Frosted Glass Top Table - Art Deco Dining Room Table.

Frosted Glass Top Table

frosted glass top table
    frosted glass
  • Glass with a white translucent surface resulting from sandblasting or etching.
  • Frosted glass, or opaque glass, is produced by the sandblasting or acid etching of clear sheet glass. It has the effect of rendering the glass translucent by scattering of light during transmission, thus blurring images while still transmitting light.
  • Glass used for light bulbs that has been roughened or treated with a spray on coating (See IF), for the purpose of diffusing light. (See Diffusion).
  • a set of data arranged in rows and columns; "see table 1"
  • a piece of furniture having a smooth flat top that is usually supported by one or more vertical legs; "it was a sturdy table"
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frosted glass top table - FROSTED GLASS
A painful break-up/break-down chases high-tech marketing wiz Sandy Lowiltry from her Silicon Valley home. She comes to rest on the Oregon Coast, where she seeks solace in the opera-themed sanctuary of the Hotel Bel Canto and the arms of a handsome eccentric who spends his days combing the beach for sea glass.
Sandy soon learns what the tourist ladies already know - it's easy to fall for Frosted Glass Man. Besides great sex and alarmingly intricate campsite cuisine, Frosty offers do-it-yourself mythologies that would melt even the coldest heart. But will it be enough to quiet the whisper of ambition, the voice inside Sandy's head that chides her for settling? Will she really leave behind Silicon Valley for love in such a strange package?

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Frosted Glass Top Table Set w/ 4 Chairs-$10
Frosted Glass Top Table Set w/ 4 Chairs-$10
I have 2 of these sets. I used them as a desk and had extra chairs as they were stackable. It is actually a kitchen table but can be used as a decorative table, writing desk, or workstation.The glass is a little dirty with minor scratches from storage but a great deal for a table with 4 chairs.
Glass table top
Glass table top
Reflections on a glass table - I like the way this reminds me of a golf ball pattern ?

frosted glass top table