Second Wind Chimes

 Your worn-out drive train just keeps on giving.                Antload  Portland, Oregon  360.823.9253                                           


Too beautiful and precious to send to the landfill, worn-out bike parts are recommissioned for one more tour of duty.  Wind chimes!  

The soothing  resonance of tempered steel softly striking tempered steel is the perfect complement to summer breezes and hammock naps. Derailleur cables, chains, chainrings, cogs, freewheel bodies, crank arms, and spokes are scoured and polished then gracefully arranged to create bicycle honoring sculpture.    A light acrylic coating provides a protective sheen.  When used in an outdoor environment, the steel components  develop a handsome rusty patina over time (photo at left), while the stainless steel and aluminum components remain unaffected.