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Welcome! The Anti-Racism digital library is dedicated to the nine victims in the Charleston shooting at Mother Emmanuel AME Church. I want to see the end of racism in my lifetime. And, through the work here I seek to honor all the victims but most especially the Rev. Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, 45 year old pastor at Emmanuel AME, speech therapist and high school girls track coach, and Cynthia Hurd, a 54 year old librarian and manager of the St. Andrews regional (public) library system. [my story here]

The end goal is an interfaith intercultural Anti-racism Digital Library and International Anti-racism Thesaurus. 

Uses and Benefits: The curated collection of interdisciplinary, interfaith (spirituality) writings can be used to facilitate intimate, trusted conversations about structural racism in local communities. The vocabulary shows what is currently the norm in library knowledge structures including their limitations, and also replaces old categories and labels that perpetuate the negative beliefs, myths and stereotypes of race with alternative new langage; the goal is to facilitate anti-racism (the end of racism), including the development of "just" library service, and empowering individual study, church, community and group, dialog. The new vocabulary reflects language from the many faith traditions that celebrate our human diversity, and the strong tradition of religious peace-building in conflict resolution related to race (e.g the Civil Rights movement in the USA). 

This is a preliminary proof-of-concept (that is no longer being maintained; new site will be launched mid-July 2016) of the Anti-racism Digital library and it is organized into two parts: Browse the Collections and Discover the Vocabulary. The new Anti-racism Digital Library will be previewed June 15th at ATL2016 and formally launched July 13th at the PWS Summer Conference, Chapman University.

Browse the Collections: When fully designed the library will have curated collections in the genres of confessions, curriculum, liturgies, news, reflections, sermons, stories, tools, vision statements and reports, in diverse forms and formats of media. These can be used to facilitate conversations about anti-racism in our local communities and congregations, organize faith-based training, and lead worship; all resources will be available digitally and openly. Related Resources lists various resources most of which are free and openly available in closely related existing digital libraries. These digital collections already have rich primary source materials such as photographs, news reports, sound recordings and more that have been developed for K-12 education.  They can also be used for individual or group study, discussions and conversations.

Discover the Vocabulary: Terms and phrases that are currently used in American libraries to index and categorize writings, from a controlled vocabulary list such as the Library of Congress Subject Headings, are listed here. One of the goals of this project is to create a new and expanded vocabulary for anti-racism that replaces current categories for "race" "race problems" and "people groups" and that is globally applicable. Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of a 'beloved community.' The new labels and categories will celebrate our visible human differences, without negation or discrimination. We will be adding the new terms and phrases, as we go through this project, by drawing from diverse faith traditions as well as reflecting positive interdisciplinary research, popular culture and media. The final source texts will be listed under Texts for New Language.

Invitation: We cordially invite you to become a sponsor of the Anti-racism digital library. Different levels of sponsorship are available. We also offer presentations and training sessions to groups about how the digital materials can be used in your individual or group's anti-racism education. Librarians are invited to become collection developers in their area(s) of interest. Participation and support in other creative ways, beyond helping to fund or build the collection, such as sharing about the library on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or other social media, using the resources for Anti-racism training and dialog in your own unique setting, testing the thesaurus, etc. is also welcomed. Please use these social media tags for promotion: #AntiRacismDL and #InternationalAntiracismThesaurus

Research Agenda: The intent is to develop a faceted vocabulary for anti-racism informed by critical race theory which has proved to be a useful tool for the analysis of bibliographic classification schemes and black, mujerista/feminist and third world theologies which offer just and liberating language. For more details, please contact the PI.

Principal Investigator and Contact: Dr. Anita Coleman, Charis Research (School of Information, San Jose State University, Fall 2015, Vocabulary Design, INFO 247; Spring/Summer 2016 CASA RSCA 15-16) 
Email: charis dot coleman at gmail dot com | Phone: (949) 682-9603 | Blog