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Government, International, & Regional Business Development

Insulating Coatings Corporation

I have worked with Tony for several years and can say he is very knowledgeable in the roofing and fluid applied membrane industries. He is dedicated to helping facility managers and building owners find cost effective solutions to their facility's roofing and waterproofing needs. He works hard and puts in the time necessary working with local contractors, training them in proper application techniques to ensure quality installations of the Astec Re-Ply Roofing Systems." March 06, 2017

     Jimmy Russell, Regional Director at Insulating Coatings

Tony Loup, a person whom i've had the chance to know during a breafing for the development of a new company in Algeria. Both a trainer and a leader Tony can manage a team. He inspires confidence for other members and has faith in their potential, he has sens of pedagogy and is able to demonstrate creativity, his presence, his energy and his availability make him a professional. You want the best, choose Tony Loup.”March 03, 2017

    Dalila Kralifa, Cadre Commercial at Multinationale

“...knowledge in the field of liquid sealing (chemical technology) your thorough mastery (from the Astec system) with the US and Europe norms make Mr. Tony Loup a great gentleman in this field (observation made during his visit to Alger at CNERIB January 2017)." March 03, 2017

    Ali Khodja, Assistant Technique en Peintures - CNERIB

This is a huge benefit on my part to have a connection with Tony. He has been an instantly ready hand for me to understand technical and business details of Astec products of Insulating Coatings Corp (ICC). A proactive tutor, equipped with details and spontaneous to explain things untiringly. I salute him for his punctual and sincere commitment to work. One should admire his pleasing disposition. I discovered Tony as a warm and truly cordial gentleman during my stay in Florida while attending ICC training/seminar. Tony is a perfect person for business development, he possesses the art of bridging between ends." April 19, 2012 

    Lt. Col. Shakil Ahmed Chowdhury (Retd), Managing Director, Rafsha Bangladesh Limited - Bangladesh

“Tony is a very hard working and dedicated person , he puts 200% effort in his work , I started working with him in 2006 as a reciever for the entire ASTEC cool roofing materials line where he continued to provide our company with any required help or information which has increased the total sales in our region (MENA) including Afghanistan , he went further and flew all the way from NY to spend an initial 6 months in Kuwait to train our staff and technicians in the proper way of selling and presenting the ASTEC materials , I am really honored to have him as a business partner.” June 30, 2011 

Saad Al-Yaseen, Sr Operations Manager, BG1 - Kuwait

“Tony has demonstrated the he has the knowledge, and more important to me, the attitude to achieve whatever he sets his mind to. He always responds in a manner which is easy for me to understand, and is always willing to go out of his way to help. Tony is a true team player, and I am glad he is on our team.” January 9, 2009

Rick St.Clair, Regional Sales Director, Insulating Coatings Corp

“Tony is a hard working, very detailed individual. I have worked directly with Tony on several different projects and have been impressed with his committment to doing it right. He digs in deep and gets the job done.” September 22, 2008

Dave Ziebarth, President, Insulating Coatings Corporation

“I work closely with Tony in the continuing development and refinement of the Global Partner Network for Insulating Coatings Corp. Tony is creative in his ideas, analytical when it comes to problem solving and persistent in the recruitment of companies with whom ICC hopes to develop international trade. A very crucial component in this endeavor is educating the potential customer regarding a unique product. Tony is an excellent "teacher" and his education process has been critical in securing larger, qualified clients.” July 1, 2008

Rick Thomas, Marketing Manager, Insulating Coatings Corporation

Tony has been dedicated and hardworking person. Will not leave and leaf unturned to ensure implementation of a project. Very well organised with all his data sheets and info booklets, its is always a pleasure to work with him and we feel we are in safe hands.” April 18, 2012 

Udayan Maheshwari, Director, Bluestone Construction Ltd, India

Antoine (Tony) is professional and attention to detail. He is very familiar with international business,and develops new business in different countries. He has strong skill on coaching, monitoring, and tracking. We have gotten more and more relative business in China.” April 19, 2012 

Frank MaoNational Marketing and Sales, Multinational Company, China

I know Tony from last 6 + years now - through correspondence, but : it was a Friday -August 13, 2010 , I had the opportunity to meet him personally for the first time in Kuwait in connection with ASTEC products. I found Tony from day one, to be very very helpful- cooperative-Technically very sound-and Marketing !!, well he is just superb. I highly appreciate his efficiency and live wire nature .You ask him for any information - raise some problems , difficulties - he will immediately come up with the solution before I can even find more time to think on it . " October 18, 2014

        Pankaj Vyas, R & D Expert, Coatings & Minerals Technology United Arab Emirates

Quality Department

Telespectrum Worldwide

“I actually had the opportunity to work directly with Tony for several years, with two seperate companies. Right from the beginning Tony showed an extreme dedication to his position, and the company for which he worked. His ability to complete his work in a more than timely matter is remarkable, and inspiring. He has a way of making others work as hard as him. Tony has made recommendations that were implemented to ensure increased productivity from those that worked with, and for him. He demonstrates enthusiasm for his position, as well as the company. When faced with the closing of Telespectrum, I had several options for new postions elsewhere, yet I chose to continue to work with Tony at Insulated Coatings Corporation, knowing that working with him would be a positive, and rewarding learning environment. His punctality, and commitment is contagious. Tony has always been an assest in all aspects to the companies, and the employees with whom he has worked. If ever given the opportunity, I would jump at the chance to work with him again.” June 8, 2010

Lesha Haight, Lead Telephone Sales Representative, Insulated Coatings Corporation


Binghamton University - School of Management

“I had the pleasure of having Tony in a course on finance at Binghamton University. He is a bright student, self starter, motivated learner and always excelled in his coursework. In several occasions, I was very impressed with his initiatives, dedication, perseverance and the attitude towards his peers. He also communicates very well. He is without doubt one of my best students.” August 24, 2010

Suresh Paul, PhD Candidate (ABD) in Finance, Binghamton University,
taught Antoine (Tony) at Binghamton University - School of Management

“Tony performed very well in my classes. My classes have activities that allow students to learn as well as to use and practice leadership, managerial, organizational and team skills in addition to specific subject matter. Tony was an excellent student who participated well in the class discussions showing his problem solving and analytical skills. He also demonstrated his communications and presentation skills in my classes. Overall, he was an excellent student.” July 22, 2010

Jayatilaka Bandula, Assistant Professor, Binghamton University,
taught Antoine (Tony) at Binghamton University - School of Management