CV and Background


Professional Interests


Improving the efficiency and success of the early stages of new product development (and similarly "wicked" problems) through deeper theoretical understanding, better management practices, and improved tools. 


New Product Development; Technology Marketing; Entrepreneurship; Leadership and Employee Motivation


2005  PhD
(German degree: Doctor rerum politicarum) 
Department of Technology and Innovation Management, RWTH Aachen Technical University
1998M.A in management (German degree: Diplom) School of Business and Economics, RWTH Aachen Technical University
 1992    Professional Degree Business Administration (German degree: Industriekauffrau)Industrie- und Handelskammer Hessia, Germany

Academic Experience

 2005-presentAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Engineering and Technology Management, Portland State University
 2002-1998Research Assistant and Coordinator of sponsored research projects Department of Technology and Innovation Management, RWTH Aachen Technical University

Industry Experience

1992-1998Director Business Planning, Accounting and Controlling JET Lasersysteme GmbH, a high-tech start-up company I helped to launch
1990-1992Management Trainee Siemens AG, Power Generation Division

Selected Honors and Awards

Friedrich-Wilhelm-Preis, Friedrich Wilhelm Stiftung, Germany, 12/2006

Award Borchers Plakette, RWTH Aachen University, Germany, 06/2005

Outstanding Student Paper Award for paper “Educating the guess- strategies, concepts and tools for the fuzzy front end of product development” at PICMET Conference 2003, Portland, USA, 07/2003

Outstanding Paper Award for Paper on European-Japanese Relations: Roundtrip through Japan on invitation of the Japanese Foreign Ministry, 09/1998.

Selected Publications


Jetter, A.: Produktplanung im Fuzzy Front End (Product Planning in the Fuzzy Front End), Publisher: DUV – Deutscher Universitätsverlag, Wiesbaden 2005, 487 pages; Part of Series: “Forschungs-/Entwicklungs-/Innovationsmanagement“, edited by Bürgel, H.D.; Grosse, D.; Herstatt, C.; Möhrle, M. 

Jetter, A.; Kraaijenbrink, J.; Schröder, H.-H.; Wijnhoven, F. (Editors) Knowledge Integration: the Practice of Knowledge Management in high-tech SMEs, Springer-Physica, Berlin 2006, 203 pages

Schröder, H.-H.; Jetter, A.; Schiffer, G. Bewältigung diskontinuierlicher Zukunftsentwicklungen in Klein- und Mittelbetrieben (Mastering discontinuous futures in small and medium enterprises), TCW Transfer-Centrum, Munich 2003, 163 pages 

Book Chapters

Albar, F.; Jetter, A.: An Investigation of Fast and Frugal Heuristics for New Project Screening in: Sarkis, Joseph (Editor): IEEE 2012 Annual Series: Recent Advances on Technology and Innovation Management, (in print)
Daim, T., Jetter, A., Kocaoglu: Defining the research agenda: Technology Management as a contributor to Service Science, Management, and Engineering in: Hefley, B.; Murphy, W. (Editors) ‘Service Science, Management, and Engineering (SSME): Education for the 21st Century’, 55-60, Springer New York, 2008
Jetter, A.; Schröder, H-H.: Produktplanung mit Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (Product Planning with Fuzzy Cognitive Maps) in: Herstatt, C.; Verworn, B. (Editors) 'Management der frühen Innovationsphasen' (Management of the early stages of innovation) 2nd updated and revised edition, 263-294, Gabler, Wiesbaden 2007
Jetter, A: Elicitation – Extracting Knowledge from Experts in: Jetter, A.; Kraaijenbrink, J.; Schröder, H.-H.; Wijnhoven, F. (Editors): Knowledge Integration: the Practice of Knowledge Management in high-tech SMEs, pp.65-76, Springer-Physica, Berlin 2006
Jetter, A Codification-Knowledge Maps in: Jetter, A.; Kraaijenbrink, J.; Schröder, H.-H.; Wijnhoven, F. (Editors) ‚‘Knowledge Integration: the Practice of knowledge Management in high-tech SMEs’, pp.77-90, Springer-Physica, Berlin 2006
Jetter, A. J. M. Educating the guess – strategies, concepts and tools for the fuzzy front end of product development, in: Kocaoglu, D. F; Anderson, T.R. (Editors): Technology Management for Reshaping the World, Proceedings of PICMET 2003, Portland, OR 2003, pp. 261-272. (This print version of the conference proceedings includes a heavily refereed subset of PICMET 2003 conference papers)

Journal Publications
Amer, M; Daim T.; Jetter A.: A review of scenario planning, Futures, in print, available online
Amer, M.; Jetter, A.; Daim, T.: Development of Fuzzy Cognitive Map (FCM)-based scenarios for windenergy, International Journal of Energy Sector Management, Vol. 5, No. 4, 2011, pp. 564-584.

Jetter, A.; Schweinfort W.: Building Scenarios with Fuzzy Cognitive Maps: An exploratory study of solar energy, Futures, Vol. 43, Issue 1, February 2011, pp. 52-66.

Daim, T.; Jetter, A. J.; Demirkan, H., Maglio, P.: Perspective: Technology Management in the Service Sector, International Journal of Services Technology and Management, Vol. 13, No. 1/2 2010, pp. 3-19.

Schröder, H.-H. and Jetter, A. J. M: Integrating market and technological knowledge in the fuzzy front end: an FCM-based action support system, International Journal of Technology Management, Vol. 26, Nos.5/6, 2003, pp. 517-539.