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Glass Center Table

glass center table
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glass center table - Naples Coffee
Naples Coffee Table and Black Glass Center Top
Naples Coffee Table and Black Glass Center Top
NAPLES-CT Add a beautiful decorative touch to your favorite outdoor seating area. This sleek coffee table, with black glass center, will make for a great addition to your patio or backyard. It's the next best thing to a traditional camp fire, but without getting smoke in your eyes or sparks on your sweater. The sturdy, Crystal Fire Burner with Tumbled Glass is the perfect addition for your backyard or patio. Features: - -Table features black glass top and outdoor wicker base. -Crystal Fire burner constructed of stainless steel -Attractive tumbled glass burner -Liquid propane -Trouble free electronic piezo -Can be converted to natural gas -Assembly required -One year warranty -Overall Table Dimensions: 21.7'' H x 48'' W x 35.5''D. -Fire burner Dimensions: 7'' H X 20'' W x 20'' D

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Silhouettes at the table
Silhouettes at the table
Actually, I just wanted to get a shot of the flower stand [very] off-center. Instead, I've got a silhouette [very] off-center with silhouettes in the background. Not that I'm complaining. I like the shot.
Broken Glass of center table
Broken Glass of center table
Broken glass of the coffee table / Center table

glass center table
glass center table
Lions, Dragons, & other Beasts: Aquamanilia of the Middle Ages: Vessels for Church and Table (Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design & Culture)
This fascinating book explores the history, techniques, and cultural significance of medieval aquamanilia, cast metal objects used to pour water for hand washing in religious and secular contexts. Usually created in appealing animal or human forms, aquamanilia feature two openings, one for filling and the other for pouring. They represent the first emergence of hollow-cast vessels in Western Europe and a significant development in the history of technology. The book presents and catalogues the entire aquamanilia collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art for the first time, as well as selected examples from other collections and other related medieval objects.