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Clip On Golf Watch

clip on golf watch
    clip on
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Dipper, River Eden near Rickerby, 28 November 10 (video)
Dipper, River Eden near Rickerby, 28 November 10 (video)
Dipper in the River Eden near Rickerby, 28 November 10 (video). I saw a pair of Dippers yesterday in the River Petteril from the bridge by the Stony Holme golf course, but they immediately took to the wing on spotting me. I was a bit luckier today with this one in the River Eden! It was only a matter of metres from the river bank, but completely ignored me, allowing me to watch it from closer quarters for about half an hour. (All Flickr video transfers are disappointing, but this one is worse than usual. Although it might be difficult to believe, the original footage was pretty impressive!)
Clip on watch
Clip on watch
Yellow swivel clip on watch

clip on golf watch
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