Drop Leaf Kitchen Table Set - Recycled Coffee Table - Table Antiques.

Drop Leaf Kitchen Table Set

drop leaf kitchen table set
    kitchen table
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    drop leaf
  • A hinged table leaf
  • a hinged leaf on a table that can be raised and supported by a bracket
  • A hinged extension flap to a table, dropping vertically when not in use, which can be supported horizontally by a swing leg, a fly bracket or a loper. It's often made using a rule joint, but may be a butt.
  • A type of table having a hinged leaves that hang vertically when not in use, allowing for saved space. The leaves are supported by brackets, when raised, which enlarges the usuable surface of the tabletop.
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drop leaf kitchen table set - Target Marketing
Target Marketing Systems 3pc Tiffany Dining Set, White/Natural
Target Marketing Systems 3pc Tiffany Dining Set, White/Natural
This 3 piece Drop Leaf set is perfect for small, intimate settings! Both table & chairs are made of tropical hardwood. The table measures 30 inches long by 30 inches wide by 29 inches high, this dining table has a natural top with a white finish. It transforms from a 30 inch square to 43.75 inches wide when the 13. 75 inch drop leaf is raised. The sturdy Country Cottage chairs compliment this lovely set & measures 17.5 inches wide by 15.5 inches deep by 35.5 inches high, with some assembly is required.

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drop leaf kitchen table set