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Rac Road Watch

rac road watch
  • Look at or observe attentively, typically over a period of time
  • Secretly follow or spy on
  • a small portable timepiece
  • look attentively; "watch a basketball game"
  • a period of time (4 or 2 hours) during which some of a ship's crew are on duty
  • Keep under careful or protective observation
  • (roads) a partly sheltered anchorage
  • A wide way leading from one place to another, esp. one with a specially prepared surface that vehicles can use
  • a way or means to achieve something; "the road to fame"
  • The part of such a way intended for vehicles, esp. in contrast to a shoulder or sidewalk
  • A regular trade route for a particular commodity
  • an open way (generally public) for travel or transportation
  • Rac is a subfamily of the Rho family of GTPases, small (~21 kDa) signaling G proteins (more specifically a GTPases).
  • Raci (Раци, Rac, (pl.) Racok, Ratzen, Raize, (pl.) Raizen, Ratzians, Rasciani, Rascians) was a name used to designate Serbs, or sometimes, in a wider perspective, all South Slavs, in the Middle Ages and the early modern times.
  • Racz, Racz (Rac, Racok), means "Raci", Serbs or South-Slavs and may refer to: * Andy Racz, a U.S. soccer player * Ferenc Racz (born 1991), a Hungarian football player * Laslo Rac Sabo, an ethnic Hungarian politician in Serbia * Michael Racz, co-founder of RDA International * Mihaly Racz (born

38:365 Sunday Roast :-) Car breakdown :-(
38:365 Sunday Roast :-) Car breakdown :-(
Jan 31st 2010 Boy am I glad January is over! Today was nice - Paul and I spent time lounging around, achieving very little expect listening to Man Utd win against Arsenal. Made a roast meal for tea. We (well I) kind of over-estimated quite how much veg we needed and we had enough to feed a small army. We managed to eat up most of it but both felt totally full afterwards. Watched a bit more TV before we both went our separate ways. Paul is off down south again so had to head to the Midlands. Bit frosty out so we had to watch the roads. I set off on the M61. Everything seemed fine. Last night the heater inside my car wasn't warming and the fan was running after the engine turned off. Thought it'd be ok. By junction 6 of the M61 the car's warning lights were flashing and I had to pull over and call the RAC. Fortunately my wait in the cold and dark was only about 1/2 hour (but that was definitely long enough). RAC guy was lovely and diagnosed airlock in pipes causing car not to heat up (or something like that...!). He fixed it at the roadside and drove behind me so I got home safe. He then ran the diagnostic computer over the car. Nothing showed and the heaters inside are working as is the fan so fingers crossed it's sorted. January has been a month I want to forget. What with the car breaking down twice (even though it has a very expensive service and fixes prior to Christmas) and absesses, root canal and crown on my teeth I feel I've had my run of bad luck...please???
Trysull Road, Wolverhampton, July 1981.
Trysull Road, Wolverhampton, July 1981.
WMPTE Metrobus 2265 (GOG265W) passes the end of Woodland Road, in the suburban district of Merry Hill as makes its way along a deserted Trysull Road towards Wolverhampton Town centre on Sunday 11th July 1981. The Park Lane Garage based bus was less than three-months old when this photograph was taken, and was part of a batch of brand new Metrobuses that had replaced the first of the PTE's dual-doored 33ft long 'Jumbo' Fleetlines based at Park Lane (3980-4004).

rac road watch
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