The course schedule is available on the ETM website.  Course information (including old syllabi) are below.

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Independent Studies / Capstone Projects

Resources for all of my classes

Online Access

Almost all of my courses are supported by a website on D2L. The website gives registered (!) students access to teaching materials (links to publications, copies of slides, etc.), informs them about guest speakers and due dates, and gives them a place to upload their assignments. Please make sure you have access to D2L by the start of the term - this requires registration and an active ODIN account.

(Current students, please upload a picture of yourself to your D2L profile page. Thank you!)   

Library Research

There is no way around it - you need to know how to use the library to write good team reports, independent studies or capstone projects.

This online tutorial, offered by the PSU library, is a very good start:

The library also offers short courses.

Academic Writing

The PSU writing center is a great resource and also offers individualized support!

For a comprehensive overview over all kinds of different writing tasks (articles, review papers, thesis proposals, etc.), I recommend the following book:

  • Craswell, Gail; Writing for Academic Success: A Postgraduate Guide, London et al. 2005,SAGE Publications (The book is not cheap, but useful for all graduate classes)

If you have trouble getting your writing done on time, you will enjoy this book (it's surprisingly fun to read and not very expensive):

  • Silvia, Paul J.; How to Write a lot: A practical guide to productive academic writing, 2007, American Psychological Association, Washington.

Case Study Presentations/Discussions

In many classes, you will have to discuss case studies.  If you are not yet familiar with case study discussion, have a look at this link to a texbook publisher's website.

This books explains case studies and gives many useful examples:

  • Ellet, William; The Case Study Handbook: How to read, discuss, and write persuasively about cases, Boston, 2007: Harvard Business School Press