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Bar Stool Table Sets

bar stool table sets
    table sets
  • (Table Set) Comprises 4 pieces of glass those being a sugar, creamer, covered butter and a spooner in the same pattern.
    bar stool
  • Barstools are a type of stool often with a foot rest which, because of their height and narrowness, are designed for seating in a public house or bar. However, barstools are becoming more popular in homes, usually placed at the kitchen counter or at a home bar.
  • A stool that has a seat height of about 30", opposed to a counter stool that normally has a seat height of 24" to 26". Find a bar stool.
  • The typical height of a bar stool is between 29 inches and 31 inches.
  • A tall padded stool for customers at a bar to sit on

Cattlemans Sunset
Cattlemans Sunset
Another shot.... taken on our Sister Adventure. Ah I think Russell Coight would've been proud hehe. Taken from the Cattleman's Bar and Grill, Longreach, Queensland, Australia. Highly recommend their damper, dinner & drinks here.... awesome atmosphere. Tan was enjoying a Beer, I was enjoying a Rum... watching the sun set from the beautiful wooden bar stools outside. The reflection of the sunset, captured in this polished timber table.... it makes for a nice change with all my water reflection shots :-). I hope you guys enjoy this 'outback change' for a little while. Thanks again in advance for stopping by for a sticky beak.... it means a lot to me :-).
5 pcs dining set + matching swivel bar stool
5 pcs dining set + matching swivel bar stool
5 pcs dining set (1 table + 4 chairs) = $450 Matching swivel 360 degrees bar chair/stool = $75

bar stool table sets
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