Pedestal extension tables - Stainless steel tables restaurant - Metal and glass side table.

Pedestal Extension Tables

pedestal extension tables
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pedestal extension tables - Double Pedestal
Double Pedestal Dining Table with Extension Leaf Cherry Finish
Double Pedestal Dining Table with Extension Leaf Cherry Finish
Dimension: 84"L-108"L x 47"W x 31"H
Finish: Cherry
Material: Birch Solids, Veneers
Double Pedestal Dining Table with Extension Leaf Cherry Finish
Features 24" extension leaf and double carved pedestal legs.
Table top edge is carved.
Perfect choice for gather friends and family with this elegance item.
Elaborate carvings and sophisticated rich color make this dining table to decorate your interior.
Matching dining chairs and buffet hutch are available separately.
Assemble required.

76% (16)
Extension Bellows Rig
Extension Bellows Rig
Left: my extension bellows macro rig. Right: photo taken with rig with the flash removed to let in natural light. This extension bellows allows for up to 200mm of extension, giving almost 4/1 magnification with a 60mm lens. There is no coupling between the lens and the body, so aperture and focus are all manual. It takes bright light to find a subject and focus on it!
Dining Table
Dining Table
Double pedestal wood veneer table. 41" x 61". does have some wood veneer damage on front, left corner of table. From J. B. VanSeiver Co. Comes w/ 6 chairs (2 armed and 4 side ~ pictured in another photo) that need recovered (I also have neutral fabric for this in another photo). No extension leaves, though. Asking $200

pedestal extension tables