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Hand Woven Carpet

hand woven carpet
    woven carpet
  • A carpet is a textile floor covering consisting of an upper layer of "pile" attached to a backing. The pile is generally either made from wool or a manmade fibre such as polypropylene, and usually consists of twisted tufts which are often heat-treated to maintain their structure.
  • (Woven Carpets) Carpet made on a weaving loom where backing threads and pile are woven at the same time, creating strong anchors for the tufts. Axminster and Wilton are both well known woven carpets, offering a wider range of patterns.
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The Woven Coverlets of Norway
The Woven Coverlets of Norway
The Woven Coverlets of Norway showcases one of Norway's most beautiful and enduring folk arts. A warm, thick cover has always been important during Norway's long winter nights, but coverlets also decorated the family bedsteads in one-room farmhouses, affording housewives an opportunity to display their talents. Coverlets were a central feature in the important ceremonies of a person's life as well, wrapping an infant at christening, providing a cover for the marriage bed, and draping the coffin as a last offering of comfort to a loved one. To explain the coverlet's importance as the pinnacle of the Norwegian weaver's art, Katherine Larson looks at the role textiles played in the lives of women prior to the twentieth century. She takes readers through the yearly cycle in rural Norway and relates it to the many steps of cloth production in a pre-industrial era. Larson describes traditional methods of preparing, spinning, dyeing, and weaving wool and flax, and the tools with which these tasks were performed. She devotes chapters to the different types of coverlets and their origins: tapestry, square weave, krokbragd, double weave, rya, and overshot. Numerous illustrations show patterns from ages past faithfully preserved in the coverlets of Norway. In addition, the book includes a wealth of bibliographic sources and a complete glossary of weaving terminology. Katherine Larson is a weaver and researcher whose Norwegian-American background has inspired her study of Norwegian coverlets. Her book will appeal to anyone who owns or has ever admired an antique coverlet, and especially to Scandinavians who are interested in their cultural heritage. The historical aspects of her work will be important to textile studies, women's studies, and art history. She lives in Seattle.

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Christmas Present & Christmas Past - Dec 2007 - Chinese Rug
Christmas Present & Christmas Past - Dec 2007 - Chinese Rug
The wife was looking for a large rug for our lounge when we spotted this in Bentalls in Kingston-upon-Thames. Just wrong for that room but having fallen in love with it I agreed to have it as a Christmas Present and put it in our study. I'm admiring it as I type, hence the typos. Grateful thanks to the many Chinese workers who hand wove this for a pittance. What does it represent? No idea though it has the look of an aerial photograph looking down on fields, copses and gardens. Answers on a comment , please.
SOLD - hand-woven 6.5ft x 11ft wool asian carpet
SOLD - hand-woven 6.5ft x 11ft wool asian carpet
This is a great condition hand-woven wool asian carpet. Not sure of the country of origin as I bought it years ago at an estate auction. I was told it was valued at $3,500, but I'm not a rug salesman so $500 will do if you come get it sooner than later. It's a beautiful carpet with a more modern design. Rich burgundy/red color with black, white and orange accents. P.S. If you offer me $375 I'll probably take it as I'm trying to buy a guitar amp for that price. I'm in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood.

hand woven carpet
hand woven carpet
Weaving posture analyzing system (WEPAS): introduction and validation [An article from: International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics]
This digital document is a journal article from International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, published by Elsevier in 2004. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Amazon.com Media Library immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.

As a part of a comprehensive ergonomic study on hand-woven carpet weaving operation, in order to measure working posture, weaving posture analysis system (WEPAS), a two-dimensional video-based system for recording and analyzing weaving posture, based on image processing technology, has been developed. The reproducibility and accuracy of angle measurement obtained by use of WEPAS have been evaluated using a standard goniometer. The low standard deviations (<1^o) and insignificant variations due to analysis repetitions indicate high reproducibility of WEPAS. WEPAS accuracy test has revealed that under the defined condition the size of error is small (<+/-1^o). In different combinations of angle and rotation (movement in horizontal plane), the size of errors falls within -3^o-1.6^o indicating acceptable accuracy for the objective of our study. Low cost of WEPAS, along with its highly reproducible, relatively accurate measurements as well as its easy set-up and calibration have made it applicable system for postural analysis in weaving operation. Relevance to industry: This two-dimensional posture analysis system can be applied in hand-woven carpet operation which is an important, widespread profession in Iran. The results of postural variables measurement can then be used to develop guidelines for workstation design to minimize postural strain during weaving operation. With some programming modifications, the system can be applied for posture analysis in other sedentary activities.

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