Folding buffet tables. Antique work table.

Folding Buffet Tables

folding buffet tables
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Damask Holiday Galla!
Damask Holiday Galla!
This Holiday Galla Party Dinner was buffet( which is hard to make the table look pretty) so I plated the table to make it look finished. The centerpieces consisted of bananna leaves spraypainted black along with grass sprigs folded over,bamboo sticks and curly wires. The netting added a bit of softness and added a vintage feel to the piece.I was going to use wallpaper in a damask for the table runners but the compant didnt order enough. So I took linens and folded them to look like runners.I love that it was an untraditional color scheme-and everyone else enjoyed that it wasn't the same ole red and green! Fun eh? Bree Johnson Holiday Damask Galla Calgary Alberta Canada
Round Flip Teak Table
Round Flip Teak Table
This unique Round Flip Teak Table is designed for those in need of space-saving furniture and sunrooms and screened porches with limited. This table folds down for easy storage and features an umbrella hole. Also, this teak table can be used as a half circle buffet against a wall.

folding buffet tables