Best Training Watches

best training watches
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best training watches - Potty Watch
Potty Watch Toilet Training Aid ~ Blue
Potty Watch Toilet Training Aid ~ Blue
Half the battle of toilet training is to remind the child when it is time to go potty. The Potty Watch takes care of that job for you. It's easy for parents and fun for kids. Music and blinking lights get children's attention in a way that's gentle and entertaining. When toddlers are busy playing, getting their attention can sometimes be a challenge. A child wearing a Potty Watch actually stops what they're doing and gets your attention to help them go potty. The patent-pending timer on the Potty Watch automatically resets itself again and again, allowing you to continually remind your child throughout the day to go to the potty. This makes consistent training a snap!

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Train graffiti
Train graffiti
The train runs right next to the country club. This train sat on the tracks for at least 15 minutes. I love trains! They make my heart happy.When I was a little girl my grand-parents lived in a mobile home park that was near the train tracks. Whenever I was visiting and I heard the train I would run out of their trailer and run to the creek so I could watch the train. I would get as close to the train as I dared & count the cars. My cousin & our best friend & I spent hours over the years walking the tracks to the towns nearby. My sister & I also got to ride the train a couple of times to visit our Mom during the summer. 2 kids on their own for at least 6 hours on a train traveling across the desert...heaven for the kids!! Every time I hear or see a train my heart is visited by my family!
Train on Oil
Train on Oil
This is an image that I played with in Photoshop's Pixel Blender to try and create an oil painting effect. I got the idea after watching a tutorial by Gavin Hoey. This is being submitted for a 'just for fun' competition for TipSquirrel. The pixel Blender has an annoying limitation in CS5 (Probably the same in other versions) where the size of the image that can be worked on, can be no larger than 4k x 4k or else you get the error "The image dimension exceed the hardware capabilities of your GPU." That is from the Adobe forums. Hopefully they will update the plug-in. Anyway, hope you like it and sorry for the massive resize of the original image, but this was the best I could work with :-)

best training watches
best training watches
Suunto M5 Women's Heart Rate Monitor and Fitness Training Watch (Black/Silver)
The Suunto M5 is the top-of-the-line heart rate monitor of the M-Series collection. In the most simplistic, easy-to-use manner, Suunto designed the M-Series as a collection of sports precision instruments geared toward men and women looking to get active, and stay motivated, through recreational fitness. Along with monitoring heart rate and caloric burn, the M5 is the only heart rate monitor of the M-Series capable of tracking speed and distance. In addition to the personal exercise program and real-time intensity guidance, the M5 provides recovery time recommendations and motivational feedback after you complete your workout.

A large, crisp, easy-to-read face displays detailed training information.
The Suunto M5 women's heart rate monitor and fitness training watch provides versatile guidance with optional speed and distance information for a wide range of sports. Set your goals, and the m5 provides an ideal daily workout schedule to help you achieve them, including telling you when it's time to rest. Simply enter your personal data once, choose your target?fitness improvement, weight management, or free training?and the m5 does the rest, providing:

A personal exercise program
Suggested workout for the day
Real-time guidance during your workout
Workout achievement summaries
The m5 is optimized for any aerobic activity. The optional Foot POD, Bike POD, and GPS PODs send real-time data to your heart rate monitor on your wrist. So when you go jogging or cycling, you'll see your speed and distance covered. An optional Suunto Movestick can wirelessly transfers your m5 training data to, and download any program from to you m5.
Key Features

Three personal targets to choose from?improving fitness, weight management or free training
Daily exercise instructions with ideal duration and intensity
Automatically adapting exercise program for the next seven days
Real-time intensity guidance during workout
Recovery time recommendation after exercise
Motivational feedback messages
Suunto Dual Comfort Belt, compatible with most gym cardio equipment and Suunto Fitness Solution
Upload exercise data to with optional Suunto Movestick (sold separately)
Download any training program from with optional Suunto Movestick (sold separately)
Track speed and distance with optional Suunto Foot POD, Bike POD, and GPS POD (sold separately)
Supports nine (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, and Finnish)
Suunto products include a limited manufacturer's warranty against defects in materials and workmanship of two years for sports instruments and heart rate monitors, and one year for accessories such as heart rate monitors, chargeable batteries, chargers, docking stations, straps, cables, and hoses.
About Suunto
Suunto is a leading designer and manufacturer of sports precision instruments for diving, training, mountaineering, hiking, skiing, sailing, and golf. Known for intuitive design, accuracy, and dependability, the company's precision instruments combine the aesthetics and functionality of watches with sport-specific computers that help athletes at all levels analyze and improve their performance.

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