Childrens Room Decoration Ideas

childrens room decoration ideas
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childrens room decoration ideas - New Kidspace
New Kidspace Idea Book (Idea Books)
New Kidspace Idea Book (Idea Books)
The New Kidspace Idea Book presents fresh and fun ideas for designing a child's room that will also solve parents' space and storage problems. The new book complements the original with 100 percent new photographs showing completely new ideas for bedrooms, playrooms, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces. Topics include tailoring designs to suit the interests of the individual child, customizing a plain room, making the most of unusual spaces, adapting spaces to children's changing needs, and creating safe spaces for active play. Shared rooms, storage solutions, and what to do with computers and televisions are all treated. The book's simple and accessible approach emphasizes quick fixes involving paint and off-the-shelf products, weekend projects that kids can take part in, and makeovers as children grow older. New Kidspace Idea Book is written for parents but will spark kids' own creative ideas too.

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Craft Room Christmas Tree
Craft Room Christmas Tree
Thanksgiving day a friend gave me a TON of Christmas lights. She was switching to LED. There were mostly white and blue lights, I never used blue before but it was perfect for the craft room AND I always wanted a White Christmas Tree. Went to Dollar General for a cheapie tree and the Green/Blue childrens feather boas started a theme. Then I had to drive across town to several DG's to find enough to use for a garland. Bonus; those rings are the little bracelets that came with the boas (Waste not...) I think it's just the cutest! Now it's on to the outside... Got a great idea from David Bromstad to use my old tree outside...That will make 3 trees. My hubby is the best for letting me express myself artistically and living with all the frilly things I put around him! ;o) Love you Honey!
childrens room
childrens room
from decoration ideas for modern living. circa 70's. I love the plaid, wood and color together. I also love the play area over the bed dangerous as it might be.

childrens room decoration ideas