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hamilton watches on sale
    hamilton watches
  • The Hamilton Watch Company was an American manufacturer originally formed to produce high quality pocketwatches and wristwatches. Hamilton would become a corporate conglomerate diversified in other operations.
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Red-Tailed Hawk from one of my outings last week. The plan was to go and shoot four waterfalls in Hamilton and then some bird photography in Burlington. We went to Tiffany Falls first and ended up spending far more time there than planned. Both of us seemed a bit accident prone that day between falling down the muddy hill and sitting/falling into the water numerous times. By the time we left, we'd both had enough of the weather and were completely soaked and muddy. Wet jeans are not fun. Wet socks even less fun. And squishy shoes.....yuck. I made a quick stop at a store to look for rainpants. When I was asked if I needed help, I explained what I wanted. The employee looks me up and down and says "I think it's a bit late for that". Ha ha. No sale for you comedian. After that, what little light we had was already fading so we decided to have a quick lunch before heading out to find some birds. On our search we found a bunch of Red-Tailed Hawks, a Kestrel and an Osprey. The light was so dim by this point that I had to boost up the iso to get anything worthwhile. Even when you don't get the shots though, it's always thrilling to see Birds Of Prey in the wild. Thanks to my amazing shooting partner for a great day out. See you next week! Miles: If I asked you what kind of bird this was, your answer would be "a big one" right?
Heritage Center Clock - - Penn Square - Lancaster, PA
Heritage Center Clock - - Penn Square - Lancaster, PA
Heritage Center Clock made by Hamilton Watch and Clock Company in Penn Square Lancaster PA

hamilton watches on sale
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