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Structural engineer, more than 30 years experienced. Structural analysis and design for standard and industrial structures, made by concrete and steel. Conceptual and detailed design. Consulting. Cost estimating. Special studies. Inspection. Venezuela.

Main Projects
1) Caracas: public works for Sucre's Municipality, Kid's Museum
2) Bolívar State: Guri final stage, Macagua II, Caruachi, Tocoma, Diversion Caura-Paragua, Eutobarima (Low and High Caroní river's hydroelectric projects), Los Melones.
3) Portuguesa State: extension of Iancarina's Rice Plant, Pravenca's Rice Plant, Anca's building, family dwellings, various comercial and industrial structures.
4) Guárico State: extension of Iancarina's Rice Plant.
5) Zulia State: Chlorine Soda Plant at Petrochemical Complex Ana María Campos (El Tablazo), owned by Pequiven (Pdvsa's subsidiary).

Related enterprises
1) As employee: Oficina Técnica Spica, Consucre, CVG Edelca, Vepica
2) As freelance professional: Tecnoweb, Aicsa, Tarquex, Carmen Alicia Gómez-Álvaro Zambrano Vivas Architects, Consortium Decoyne, Coinca, Coinbra, P. y C. P&H C.A., C.T.A.

Civil engineer gradute at Santa María University (1979) (Saint Mary U. or USM), specialized in structures. 
Professor in the Universities: Santa María (Caracas), José María Vargas (Caracas), Yacambú (Acarigua) and Católica Andrés Bello (Guayana).
Graduate studies in structural engineering at Universidad Simón Bolívar (Simón Bolívar University), in philosophy at Andrés Bello Catholic University (UCAB) in Guayana, in Construction Management at Unimet (Metropolitan University), and in Teaching at USM and UCAB Guayana. Currently studying graduate studies in philosophy at UCAB Guayana.

Other interests
Cinema, philosophy, teaching, science and art in general.                                      

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Guri, Macagua & Caruachi photos (from Edelca's files)




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