Ideas For Office Decoration

ideas for office decoration
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ideas for office decoration - Red Shoe
Red Shoe Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser, 0.75 x 350 Inches (unweighted) (C30-SHOE)
Red Shoe Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser, 0.75 x 350 Inches (unweighted) (C30-SHOE)
The Red Shoe Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser is a stylish way to personalize your workspace. The lightweight design is perfect for two-handed dispensing of tape. The dispenser can be secured to your desk using Scotch Restickable Tabs or Strips for those who prefer one-handed dispensing. The Red Shoe Tape Dispenser comes with 1 roll of 3/4 x 350 Inches Scotch Magic Tape and can be refilled with rolls up to 1296 Inches. This fun, compact design dispenses the perfect amount of tape and is great for home or the office.

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Alden B. Dow's home office
Alden B. Dow's home office
This is a sitting area, where Dow and clients could sit and review ideas, blueprints, etc. Dow was a big recycler, or so it seems. The table surface is covered with green formica (new for that time) and attached to plywood with something like lanyard lacing. The two level table was designed to provide a space for work documents, while the lower level provided a safer place for drinks. That way no spills would spoil the blueprints. Bet this was learned the hard way... The walls have some awards, as well as thought provoking materials. Those blocks on the counter there were used to stimulate creative construction ideas. Dow really was always puzzling things out in his mind, and looking for new ways to do things. Visit to Alden B. Dow home in Midland, MI. December 29, 2007. IMG_9029
Pimp my Office
Pimp my Office
I need interior design help. This is our combo office / movie / workout room. There's this huge wall, and two small windows. It needs to lighten up. It needs to be functional as an office but inviting enough for movies. Not tied to any of the current decor - though the mirror comes in handy for working out. Any ideas? Lighting, wall decorations, shelving ... bring it on.

ideas for office decoration