at UC Berkeley, where I was advised by Alistair Sinclair. Here is my thesis. Before that, I got my B.S. in CS/Math from Georgia Tech.

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Email: ablanca (at) cc (dot) gatech (dot) edu

Office: 2113 Klaus Advanced Computing Building, Georgia Tech


Random-cluster dynamics in Z^2: rapid mixing with general boundary conditions (with R. Gheissari and E. Vigoda)

Swendsen-Wang Dynamics for General Graphs in the Tree Uniqueness Region (with Z. Chen and E. Vigoda)
Proceedings of Random 2018. To appear.

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Proceedings of Random 2018. To appear.

Structure Learning of H-colorings (with Z. Chen, D. Štefankovič and E. Vigoda)
Proceedings of ALT 2018, 83:152-185.
Best Paper Award

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Proceedings of ACM-SIAM SODA 2018, pp. 1965-1980.

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