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Water Under Floor

water under floor
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For Jeff: Water Damage Pictures
For Jeff: Water Damage Pictures
Jeff asked for pictures of some leaky radiator induced water damage, and so I oblige. Note the smooth undamaged floor, followed by the warpy water damaged parquet. Water under the floor warps the wood, and as it curls the water wiicks up staining the corners brown. The finish pops out from between the joints, adding to the foot ouchies.
The result of a water leak under a harfwood floor
The result of a water leak under a harfwood floor
Even we make mistakes. This is the what needed to be torn out of a kitchen we recently remodeled. There was a tiny water leak under the sink that led to the 5/16" thick hardwood flooring to start cuppuing. Of cpurse we fixed the leak & the floor at no charge to the client.

water under floor
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