Rectangle wedding tables - Bernhardt coffee table - Pub table dining room.

Rectangle Wedding Tables

rectangle wedding tables
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rectangle wedding tables - Premium Polyester
Premium Polyester Tablecloth - for Wedding, Restaurant or Banquet use - 60" x 102" Rectangle, White
Premium Polyester Tablecloth - for Wedding, Restaurant or Banquet use - 60" x 102" Rectangle, White
Premium Collection tablecloth by Lanns Linens. These are the same professional- grade, luxury tablecloths supplied for lavish events. They are woven on a hydraulic loom from top-grade, 200 gsm (grams per square meter) polyester. This is the most-requested weight, since thinner material is prone to tears / stretch marks, and thicker material does not drape or hang as well from the table. The fine polyester fabric is extremely elegant, and each tablecloth will look fantastic after one use or many. Item is 100% brand new, first-run production.

75% (18)
July Wedding
July Wedding
One long 12-person table on the middle platform on the mezzanine. 6 people seated on each side.
May Wedding
May Wedding
Strings of 7 watt bulbs installed by Plant Specialists.

rectangle wedding tables
rectangle wedding tables
52 in by 114 in White Rectangular Tablecloth Heavy Woven Polyester - Commerci...
High quality table top, perfect for every occasion. Party planners, rentals, hotels, restaurants, all are our customers. This fabric is wrinkle free. The soil release agent repels even the toughest stains. Borders are lock stitched for increase durability and bound with mitered corners for an elegant touch. Professional quality for every modern luxury dining table. Care instructions: Machine wash warm. May be bleached occasionally. Tumble dry low to medium heat. Please remove immediately after drying to prevent wrinkles. Lay out linens and fold or hang. Drapery hangers are a great option for storing. Fabric composition: 100% spun polyester. Guarantee: If the product is defective in material or workmanship, it will be replaced free of charge. Silverware, Glassware, Plate and napkin sold separately