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  • Wood flooring is any product manufactured from timber that is designed for use as flooring, either structural or aesthetic. Bamboo flooring is often considered a wood floor, although it is made from a grass (bamboo) rather than a timber.
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wood floor sales - JET 708359
JET 708359 JWL-1642EVS 16-Inch Swing 42-Inch between Centers 1-1/2 Horsepower Electronic Variable Speed Woodworking Lathe, 115-Volt 1 Phase
JET 708359 JWL-1642EVS 16-Inch Swing 42-Inch between Centers 1-1/2 Horsepower Electronic Variable Speed Woodworking Lathe, 115-Volt 1 Phase
Includes 16-in x 42-in 1-1/2 HP Woodworking Lathe - 708359, 14-in Tool Rest, 6-in Face Plate, Spur Center, Dual-Bearing Live Center, Live Center, Tooling Knockout, Spindle &, Indexing Locks, Safety Shield &, Brake Resistor, Wrench

Offering a one-inch swing over the bench and 42-inch capacity between centers, the JET 708359 JWL-1642EVS Woodworking Lathe, 115-Volt 1 Phase is ideal for home shop use. Boasting the versatility of a sliding headstock, electronic variable speed, and the necessary capacity for large projects, the JET JWL-1642EVS is a great lathe for beginning and serious craftspeople alike.

Woodworking Lathe offers:
A 1-1/2HP, three phase, 115-volt motor
0 to 3,200 RPM variable speed operation for versatility
A large-diameter spindle with a 1.25 x 8 threads-per-inch nose
A cast-iron tool-rest base that's rigid, easy to position, and easy to lock
A heavy-gauge wire guard for operator safety

The multi ball bearing live center and screw on cone attachment make turning projects with a center hole easier and safer.

The strong, three phase motor ennsures plenty of power for a wide range of projects.

The JWL-1642EVS delivers accuracy, capability, durability, and value. View larger.

The headstock can be positioned anywhere along the bed, including at the very end for turning large diameter blanks "off the bed."

The speed control knob provides precise control over rpm and keeps you informed with its large LED display.
Three-Phase Motor with Electronic Inverter for Powerful Performance
The JWL-1642EVS comes equipped with a 1-1/2HP, three phase, 115-volt motor for shops that do not have 220-volt power available. An electronic inverter does all the work to convert from the "1 phase" to "3 phase." The inverter also provides the ability to vary the frequency of the motor, which in turn allows for variable speed.
Cast-Iron Castings for Stability and Smooth Operation
Based on heavy-duty iron castings, the JWL-1642EVS provides long-term accuracy and smooth, vibration-free operation. Even the legs are made from an iron casting and include cast-in supports and adjustable pads at each foot to ensure a solid stance on uneven surfaces. With these legs, the spindle (center) height is a comfortable 44.5 inches above the floor.
The JWL-1642EVS headstock is also made from a massive iron casting that provides rigid support for the 1-1/2 HP, variable speed motor(0 to 3,200 RPM), and the high-strength spindle. After machining, the headstock is fitted with large diameter, high-quality ball bearings that support the precision-machined spindle for reliable performance.
Large-Diameter Spindle with Built-in Indexing for Drilling, Fluting, and More
The large-diameter spindle has a 1.25 x 8 threads-per-inch nose that supports the large chucks typically used with this type of lathe. Additionally, the outboard end of the spindle is fitted with a barrel-type grip for turning the spindle by hand. The spindle also has internal indexing built in that allows you to lock it in 36 positions (or 10-degree increments) for drilling, fluting, grooving, and other operations.
For added convenience, the spindle is indexed with a screw-in pin provided with the lathe. There's also a push-button spindle lock on the front of the headstock for a simple, tool-free way to temporarily lock the spindle when you install or remove the faceplate, chuck, or other screw-on accessories.
Heavy-Gauge Wire Guard for Safety
A special mount on the rear of the headstock accepts a heavy-gauge wire guard (included), and a spring-loaded pin indexes the guard up or down to make mounting and removing turned objects easy. This guard also serves as a protective shield between the work and the operator, when large chips and chunks generated while turning blanks can turn into dangerous projectiles.
User-Friendly Controls, LED, and Toggle Switch
Designed to be user-friendly, the JWL-1642EVS features dial-operated, infinite speed controls conveniently located on the front of the headstock. A large digital LED readout makes monitoring the spindle speed easy and very accurate, while the toggle switch on the front panel allows selecting forward and reverse spindle directions. Finally, a large-diameter pull on/push off button (also on the front panel) is easily accessible no matter your operating position.
Large Tailstock for Stability
The JWL-1642EVS has a large tailstock with the mass and wide base to generate the stability you need. The large ram has a full four-inch travel, operated by an easy-to-turn, five-inch diameter handwheel fitted with a spinner handle, the popular #2 Morse taper, and a 3/8-inch diameter through hole, which is convenient for drilling lamp bases. Finally, like the tool-rest base, a large handle makes it easy to lock the tailstock securely in place.
Ball bearing Live Center and Cast Iron Tool Rest Base for Versatility
The JWL-1642EVS comes with a high-end, multi-row ball bearing live center with a screw-on, large-diameter cone for projects like peppermills and boxes, and a cast-iron tool-rest base designed to be very rigid, easy to position, and thanks to its comfortably long handle, very easy to lock in position.
The JWL-1642EVS measures 29 x 28 x 59 inches (WxHxL), weighs 410 pounds, and is covered by a five-year warranty.
About JET: A History of Sharing New, Feature-Rich Products
Opened in 1958 after the founder of the company, Leslie P. Sussman, took the first Boeing Jet Airplane trip from Seattle, Washington to Japan, JET began as a small dealer that sold air hoists and trolleys out of a single hardware store in Seattle. Over the years, JET has carried everything from snowmobiles, transmitter radios, and forklifts to nylon stockings, but by the early 1970s, metalworking had become the base of their business line. And by the 1980s, JET had expanded into the realm of woodworking. Today, you'll find that JET offers a wide range of popular woodworking tools that are backed with best-in-class features and excellent service.
What's in the Box
One lathe, two cast legs, one tailstock, one headstock, one tool-rest body, one tool basket, one guard assembly, one accessory package, one owner's manual, and warranty card.

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Tile work in laundry room by the wood floor
Tile work in laundry room by the wood floor
New tile work in the laundry room next to the wood flooring. New tile work in the laundry room next to the wood flooring. Both installed by Juan Silva, Pleasant Grove, Utah tile and wood flooring specialist. Juan Silva also does many types of handyman work, to include minor construction, interior and exterior house painting, repairs in general, minor plumbing, rewiring, and much more.
monterey 4 sale
monterey 4 sale
2/1 home for sale built 1953 by blomberg three sliding glass doors means lots of natural light south land park estates close to land park, shopping, midtown, zoo, sacramento city college, cafes, restaurants, bus lines, bike trail, river...

wood floor sales
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