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Cut Glass Table Lamp

cut glass table lamp
    glass table
  • Put your opponent through a table that's covered in glass
  • Lamp is a television and cinema advertisement released in September 2002 to promote the IKEA chain of furniture stores in the United States.
  • A device for giving light, either one consisting of an electric bulb together with its holder and shade or cover, or one burning gas or a liquid fuel and consisting of a wick or mantle and a glass shade
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  • An electrical device producing ultraviolet, infrared, or other radiation, used for therapeutic purposes
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cut glass table lamp - CHICAGO WHITE
CHICAGO WHITE SOX 20" Hand Cut Stained Glass TIFFANY TABLE LAMP with a Cast Metal Base
CHICAGO WHITE SOX 20" Hand Cut Stained Glass TIFFANY TABLE LAMP with a Cast Metal Base
This officially licensed Stained Glass Tiffany lamp features a lamp shade made of hand-cut stained glass and a cast metal base. A perfect addition to any home or office, it's intricate design will compliment the nicest of rooms and it uses a standard size bulb (not included). Measuring approximately 20 inches tall and 12 inches wide at the lamp shade, it makes a great gift for that sport's fan who has everything! All of our items are brand new from the manufacturer, and have never been used. We have been in business since 1987 and have been selling online since 1999. We will be listing many more items in the days and weeks to come! Please come back to our Amazon store, and look for our other Sports Collector's items. Note: Please allow 3-5 business days for this item to ship out.

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my work, mosaic Spiral Sphere (3)
my work, mosaic Spiral Sphere (3)
table lamp, diameter ca. 30 cm, mosaic made with glass.

For the mosaic, I used two kinds of glass tiles. The unicoloured ones (notably the ivory border and the red tiles) were bought at shops for Tiffany supplies. For the multicoloured ones, I cut a large glass pane (that I received from fellow Flickr member "CptHarlock", thank you very much) into tiles, then hand-painted each one and burned them in the oven.

I then glued the tiles to a 30-cm glass lamp, i.e. a semitransparent white glass sphere with a light bulb inside.

With the multicoloured tiles, I wanted to create a kind of Hundertwasser object with a tiffany-lamp look, so I mixed them in a spiral around the lamp. To give the composition more structure, I enclosed the multicoloured spiral with the ivory tiles on both sides. For variety, I also mixed the ivory tiles with mirror tiles. These appear as dark patches in this picture, since they are not transparent, but look great in direct sunlight, giving the room a lots of disco ball reflections.
Kitchen Tablecloth Lamp Vase & Radio
Kitchen Tablecloth  Lamp Vase & Radio
I'm going for the whole 1950 look here. A rocket-age "Sputnik style" Fiberglass lamp. A cut-glass vase that my Mom got as a shower gift in '58. It is heavy. The Ham radio morse code Vibroplex keyer on the radio was made in Brooklyn in the 50s. That radio BTW is a one-of-a-kind prototype: it works and it is not for sale. Hmmm... Yellow plastic flowers for that vase. Kitsch to the hilt! Why stop at fiberglass? The tablecloth is mid 50's Thunderbird motif design mad in Mexico. Minolta Konica G500 mix-incandescent/flash

cut glass table lamp
cut glass table lamp
Waterford Crystal 23-Inch Beaumont Lamp
Victorian elegance. Modern convenience.

An ornate combination of bronze-finished brass and cut crystal, this Waterford Beaumont lamp has a unique balance of constancy and airy beauty. Squared at the foot, the base features antique decorative detailing echoed in the sculptural design of the solid finial. Arcing over this stylized and geometric shape, the domed crystal shade combines vertical, diamond, and fluid cuts for a refractive brilliance that is lovely from any angle. The lamp is fitted for two bulbs, allowing for low or full illumination, and the two chain-pulls that turn the lights on are satisfyingly heavy. A lovely addition to a reading area, a living room, or an entryway, the lamp stands 23 inches high. Minimal assembly is required and the lamp is set for a 120-watt maximum. --Emily Bedard