Vintage Cowboy Decor

vintage cowboy decor
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Cowboy Vintage Vignette - Horse Bookends, Cap Gun Toy
Cowboy Vintage Vignette - Horse Bookends, Cap Gun Toy
This is a cute little wild west cowboy vintage vignette that I have put together. The Stallion bookends are from 1982 and are actually dated on an engraved gold plague on the back of one of them. This plague I have let in place, but it could easily be removed by running a wire between the plague and the bookend. Each of the bookends is in extremely good condition with no cracks, chips or other blemishes. They are each 6 inches tall, 6 inches deep and 4 inches wide. As is desirable in a bookend, they are quite heavy. The toy cap gun is from the Young Buffalo Bill collection and is late 1940s, early 1950's. It is in working condition (will click when the trigger is pulled) It comes with a very cute case that can be looped in through a belt. It is in good vintage condition, but was obviously used as a toy so there is wear and tear showing.
Vintage Cafe Curtains with Retro NFL Logos
Vintage Cafe Curtains with Retro NFL Logos
Perfect for a rec room, man cave, or kids bedroom, these retro NFL cafe curtains measure 24.5 inches across the gathers at the top, 39 inches at the hem, and they're 35 inches long. There are seven gold rings sewn across the top so curtains can be hung on a rod. Set includes two panels. Curtains feature retro NFL logos, including one for the old Houston Oilers. You'll also notice the Dallas Cowboys' logo is the biggest one of all, harkening back to their days as "America's Team".

vintage cowboy decor