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Discount Bathroom Flooring

discount bathroom flooring
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discount bathroom flooring - Split Face
Split Face 1x2 Classic Beige Travertine For Kitchen Bathroom backsplash & Exterior Use
Split Face 1x2 Classic Beige Travertine For Kitchen Bathroom backsplash & Exterior Use
Splitface Tumble Classic Travertine meshed on 12x12 Sheet Tiles for Kitchen Backsplash, Shower Walls. Exterior Use recommended. Each tile is one square foot. We also Carry Pencil and Chairrail listello Moldings. Travertine has inherent unfilled holes. We also carry onyx mosaics in Gold, Red and Green Onyx in color. Purchase directly from the manufacturer and save. Give us a call and talk to our designers about your project. We offer discounts to Designers, Builder, Contractors and Architects. These tiles can be simply cut with a household scissors into any pattern so you can use them as you like. Discount on product and shipping is available for all orders over 100 tiles. Please note: Usage: Walls, countertops, backsplash, shower walls, foyer and flooring (subject to job specification). May be used in some exterior applications, depending on geographic location. Shade and Shape Variation: Mid to high range. Due to local raw materials and unique manufacturing techniques, variations in body and color from tile to tile are to be expected. This is considered desirable and part of the inherent beauty of our product. Installation Natural stone should be dry-laid prior to installation to inspect for color, shading, and size variance. Material should be combined from each case to ensure optimal blending of shade variations. Always follow the manufacturers instructions when using setting materials, tools and sealers. Care and Maintenance: For daily cleaning use a pH balanced, neutral spray cleaner for countertops. For deep-set, hard to remove stains, inquire about an industrial-strength tile stain remover. Be sure to use a cleaner made for tile, and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

76% (12)
Wainscoting - bathroom
Wainscoting - bathroom
When I removed the towel bar, the wall started crumbling and I didn't want to install more drywall so I decided painting wainscoting would work better for the look I wanted. That towel bar was partially behind the door so they didn't have to install a stop for the door, but it meant the towel wouldn't dry if the door was open all the way or I would have to remember to partially close the door, which isn't a good idea because there's no overhead exhaust fan (future project for an electrician). Since I keep forgetting to pick up a door stop :)
Brooklyn NY stone warehouse 1800-634-2315
Brooklyn NY stone warehouse 1800-634-2315
1800-634-2315 holds a range of popular materials and also some rarer varieties from around the world to help you achieve a luxurious finish to your project. The only details we need from you are any approximate sizes you have and the colors you would like quoting on. Even if the color you would like isn't mentioned on our website, we have suppliers all over the U S A and we are sure we can be of assistance! Contact Us Today for a Free Estimate 1800-634-2315 Servicing in NY, NJ, and CT....

discount bathroom flooring
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