Make Cotton Rag Rugs

make cotton rag rugs
    cotton rag
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make cotton rag rugs - Shaggy Raggy
Shaggy Raggy White Kids Rug Size: 4'7" x 7'7"
Shaggy Raggy White Kids Rug Size: 4'7" x 7'7"
02204D Size: 4'7" x 7'7" Hand made kids rug Features: -Construction: Handmade. -Technique: Woven. -Material: 100pct Cotton Jersey. -Origin: China. -Collection: Kids. -Tied by hand to achieve a unique look. -Color: White. -Pile height: 2''. -Warranty length: 1 month. Note: Please be aware that actual colors may vary from those shown on your screen. Accent rugs may also not show the entire pattern that the corresponding area rugs have. Additionally, rugs 8' x 10' and larger may ship Truck Freight.

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Jarapa/Trapera - A Traditional Spanish Rag Rug
Jarapa/Trapera - A Traditional Spanish Rag Rug
Our rag rugs are called Jarapas or, in the Canary Islands, Trapera (Trapo = Rag). A Trapera is a handwoven rug made of strips from cotton fabric. They are from Arabic origin, where they are used not only as rugs, but also as blankets, beach carpets, even curtains - being made of cotton and not wool, they preserve the freshness of the houses during the long months of our desertic summer. They are colourful, lightweight, durable, washable and incredibly soft. Searching online, I found they were a collector's item outside Spain, and once again, I (sadly) confirmed that even in the Canary Islands, this hand craft has almost disappeared completely. We have many wonderful friends that have donated old clothes/curtains/sheets/etc for my doll making and sewing - they are "so" wonderful that our fabric stash is starting to overwhelm the house LOL! T-shirts and stretchy cotton fabrics are not used much for anything, so we decided to find a way to recycle it and give the fabrics a new life - and then we thought of Traperas. Here's our first finished piece - this one will be a Yule gift for Fernando's father. It measures 58 x 25 cms (that's 29 x 12,5 inches) without the side fringes - enough to make a nice bedside rug. We are in a bit of a hurry (handmaking ALL the Yule gifts really takes a lot of time) so we went for a very simple pattern, but we are working on ideas to add thick wool handspun threads among the stripes for extra loveliness. You will find them in the shop very soon - wouldn't this make an awesome outdoor altar mat???
Picture 1331
Picture 1331
Welcome to Funky Girls Treasure! *•.?(?*•.?¦?.•*?)?.•*? ¦•.* RECYCLING *.•¦ ?.•*(?.•*?¦?*•.?)?*•.? THIS Fabulous HAND KNITTED RECYCLE RAG RUG is created by me. Wonderfully colourful, durable and washable, they make great floor coverings for the kitchen, bathroom or living areas, or will add life to even the darkest room as a wall hanging.??????????? Rag rugs, are a relatively new type of durry on the market. Probably the creation of a thrifty householder, they were originally made from scraps of old apparel, using stout cotton thread as the 'warp'. Cotton still forms the warp, but the 'scraps' used for the weft in these durries are recycled sheets. I had some flat sheets that never had used that I have bought the set of sheets. So, I started cutting them and knitted this gorgeous Cottage Summer Rag rug. This hand knitted rug will add chic to any space. It would be perfect in a bathroom, kitchen, porch or even for your pet! Great for a gift as well. Measurements: 30" by 31". Care Instruction: Machine wash in cold water and lay flat it to dry. Please do not iron. Thank you very much for visiting, Please do come again cause more are coming pretty soon.

make cotton rag rugs
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