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Now this organization would appear to have a very different view on what folkish is than we do from our encounters with them, but I am sure that some members of the Odinic Rite are true folkish individuals and are just not aware of what is going on. I hope that when they are aware they are able to do something about the situation and remove the homosexual admins from their organization, but this is very much up to them. 

A number of homosexual or bisexuals in their administration have attacked truly folkish, heterosexual Odinists in more than one real folkish Odinist organization. Most recently, a group of them have been slandering Odinia International in multiple posts and comments all over the internet. However, it is all mostly the same people working with them, all of whom are either jewish, pro jewish,  or homosexual for the most part.
They have been apparently working with other fake folkish groups such as AFA and Jotun's Bane Kindred, which are closely associated with Landreth (a homosexual jew of course) and the Temple of the Heathen Gods, with Robert Taylor, and also with a Communist Jewish terrorist group called Heathens United against "Racism". We are sad about this since we had hoped to work with both the AFA and the Odinic Rite and were given to understand that both groups were folkish, when in fact, according to our definition of it, they are not. 
To those members of the OR who are truly folkish, please understand that it pains us to present this information but it is a response to numerous attacks, not just one, and the result of extreme libel of a number of true Odinists. All of our information is true and it needs to be known and dealt with. Odinists do not hide from reality. We deal with it. These people have engaged in attacks of other Odinist organizations that have been kind enough to include them on their groups more than once. They have violated hospitality and honor in every possible way. They are not Odinists in our opinion.
For example, right now at this moment, while we are writing this, a man named Teufelhund is attacking a group called Heathens against Jewish Supremacism and libeling Odinists yet again. (see just below) He and several other fake folkish Heathens have made numerous libelous posts, and have attacked this very same thread more than once. In fact there are more than 20 obsessive and abusive, not to mention libelous, posts on his wall just in the last couple days. Some have been deleted, but we do have photographs of them and they are extreme in nature. Not only is this behavior sick and obsessive on their part, we do not have time for this. We are trying to promote our religion and fight Jewish supremacism.
Please share our new Odinia page. It is challenging to get the word out there what with the federal govt not only using fed reserve and taxpayer money to promote Zionism but slandering the hell out of anyone who does not toe the line. This page is not showing up in the search results for a least a couple people. We think that there has been a partition made.
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  • Heathens against Jewish Supremacism Teufelhund here makes a comment and then removes it. The Odinic Rite seems to be full of backbiters who attack in gangs, tell lies, and then run away. Fact is, her ID is verifiable, is yours, Teufelhund?
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  • Seana Fenner von Fenneberg @Teufelhund.. I am who I say I am and provably so as anyone can see by contacting the Oxford University alumni site which will reach me directly. What is your real name?
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  • Teufelhund Or Well many of us KNOW Odinia is a fraud..... Was trying to make sure who was who on this page before comment, that is the reason for the deletion. the OR are not the ones running around Facebook with fake accounts, starting trouble and causing drama.. the pic above is not even the real person... but I am sure you know that..
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    • James Nielsen More lies and attacks on Odinia again, and by the same guy , Teufelhund the bisexual admin of the OR. We don't feel the same way about being "folkish" as you and your friends do buddy. We LIKE the ladies. Now go back to primping for your bfs and let us be. .
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    • Teufelhund Or ROFL........ ok Odinia, I mean James...
    • Teufelhund Or
      Seana Elizabeth Fenner von Fenneberg is an LGBT activist and heathen pretender w...See more
    • James Nielsen So here we have an Oxford educated scholar and Odinist priestess who fights for our religion and whose ID can be verified in a number of ways not only by the University of Oxford but by everything she does vs a homosexual admin in the OR who is posting a whacko Christian Identity slander site made by a jew and her mate. LOL! Bisexual Teuefelhund and Christy here are jealous of Seana because she is not only a real girl but also so much better looking and more intelligent...
    • Sharon Hodder Fenner Gee, I thought my daughter didn't exist or that she was 47 different people .If the photo you just posted of her is real, then why do you say that the one of her in Egypt and all the others are fake.? That's the problem with being a have to have a good memory, and I'm afraid you don't. You do, however , have a lot to hide about yourself, don't you?
    • Teufelhund Or LOL says the other puppet accounts of Odinia , Amber Clausen or what ever name she goes by at the current moment.. lol... this is too easy.... You have been unmasked and many many real Odinists know all about you and your games...... The pic is not fake IT IS NOT HER lol.. hope they come out with meds for what you have.. really..
    • Sharon Hodder Fenner Unfortunately, there are no medications that could cure a person like you.Your total lack of honor makes you one of the most repellent creatures I have ever encountered. Any one who looks me up will see who uses real names. Thanks for helping to show what you and your friends are truly like.
    • Teufelhund Or lol.. have a nice day .....
    • Heathens against Jewish Supremacism Seconded. You are not Odinists, you are cowards and liars.. Tefuelhund or whatever your real name is that you are afraid to use while you slander others, You just need to deal with it. We don't include bisexuals. Got one shred of proof this picture is not Odinia or are you just going to do homosexual raving about women you are jealous of all day? LOL!
We personally do not consider homosexual or bisexual males who approve of race mixing and hate heterosexual women and the family to be folkish. They have taken their bizarre behaviors even to the point of repeatedly posting obviously fake jewish- made Christian Identity websites libeling an Odinist priestess adding the caption " This fat faced idiot needs to drop dead", and others like it, over and over again, obsessively on their facebok walls and on various pages.The "man" who wrote this statement  is actually in the administration of the Odinic Rite. His victim cannot view his comments, so this is not just done to a woman, but behind the back of a woman, and it is provable libel. I would hardly think this would be considered reputable behavior for any Odinist organization. We are, after all, a religion of honor, and this is not merely a  word for us. 

The fact is that several of the Odinists they are libeling are hated by Christian Identity (a group which seeks to present jews as the real Aryans and the real Europeans as inferior). Christian Identity cult members hate Odinia  because  Odinia International members objected to a foul, mock Odinist website which reviles our religion, and European folk as well.  The link they are posting repeatedly to libel the people of Odinia International has no evidence whatsoever to support it, or even common sense. In fact, the slander page the bisexual admins of the Odinic Rite are posting  was written by a jewish woman and her mate, Melissa Epperson and William Finck of Christogenea, and their demented, jew- worshiping supporters..It is posted mainly by Jews.
How on earth these people could be considered a reliable source for anything, especially by Heathens, is beyond our understanding. By contrast Odinia, whom they were slandering, can be verified in her identity both through the University of Oxford and the Author's Guild websites  independently, and is an active Odinist priestess who has fought for the rights of our Nordic religion and people tirelessly. The "man" who made the comment about how she should die, supports race mixing in his own family enthusiastically and his "friends" post pictures of naked men on his wall for him.. He even insults our Gods and is quoted on the tagline of one of his "friends" another Odinic Rite administrator, as having said " I dream of orgy romps with Odin and Thor- I hope they make my heiny "Thor" Teufelhunden". (See just below)  Isn't it time to introduce these people to bogs rather than give them supervisory positions?

Here are some more posts on Teufelhund's wall...mind you these are just the posts at the top of his wall. The posts against Odinia and Odinia International become fouler and more extreme further back. .We just posted this and he has just made his wall invisible, but it's too late, we have pictures.  Why would his male friends post this on his wall?

He repeatedly refers to "outing" Odinia. This is a homosexual term and coincidentally it is the same exact term used by homosexuals and jews working in the federal government (which is occupied by Zionists) through a group called ARA  (Anti Racist Action). This  group recently posted the names and addresses of a number of Odinists trying to incite harm against them, and the people whose names were listed included those of Odinia and that of the leader of another Odinist group which had been attacked by them as well. This site on which people's home addresses were posted had flyers of white people's heads being kicked in by African Americans presented as a worthy action.


There are multiple accusations of use of fake accounts and harassment, but the fact is that all the harassment has been the other way around, something that we have extensive evidence of. As far as accusations of fake accounts are concerned, this reminds us of the Zionists who make death threats to us all the time for making simple ,factual, historical posts.  If you do not agree with them you are a "blank blankety blank, etc., wearing a tinfoil hat and so on, and of course you must be a fake profile. It may be considered relevant that the person they are attacking most is most definitely using her real name and that many of the people who are attacking her are definitely not using their real names.

You will see above that there is constant back-biting, constant lies about real Odinists, and constant reporting of Odinist websites by this group of Odinic Rite admins who all seem to share the same "tastes", and  for the sake of brevity, we are still talking about only one of them, in one day...

You may notice that the woman below, Tracy Zizzo who actually stated that it was no big deal for the govt to give this graphic homosexual pamphlet to children without parental consent is usually involved in their anti- Odinist postings on diverse sites as is her husband Gunnar Runa, real name Zizzo as well, as far as we know.  In this post she is saying that Odinia's mother is fake and calling Odinia a "rabid dog" while suggesting that she is someone else. In regard to the gay sex pamphlet for chidren, which we are very much against, Zizzo stated that "If you did not like the pamphlet" you could just tear it up". Warning, this is NOT for the eyes of children.

Here is another example of their ravings. We have no idea who this lady is, but she has our sympathy.



Here this fake Odinist  refers to a relatively new real Odinist page against Jewish supremacism. It talks about Jewish orchestration of non European immigration into white countries as in the case with Barbara Spectre in Sweden...and so many other examples..

 Please note that they are lying as well. They are attacking this page repeatedly both directly and indirectly as well as any genuine folkish Odinist groups and leaders. Please note that none of the people they are attacking have ever posted about them on their walls. This is a response, to protect reputations, not an attack.


This is a useful resource by and for Odinists. We go to a great deal of trouble to be reliable and accurate. One has to ask oneself, what is the source of all this animosity? We post for Odinism, promote our native European religion, discuss our European culture and people,  free speech, and yes we do post against Zionism and against the enslavement of all people by Zionist central owned banks. Here they post against the same Odinist page yet again...Why would an Odinist wish to report and shut down an Odinist Page that is about freedom for both our people and our religion? 


We have seen jews do this sort of thing hundreds of times. Notice the part about bringing faith and politics together, something which Odinia states, and correctly, that all tribal groups have always done and must do in order to survive. We first saw this injunction against Odinists being allowed to have a political presence with Robert Taylor and immediately, and obviously by design, this injunction not to mix politics and religion  was spread throughout all these groups, and this even includes the Zionists jewish organization members who began posting about it, and of course the AFA which always seems to be at the center of such activity.

This joint tactic against telling the truth and protecting our rights began shortly after two Odinists were assaulted in writing by jewish homosexuals and other homosexuals who cursed at by them on Stephen McNallen's (The Leader of the AFA) wall. The Odinists were removed, along with a post about a white genocide, a genocide of European folk committed by Jews. The Holodomor post was taken off of Stephen McNallen's wall along with the lady who made the post, presumably by Mr. McNallen. The jewish homosexuals who had called her bad names and denied the Holodomor Holocaust were not removed.

Here is some further information about the Holodomor Holocaust and other events of WWII. These are our folk and they deserve to be remembered.


Here is an Odinia International Podcast about the importance of tribal people preserving their rights to mix politics and religion and protect the interests of our folk.


Lastly, in a truly bizarre twist, the following two photos taken from a long tirade of anti- white hate against Odinia International on  Heathens United against Racism show an abusive lesbian who works for Homeland Security acknowledging that Odinia's credentials are genuine to other Zionists, yet the Odinic Rite trolls are still libeling her. This particular  libel campaign has gone on from the 4th of May 2013, and as I write this it is now the 21st of May, and it has not abated. One wonders where the funding for all this comes from. This is no small matter. It is libel and it is meant to destroy the reputation of a genuine Odinist organization and the people in it.





Being folkish involves a love of the family and the tribe, not men loving other men. We do not think it is a good idea to have such people as these controlling access to the Odinic Rite or any native European religious organization, but these things do happen. If one lets homosexuals, bisexuals, jews or other non Nordics into an organization they will ONLY promote, advance, and hire other homosexuals, jews.... etc.. For what it is worth, my advice is to exclude all of these fake folk and even have a means to remove them when they are discovered infiltrating. Their interests and those of true folk are DEFINITELY not the same.
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