Antique teak table - Glass dining room table sets.

Antique Teak Table

antique teak table
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  • The large deciduous tree native to India and Southeast Asia that yields this timber
  • Teak (Tectona), is a genus of tropical hardwood trees in the mint family, Lamiaceae.Heywood, V.H., Brummitt, R.K., Culham, A. & Seberg, O. 2007: Flowering Plant Families of the World. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
  • Hard durable timber used in shipbuilding and for making furniture
  • hard strong durable yellowish-brown wood of teak trees; resistant to insects and to warping; used for furniture and in shipbuilding
  • tall East Indian timber tree now planted in western Africa and tropical America for its hard durable wood

CCT01.10 - Antique Teak Coffee Table
CCT01.10 - Antique Teak Coffee Table
This antique window features solid, exotic teak wood of the kind used for building ship decking and masts before the wood became over-harvested, resulting in the softer, less durable teak found on the market today. The wood has lasted for over a century and will be just as strong when your grandchildren hand this table down to their children. We have uniquely repurposed this architectural element as a coffee table, and it is also ideal as a display showcase. In addition, the piece features a wrought iron grill, a last vestige of its original function. Dating to Victorian-era British-India (c.1890), the table exhibits a green, distressed wood finish and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Dimensions: 66"w x 41"d x 19"h $1,240
Table in Rose wood
Table in Rose wood
Some antique items are worth its value but when it has a personal touch the value increases. This round table is from our ancestral home. Could be about 50 to 60 years old (or more) Got it dismantled, and transported from Cochin to Pune. (India) Painstakingly reassembled, and polished to give it a matt finish. Its made of Rosewood. The same goes for the chair in the adjacent picture which is made of Teak wood.

antique teak table