About me:
I'm Antoine Cantin, a competitive Rubik's Cube speedsolver.
I hold many records, including:
  • Former World Record for the fastest single One-Handed Rubik's Cube solve, 8.75 seconds
  • Former World Record for 3x3 One-Handed average, 10.87 seconds
  • Former World Record for Skewb average, 4.54 seconds
North-American Records:
  • 3x3 with feet 32.87 single and 35.70 average

Canadian Records:

  • Square-1: 9.75 single and 12.38 avereage
  • Skewb: 3.88 average
  • Rubik's Clock 6.68 single and 7.98 average
Additionally, I'm currently #2 in the world for sum of all single ranks and #3 for sum of average ranks.  Here's my WCA profile.
Watch videos of all these records and much more on my youtube channel, antoineccantin.

About the website:
This is my cubing tutorial and alg web page. I've got some stuff here you might want to check out.
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