Antique Silver Candle Sticks

antique silver candle sticks
    candle sticks
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  • (Candle Stick) Holder for tall slender candles, often also tall, set in a socket.
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antique silver candle sticks - Grehom Single
Grehom Single Candle Holder - Silver Tower; Made of Brass; Tall Candle Stick; Beautiful Gift delivered with a taper candle
Grehom Single Candle Holder - Silver Tower; Made of Brass; Tall Candle Stick; Beautiful Gift delivered with a taper candle
Grehom candle holders are special since all our candle holders are made from recycled materials. Our range includes recycled brass - mainly sourced from old pipes and taps, wrought iron, aluminium - which comes mainly from old aeroplanes and recycled glass candle holders in various styles.

Types of candle holders sold by Grehom includes recycled brass and recycled glass candle holders in various styles. Our brass holders are coloured and finished to look black, silver, antique silver, brown and gold. For tea lights we have glass tea light holders, oil burners, metal tea light holders, glass tea light holders, porcelain tea light holders, wooden tea light holders and hurricane lamps. Our range of taper candle holders includes single candle holders, candelabras, and traditional candle sticks. We also have glass bowls for floating candles and metal floating candle holders. We also have a range of brass candle snuffers in silver finish.

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Grehom candle holders are made from brass since it is a recycleable material and can be reused many times. It is a buttery yellow alloy of zinc and copper but can be coloured and shined to look black, silver or gold.

Brass candle holders are easy to maintain, but do require regular cleaning with soft cloth and occasional use of brass polish (available in most supermarkets) to minimise the chance of tarnishing. All our brass candle holders come with a pair of soft cotton cleaning gloves and instructions on looking after your purchase.

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White shabby chic country style romantic bathroom.
White shabby chic country style romantic bathroom.
White shabby antique country style bathroom with romantic roll top clawfooted bath, victorian style silver tap/shower mixer, black & white chequered floor, white painted walls & tiling, shabby white distressed glass panelled privacy screen, accessories include white hanging enamel french salt box, large standing antique silver candle stick, over bath rustic wooden shelf, zinc wire basket as Champagne bucket & several antique off white linen, lace & crochet towel's & linen's.
: Jack Jumped Over the Candle Sticks :
: Jack Jumped Over the Candle Sticks :
ok so this is one of my grandmothers antique candlesticks! She let me take a few pics of them, but this is the only one that I really liked! haha This is also part of my metal project, but this is from the first round where it was just pure metal, not metal and nature . . . tell me which u like better!!

antique silver candle sticks
antique silver candle sticks
Old Domestic Base-Metal Candlesticks
Base-metal candlesticks - those in brass, bronze, pewter and paktong - rather than the valuable metals such as silver and gold, fall into a fascinating category of antiques. Everybody recognises them, they can still be bought, a large number of people collect them, but nobody knows very much about them. This is understandable for hardly anything of any substance has been written on candlesticks apart from a short learned paper delivered to the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland in 1926. This posthumous book is the first detailed account to record the development of the candlestick from the 13th to the 19th century. The author was a leading authority on metalwork (particularly pewter), gained from his long experience as a dealer, coupled with painstaking research particularly of candlesticks portrayed in contemporary paintings. He amassed a large collection of photographs of examples most of which he had personally examined. The result is a key reference book particularly useful because of the caref