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Long Buffet Table

long buffet table
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long buffet table - Sonoma Black
Sonoma Black Finish Sideboard Buffet Console Sofa Table
Sonoma Black Finish Sideboard Buffet Console Sofa Table
Sonoma Black Finish Sideboard Buffet Console Sofa Table
The perfect addition to a living room or den, this unit incorporates three drawers for lots of storage, and at 16 inches deep, is a great depth for decorative dishes, books and baskets. Features include a profiled top, side moldings and an arched kick plate, as well as solid brushed nickel knobs and a drawer that run on smooth, all-metal roller glides with built-in safety stops. Basket Not Included. Assembly Required.
Dimensions: 48"W 16"D 30.25"H

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The world's longest buffet table - NOT!
The world's longest buffet table - NOT!
A local property developer sponsored a buffet table extraveganza which ran out of food long before the thousands of people who bought tickets to the event had taken a single bite of food. For most of the night, there was very little food left, and many people who decided to refund their tickets.
Part of the celebration for the Aug 2nd (Civic Holiday) long weekend. This event followed the buffet dinner in which everyone contributed something to the table.

long buffet table