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Antler Liquor Store General Store & Motel

     Antler Liquor Store General Store and Motel is located at the corner of State Highway 69 South and State Highway 96, in Westcliffe Colorado. We have a no frills motel 4 blocks from downtown Westcliffe. If you plan on spending at great deal of time inside your room, we offer Satellite (DISH) Television on 32 inch flat screen monitors. We offer FREE Internet WiFi, so you can upload all of the great pictures you will take to your Facebook page.

     There are no phones in the rooms. Most people use their own cell phones now days, so that usually isn't an issue. AT&T is the prominent carrier in Town but, go a couple blocks in any direction and your Verizon Phone will work. You will have to go as far as the other side of the mountain ranges for T Mobile or Sprint phones to work. Prepaid Phones rarely work here but, sometimes do work unreliably. Ring Central Click Here For Info is a Voice Over IP (Using the Internet to Complete a Phone Call) you can download the app on your cell phone or Tablet, and there is a free 30 day trial with this App so hopefully it won't cost you. It was recommended to me by some folks staying in the Motel. 

    We also offer Kuerig Coffee Makers in our rooms because a good cup of coffee is an important way to begin your day. If there is a particular flavor you like please bring some, or it can be purchased from our local grocery store. Don't worry, I will not be offended. We do not offer continental breakfast because I do not believe a stale bowl of cereal or 3 day old bagels and a greasy waffles constitutes a breakfast. For you continental breakfast lovers out there, nothing personal. In Westcliffe, we have several breakfast cafes that are run by great people that would love to see you and serve you a breakfast you deserve. Or there are several Bed and Breakfasts around that are also run by great people and only cost approximately 50% more per night.  

    Our rates are $64.99 nightly. Rooms have either a Double Bed and a Twin, or a Queen sized bed. Some rooms have a bathroom with a tub and showerhead and some just have corner showers. So, if a long lounge in a hot bathtub after a long days hike is what you require, keep this in mind. $64.99 a night may seem a little pricey but rest assured if you check my fellow: Inns, B&B's and Cabins, our rates will be the lowest.
    Pets..... I have one room that I will allow pets in. I know your animal is great and nice and well trained and all but, the reality on my end is totally different. What I do when I travel is use our local animal clinic to board my dog. High Peaks Animal Hospital Click Here For Info is a wonderful facility with highly trained staff members to give your canine, feline etc. the exceptional service they require. They would be more than happy to assist you with all your pet boarding needs. Also, a pet deposit will be charged $50.00 if you choose to stay in the Puppy Suite.
    I also have available on the premises a Liquor Store as well as a General Store. Just like a good cup of coffee is needed to begin the day, some prefer a nice night cap to end the day. We offer a fully stocked Wine & Spirits selection with a cornucopia of Beers in our Beer Cave. While here in Westcliffe, I urge you to try one of our fine Colorado Microbrews to help keep our sales tax revenues within the State of Colorado. The General Store offers a large selection of chips and candy as well as other goodies.  Though, we do not offer the continental breakfast, you can make arrangements with our staff to have your favorite beverage to be waiting for you on ice, in your room upon your check in.
    If you plan on some fishing, we offer all the bait and tackle you will need to get your fish on. We also sell Fishing and Hunting Licenses on a cash only basis. If you need an ATM, there is a Wells Fargo ATM at the Westcliffe Market Grocery Store.
    Also, next door is Peaks Gym. If a workout is what you need while you are here in Westcliffe, Let the clerk know that you would like to work out while you are here and you will be set up with our local trainer Jerry Heisig. He will be able to assist you with all your exercising needs while staying at Antler. He also has a Facebook page where you may communicate directly with him at
    If you have any questions about the Motel, don't hesitate to call 719-783-2426. If you need to know how the weather is, don't call us,  Click Here For Weather Conditions , because unfortunately, I do not employ any Meteorologists.
    If you would like the fishing report, don't call us, check this site Click Here For Lake DeWeese Fishing Report . Just like any other fisherman, I am hard to get specifics from. Where I would go? Lake DeWeese Click Here For Lake DeWeese Map Location . What I would use? Nightcrawlers or Power Bait or Salmon Eggs, the trifecta of professional fisherman everywhere. What beer I would drink during fishing? Any Colorado Microbrew.
    What's going on in Town or the County? is our premier location to find all about what is and what is not going on. I encourage you to visit when nothing is going on because sometimes having nothing to do, can be a good thing.
        So, in a nutshell if you have a question that we can answer we will try. We look forward to having you, and we hope you have a nice day!
Brian Clince,
Nov 7, 2016, 2:49 PM