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Console Table With Baskets

console table with baskets
    console table
  • A table supported by ornamented brackets, either movable or fixed against a wall
  • (Console Tables) Tables made for fixing against a wall and having no legs at the back. They came into fashion early in the eighteenth century, and were made often in pairs.
  • a small table fixed to a wall or designed to stand against a wall
  • A table meant to be displayed against a wall. It may be attached to the wall with only two front legs or freestanding on four legs.
  • A container used to hold or carry things, typically made from interwoven strips of cane or wire
  • A structure suspended from the envelope of a hot-air balloon for carrying the crew, equipment, and ballast
  • (basket) horizontal circular metal hoop supporting a net through which players try to throw the basketball
  • A group or range of currencies or investments
  • (basket) a container that is usually woven and has handles
  • (basketry) the craft of basket making

Basket Cake
Basket Cake
First attempt to do basket weave with fondant! Chocolate oval cake with chocolate fondant weave, chocolate buttercream edging, fondant carnations, and royal icing lilies. The handle is made from chocolate fondant and gumpaste mix. I braided three pieces and let it dry overnight hanging on my Kitchenaid mixer to get the curve!
The knowledge of how to make these sweetgrass baskets is an art form that has been passed down through families for generations. The original artisans in this country were the enslaved West African people. The baskets take a long time to make. I was fascinated to watch these women work. This one is by Laurie Bonneau.

console table with baskets
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