Computer Comunications - ECE3600 (was ECE3076)

The objective of this course is to study the basic concepts of communication networks, protocols and their performance.  Prerequisites for this course are elementary calculus, probability and circuits. Attendance is mandatoryThe last day you may drop the class for the Spring 2014 term is February 28. All students must follow the academic integrity and Georgia Tech Honor Code described here:

Students taking this course will have to read material before class, study the homework and/or any exam solutions given out to them, and submit homework on-time. Throughout the duration of the course we will have three quizzes that each would count for the 20% of the final grade. The final exam and the (roughly) biweekly homework (including class participation) will count towards a 25% and 15% of the final grade, respectively.  

Instructor: Manos Antonakakis
Office: Klaus 3366A  
Email: manos
Class Location: Klaus 2443
Class Date/Time: Tuesday & Thursday 1:30pm to 3:00pm
Class office hours:  Tuesday & Thursday 3:10pm to 4:30pm (Appointment via email mandatory, subject line [ECE3600])
T.A.: Panagiotis Kintis (
  • J. F. Kurose, K. W. Ross, Computer Networking, A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet, Addison-Wesley. 
  • Dimitri Bertsekas and Robert Gallager, Data Networks, 2nd edition or later 
  • W. Stallings, Data and Computer Communications, Prentice Hall, Sixth Edition, 2000, or later. 

Course Outline: 
  • Introduction 
    • Computer Communication Networks 
  • Application Layer 
    • Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and others 
  • Transport Layer 
    • Transport Control Protocol
    • Flow Control and Congestion Control 
  • Network layer 
    • IP addresses and forwarding 
    • Routing
  • Data Link Layer 
    • Framing, Error Detection and Recovery 
    • Medium Access Protocols
  • Physical Layer 
    • Digital Data Communication Techniques 
    • Transmission Media 
  • Introduction to advanced topics (if time permits)
    • DNS Security
    • Botnets 

Schedule and Reading Assignments
Date Day Reading Assignment  HW & Quiz
7-Jan Tue. 1st Chapter: Intro
9-Jan Thu. 1st Chapter: Intro
14-Jan Tue. 1st Chapter: Intro
16-Jan Thu. 2nd Chapter: Application Layer
21-Jan Tue. 2nd Chapter: Application Layer
23-Jan Thu. 2nd Chapter: Application Layer  HW 1 out
28-Jan Tue. No Class Due To Weather
30-Jan Thu. No Class Due To Weather
4-Feb Tue. 2nd Chapter: Application Layer
6-Feb Thu. 3rd Chapter: Transport Layer HW 1 due
11-Feb Tue. No Class Due To Weather
13-Feb Thu. No Class Due To Weather
18-Feb Tue. 3rd Chapter: Transport Layer 
20-Feb Thu. 3rd Chapter: Transport Layer Quiz 1 & HW 2 out
25-Feb Tue. 3rd Chapter: Transport Layer
27-Feb Thu. 4th Chapter(a): Network Layer Quiz 1 & HW 2 due
4-Mar Tue. 4th Chapter(a): Network Layer 
6-Mar Thu. 4th Chapter (a): Network Layer  HW 3 out
11-Mar Tue. 4th Chapter(b): Network Routing 
13-Mar Thu. 4th Chapter(b): Network Routing   HW 3 due
Spring Break
25-Mar Tue. 4th Chapter (b): Network Routing
27-Mar Thu. 4th Chapter (b): Network Routing Quiz 2 out
1-Apr Tue. 5th Chapter: Link Layer, LANs 
3-Apr Thu. 5th Chapter: Link Layer, LANs  Quiz 2 due
8-Apr Tue. 5th Chapter: Link Layer, LANs  HW 4 out
10-Apr Thu. 6th Chapter: Wireless & Mobile 
15-Apr Tue. 6th Chapter: Wireless & Mobile  HW 4 due
17-Apr Thu. 7th Chapter: Multimedia  Quiz 3 out
22-Apr Tue. 8th Chapter: Security 
24-Apr Thu. 8th Chapter: Security Quiz 3 due
29-Apr Tue. Final Exam 
Chapters 1-2: Quiz 1
Chapter 3-4(b): Quiz 2
Chapter 5-7: Quiz 3
Chapters 1-8: Exam Time: 14.50-17.40, Location TBD