Corner Buffet Table

corner buffet table
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corner buffet table - 1902 Antique
1902 Antique Table Corner Cabinet Buffet Furniture
1902 Antique Table Corner Cabinet Buffet Furniture
Old Antique Historical Victorian Prints Maps and Historic Fine Art----------. 1902 Antique Table Corner Cabinet Buffet Furniture Page From An Issue 1902 L'Ilustration Published France. Size 15 X 11 Inches S French Social History Size Approx 15 X11 Inchesod Engravings From Sketches, Or Early Photographs Would Make An Ideal Gift For Christmas Or Birthday The Actual Date Is Sometimes Printed On Each This Engraving Is Over 100 Years Old. And Is Not A Modern Copy These Images Are Scanned At Low Resolution For Quick Uploading And Are Much Better Than The Scanned Image. Size Of Print Is Approx ; X 9 ( 330 X 230) If It Is Shown As Whole Page, Or Prorata. Approx. Page Size = 15 High X 11 Wide ( 390 X 280) Ready To Matt And Frame. These Old Prints Really Look Great With Matt And Framed. Note This Print Is From A Periodical And Printing On Reverse.

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Soup, 5 Choices From the Buffet and Choice of "Soda" $5.50 With Tax
Soup, 5 Choices From the Buffet and Choice of "Soda" $5.50 With Tax
The food was excellent here and the price was so cheap!The tables were clean and I hope the kitchen was too. As for the bathroom.....lets just say search my photostream for the picture with the Hand Dryer.... OK Maybe I forgot to mention this is in Chinatown in New York City The soup was more like hot water with some lemon grass in it.
Dining area and pass-through to kitchen
Dining area and pass-through to kitchen
Shows temporary bridge table (new table will be delivered in October 2007). Granite counter top has been installed in pass-through from kitchen. There are 4 chairs for table plus 4 folding chairs (used with table extension and bridge table) for larger groups. Also shows buffet and coat rack.

corner buffet table