Anti-Vermin Barriers
for USA toilet systems

Stop Vermin Now !!

We manufacture and distribute patent pending anti-vermin devices for the USA market which stop vermin accessing your property via the toilet system.

Broken sewer lines and storm drains allow vermin to easily gain access to the main systems and eventually they can make their way into your property.  Our devices contain vermin in the sewer system thereby enabling the appropriate authorities to kill/bait them in the pipes rather than in your own home. Rats can easily swim half a mile in open water and can tread water for up to three days.  It is possible for a rat to walk up a horizontal soil pipe from the sewer, swim through the water-filled piping inside the toilet, and surface in the toilet bowl.

  Our Products are designed to:

  • Deter vermin from gaining access to the inside of buildings via the WC pan.

  • Prevent cross flow in horizontally opposed connections to discharge pipes or discharge stacks.

  • Reduce backflow of effluent in the event of a blockage in the underground drainage system.

  • Reduce void space for pipework.

  • Assist in flood plain areas stopping solids coming back up through toilet.  When it rains rivers rise and vermin come up through the pipes trying to force their way out. 

  • Eliminate the need to dig up roads, dig out walls etc to get to the drainage system as the barriers are easily accessible.